Let me make a guess: if you are reading this, you are probably tired of wearing the same colors every day.

Blue, gray, black, navy, brown.


The same old colors everyone wears. And yeah, can admit it, no matter how much you accessorize with cool, bold colors, it does get old every now and then.

So let me make a wild second guess: you are starting to wonder if it would be a good idea to get out of your comfort zone and start wearing some colorful blazers. You know, the reds, light blues, even the oranges and purples.

Will I look ridiculous, Ed? I hear you asking, and stuttering while doing so.

The short answer is: No. You won’t look ridiculous.

So if that’s all you wanted to read, you can stop reading now, go put on your loduest blazer and show the world how bold you are. Go rock it!

If that’s not enough yet to convince you, a longer, more substantial answer exists. One that I’m sure many of you are interesting in reading.

Can I Wear Colorful Blazers Without Looking Ridiculous? How To Do It Effectively.

red blazerIf what’s keeping you from wearing a colorful, vibrant blazer is the fear of looking a bit silly, all you have to do is make sure you wear them in a way that it’s only the blazer that displays this level of boldness, combined with more simple garments.

Killing it with bold colors is quite easy and you don’t even have to think too much about it. Really.

The theory is quite simple:

Let’s say you are wearing a red blazer, you can pair it with a plain white dress shirt, light or dark gray trousers and a black tie. This way it is only the blazer that stands out and you don’t have all kinds of pieces fighting against each other for the attention.

You can even throw in a white or gray pocket square and still look great without ever being over the top.

(See also: how to mix and match different stripe patterns when wearing a suit).

In reality, the same rule applies for any other daring colors you might want to try.

All you have to do is verify you are keeping your whole ensemble in a perfect balance between bold and cautious (for lack of a better term).

Get Over The Fear. Be Adventurous

I guess we can say you know well enough now how to carefully wear your dapper colorful blazers so that they will not make you ridiculous. (Again, I don’t feel looking silly is really possible just by wearing such blazers, but I’m aware it’s not that easy to get convinced).

Now let me ask you something:

Why are you playing it so safe? Why not go beyond your level of comfort?

If you feel confident enough wearing colorful blazers now, the time is here to start being more daring in your outfit decisions.

Add another colorful garment to your ensembles and match it with your blazer. Add a colorful pocket square or a cool necktie, wear lively trousers, anything. Why not give it all a try before concluding it doesn’t work?

Keep your color coordination theory and knowledge near you and build your dashing outfits on top of these foundations. You really can’t go wrong!

But Ed, will I never, ever look foolish following this advice? Nah, I’m not saying that.

Frankly, yes it’s a possibility, I won’t lie to you. However, I feel I’m sure it has to be a conscious decision to go over the top. Simply being unafraid of colors should never be a reason to get this negative effect.

So What’s Stopping You?

blue blazerIf you can’t stand looking the same every damn day, be free from the fear of looking dumb and go for bold, colorful blazers right now.

The ordinary is always boring. The extraordinary is where endless possibilities exist.

Have fun with it. Come back let me know how it goes in the comments below – I’d love to read what your experience is like.

Let’s do this!

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