I recently received an email from a blog reader Danny, from Texas asking for some advice on how to improve his personal style.

This is his question and his picture:

Dan question 2 edited

I love to suit up everyday, I wear suspenders, braces and bow ties. What can I do to further improve my style? I choose colors according to the contrast of my skin color.

I’m a of mixed decent I’m black and Hispanic but my shade leads more to black. My style is really based of suits w/o the coat to finish it off. For the most part I usually wear suspenders and bow ties, I think belts are to generic and are worn by every male in the world. My style is being used by other males that appreciate the suspenders and bowtie look. I would like to know what are other ways I can improve my style a lil bit more. Also whenever I do wear a suit I usually don’t wear the pocket square and pins.

Please help me!

Ed answers

Hello Danny. Thanks for taking the time to contact me for the Ask Ed! section of the blog.

You mention you are a big fan of suspenders and bow ties, two of the best extra details any guy could add to his suit. Big thumbs up for that!

I would definitely recommend you to go for button suspenders instead of the clip-on suspenders you are wearing in your picture. Button suspenders are much classier and will not damage the fabric of your trousers. Preferably try to wear suspenders that complement your tie, even though they don’t always show, it’s nice to see a man taking care of this little detail.

You love bow ties, more power to you my friend! There’s nothing I would change there. I’m sure you wear long ties as well (as pictured above), so I’m sure you got that one down!

Judging by your picture, I can tell you are a fan of dark, rich colors. You are definitely going for contrast with your skin tone, which is great, but why not try to tone down how saturated the colors of your shirts are? Go for pale pink or pale blue shirts – they will contrast perfectly with your skin and allow your tie to get more attention – remember it’s the tie the accessory you want to highlight!

To answer the last question, yes, you want to make sure you add some extra details to your outfits: a fun pocket square and/or lapel pin will take your ensembles to a whole new level. Warning: don’t go for matching pocket square – tie combos!

That’s a big no no. Trust me.

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I leave you with a couple options you might wanna try for your next time having fun with your looks:

Do you have any other tips for Danny? Leave your comments!

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