Spring is here, and with it come a plethora of new options to make your suit (and casual) outfits stand out.

Some of these trends will be right up your alley, some of them you might not be a big fan of. That’s perfectly fine, as with any style trends, just choose what you know will work for you and make it work!

So I present you to my friends, the dapper trends you need to follow this Spring to look your best.

The 6 dapper menswear trends for Spring 2015


1. Bright colors

After the dark style days of Fall/Winter, this is the right time to have fun with colorful outfits. Break out the bright suits, ties and pocket squares. There are no limits to how bold your color combinations can be this Spring! My personal favorite for the season: a bright, red suit… yes, that’s right, you know you can make it work, so just do it. Negative comments? Blame it on me for telling you! 🙂


2. Bold accessories

Authentic and bold accessories have been trending for some time now and they’re here to stay for much longer. Forget the boring, dull ensembles. Lapel pins and flowers, original pocket squares, classy cuff links, tie bars, even collar bars are trending now. Try not to wear them all in a single ensemble though, rather pick three from the list and make a bold statement with those accessories. More than that could probably be a bit too much.


3. Open collar

Is the weather getting too warm where you live? Do you absolutely hate wearing a tie around your neck? Well, deal with it!
Just kidding (or am I?). This is the perfect time to go tie-less and let your outfits be a bit more casual. Any well constructed collar should be good to achieve a dapper look even without a tie. I know you tie fanatics (most of you) won’t probably agree with me on this one. By all means, keep wearing your ties if the weather is cool enough, but it’s always nice to have a cooler option for those sensitive to heat or an oversensitive neck.


4. Double-breasted jackets

These will still be trending for all 2015 and will hopefully stay in style for a few more years. It’s been very exciting to see double-breasted jackets get popular again, so it’s not time to hang them back in the closet, and if you still don’t own any, why not take the plunge now? Note: You might want to try lighter weight fabrics this season, but the warmer weather won’t keep double-breasted jackets from staying in the spotlight.


5. Plaid

This is a favorite of mine. Now it’s the right moment to break out the plaid, colorful waistcoats, ties, even pants and jackets. My personal tip is to go for a very bold plaid item and tone it down with the rest of your look, otherwise you might risk looking a bit clownish. This can lead to a lot of attention from people around you, so be prepared for the questions and comments!


6. No socks

If there is ever a time when it actually makes sense to go for the suit and no socks combination, then it is Spring and the warmer months of the year. Make sure you read my blog entry on suits without socks, in which I explain everything you need to take into consideration when going sock-less.


You are probably like me and (sorta) hate the Spring and the hot weather, especially if you live close to the equator, but instead of bitching about it, why not make it work for us and try to stay cool while looking sharp?

So there you have it. Are you willing to give these a try? What extra tip would you give to the other readers for this Spring 2015? Leave your comments and share!


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