About Ed

That’s me!

I am Ed

Here comes the me, me, me stuff:

  • I have a blog.
  • I love classic menswear.
  • I give style coaching and consulting for men.
  • I have an e-book.
  • I’m from Mexico.
  • I’m in my early thirties.
  • I don’t eat meat.
  • I live my life listening to music 24/7.
  • I am passionate about learning languages.
  • I like drawing.

Enough About Me. Let’s Talk About You

You ended up in this blog because you care about style, am I right?

I happen to care about it too, a great deal.

Not only do I care about it, I am also a firm believer that improving your style can be a life-changing experience that can turn your life around in exceptional ways.

Looking great, being more confident, being taken serious, feeling at ease while being yourself, reaching all your work and personal life goals,…

These are all things a professional style can bring to your life.

You know you deserve all those things.

That is why I created this blog. I want to help you get there by providing you with ideas, inspiration, style tips, confidence building posts, and much more…

It’s a great honor to have your attention for at least a few minutes, but my goal is to develop a real connection with you. A relationship that goes way beyond these short minutes and beyond my blog.


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