My April 2017 Playlist (The Playlists Are Back!)

Ed Ruiz

12 April 2017

I know, I know… I messed up and didn’t share a new playlist with you guys for March. Bad Ed!

But I’ll make it up for you by recommending some amazing songs this time. 🙂

Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, cos this is going to be an amazing playlist.

Want some rock? Check! Want some indie? Check! How about metal? Check!

Mad Season – River Of Deceit

This April, 15 long years have passed since Layne Staley (mostly known for his work with one of my favorite bands, Alice in Chains) left this world from an overdose. I can hardly believe it has been this long already. I still remember the exact day I heard the news and I still miss him. I would’ve featured an Alice in Chains song, but I really feel this song by Mad Season, a side project he was a part of, paints an interesting picture of what Layne’s thoughts and frustrations were at the time when his addiction was getting out of control. This playlist is dedicated to Layne.

Get the album here.

Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over

Ideally I would’ve included a song that featured Lisa Gerrard’s voice, but that’s OK because I am sure that this will not be the last time I have a Dead Can Dance song on my monthy playlists. The intricacies of this melody and the vocals are delightful! This song is part of an album called “Into the Labyrinth” – without a doubt one my absolutely all time favorite records I have ever listened to!

Get the album here.

Heart – Alone

You have no idea how many times I have listened to this song in recent weeks (I’ve been in a Heart toll for some time now, as a matter of fact). Some people, even the Wilson sisters, seem to be not too proud of their 80s era, but I have to say I love it as much as everything else they have done regardless of the decade it was released on. You want proof that Ann Wilson is, and will always be, the absolute queen of female rock singers? Just click play!

Get the album here.

Carcass – Heartwork

From Heart to Heartwork. Trust me when I say I have listened to way too many metal albums in my still somewhat young life. To this day, I still think the riffs on this song are one of the most brutal and influential riffs in the history of this music genre. This song is meant to be played loud, don’t let me down… play it loud!

Get the album here.

Low Roar – Easy Way Out

Probably not the best choice after Carcass, but here it is anyway. This is a new discovery for me, although this Icelandic band has been around for a few years already. They recently came to play in my city, so I checked them out to see if I would like them… boy, was I surprised by how much I loved what they’re doing. Simple, calm, a bit pretentious, but that’s OK. Highly recommendable!

Get the album here.

So these were my musical picks and recommendations for the month of April.

Let me know what you guys think. Did you like the selection? What music would YOU recommend to ME?!

I’m looking forward to learn about the type of music you all listen to, so share some good music in the comment section below and let’s grow our musical knowledge together.

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Keep on rocking!

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