The Absolute Best, Quintessential, Ultimate, Decisive Dapper Men 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Ed Ruiz

6 December 2016

Buying presents for men simply sucks.

Buying presents for dapper men sucks even more.

Buying presents for dapper men that follow My Dapper Self is the ultimate suckery. (I know my audience and I know how dainty you guys are).

Buying for yourself or buying for someone else or wanting to give some tips to someone else about the type of presents you’d love to get?

I got you covered with my…

2016 Absolute Best, Quintessential, Ultimate, Decisive Dapper Men Holiday Gift Guide™

Yes, that’s a trademark. Also, please consider some of the prices shown below could change from one day to the other, so always check each site to get the correct price at the moment of your purchase. You know how that goes…

I guess buying for a dapper man isn’t really as hard as my opening statement makes it seem. There is always a very classy and sure choice that every single man will appreciate as a present: a timelessly fashionable dress shirt. Here is a good suggestion by Paul Fredrick: an elegant contrasting collar and french cuffs. These two details make this shirt a very “powerful” shirt – why not give the gift of power besides the gift of dapperness all in a single shirt? Shop Paul Fredrick’s store (much more than just shirts) by clicking here. And just for you, my dear audience, you can use the code H6FSDS: Sale + 20% off $200 + free shipping on any order. How sweet is that?

aklasu-tie-and-pocket-squareAKLASU TIE AND POCKET SQUARE PAIRING
Let’s be honest, matching ties and pocket squares can be a pain in the ass even for the most experienced menswear enthusiasts. Match them too close and you’re failing. Go super wild with an “original” combination and you are also failing. So this is why I think this is a great gift idea, a tie and pocket square combo that is guaranteed to work every single time – this Navy Grenadine Tie and the Red Contrast Hand-Rolled Pocket Square have just the right colors, fabrics and textures to make it a 100% safe and effective combination. You can get this pairing for only $89.00 USD here. They also have quite a nice collection of ties available so make sure you browse the whole site – you’ll surely find a perfect gift.

Bracelets have now been very popular among sharp dresserds for quite some time now and I don’t see this trend ending anytime soon. Not that I want it to end, because I do love adding one or two bracelets to suit and tie looks. This can surely make for a nice detail this season – my choice this time are Aurum Brothers, check out their site full of cool bracelet designs here.

I received this as a present a year or so ago and I am so immensely grateful with the person who thought of this Bose speaker as a good gift for me. Great sound (it can go loud, but not extremely loud – just ideal for an apartment like mine), easy to carry around as it is portable, and the best… a great price: $179.00 USD. Get it here.

Any sharp dressing man knows how important a crisp, stiff collar is when putting together a classy ensemble. These magnetic collar stays are just the solution I was looking for to improve the appearane of my shirt collars when I’m not wearing a tie. I will be posting a few review of these collar stays on my reviews section, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, why not give the gift of non-floppiness? Get a set of 3 pair for $40.00 USD here.

An interesting concept that can actually be a very nice gift for any guy. You pre-order the made-to-measure shoes, they manufacture the pair and then it gets to your door. I am getting my pair real soon and I couldn’t be more excited to see how they turn out. So get your pair of mtm shoes either for you or as a gift for someone else right here. Get $20.00 USD off using the code MYDAPPERSELF20.

One of those few pieces of jewelry that any man can actually wear and feel comfortable wearing (the others being cufflinks). Yes, a nice watch is always a perfect gift for any guy. If you really don’t want to think it too much, always go with a watch, you really can’t go wrong. Is there a man out there that doesn’t love a new watch? If so, let me know because I do love being proved wrong. Get one of these watches here.

cufflinks_gift_guideOF COURSE, CUFFLINKS
Another piece of jewelry that every dapper guy would appreciate, specially if it’s a pair of original cufflinks (forget the lame boring ones), it’s time to be festive, so why not a pair of red or even bold green cufflinks? I sure would love it as a gift. Good news: if you shop at and use the code MYDAPPERSELF20 you will get 20% off your order (valid until 1/1/2017).

C’mon… it’s coffee, made in minutes… do I need to say anything else? Get one here for $161.85 USD.

One of my absolute favorite buys in recent history. I got these nice Philips HUE lightbulbs as a start kit as well and I will never regret getting them. You can easily control all the lights in your apartment or house right from your mobile phone, dim the lights and even program them while you are away. This would make a great gift for any guy! You can get this starter kit for only $69.99 here.

Now that Movember is over and lots of beards and mustaches are ready to go down the drain, many of us will need a nice shaver for the rest of the year and for 2017. This a nice and practical present that every man would appreciate. No, there are no plans in the near future to shave my own beard, but not all guys can be as badass as I am. 😉 Get this shaver here for $34.95.

This is probably the absolute best gift any guy could get this holiday season. Maybe I am just projecting my preferences here, and I wouldn’t mind if any of you out there would be so kind to get this gift for this dapper blogger so I can take better pics too! But yeah, there is no doubt this whole Nikon kit includes everything a photograph afficionado could need. Luck means getting this kit as a present. Get it here for only $659.95.

Yeah, this might be a bit too much, I know. But why not go for a gift that you know every man would love? Good for watching the game, or playing video games or simply chill on Netflix. Hell, if he doesn’t appreciate it you have by permission to take it back and keep this TV to yourself – now that’s something he won’t forget!

-Where are you going, babe?
-Running to buy you all the gifts that Ed recommended lol! brb

So that’s it, folks!

I hope you will go for one of these presents this holiday season.

If you have no special dapper men to give any of these to, I will take the bullet this time, just ask me for my address and I will be glad to be the special dapper man receiving any or all of these presents.

Kidding… not kidding. 😉

Happy Holidays!

This post includes affiliate links. What does this mean? Well, I get $ for every sale that comes from this gift guide. How awesome is that? You get a nice present that will make a guy very happy, you support great products and then support me as a blogger. A good deal for all parties involved if you ask me.


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