My December 2016 Playlist

Ed Ruiz

1 December 2016

The Holidays month. Get ready for lots of Christmas-inspired music and carols in this December playlist. Put your Santa hat on!

Errr.. you know I wouldn’t subject you to a Christmasy music torture. It’s just not my style.

What I will share with you are my five picks for this month. Some nice and calm, some heavy stuff as well.

I won’t lie these are all amazing songs on amazing albums and not checking them out would be a huge loss in your life. Why would you do that to yourself?

So I present to you my December 2016 playlist.

Steven Wilson – Routine

One of the singles, and probably my favorite song, from Steven Wilson’s last album, Hand. Cannot. Erase. Now this song is quite a trip and unlike many songs that get ruined by awful videos, this time the video is up there in quality with the song itself (seriously, watch the video, you’ll be glad you did!). Listen and be majestically blown away. Fans of Porcupine Tree will find this song very close to those epic moments that band was known for.

Get the album here.

Tori Amos – Hey Jupiter

Ah, this is quite an old one, but since Tori Amos has just released the Deluxe version of one of her very best albums, Boys For Pele, it found its way into my favorites once again. The heart wrenching lyrics accompany an incredible vocal rendition from Tori. Warning: if you’re heart-broken or feeling generally down, you might want to skip this one for now.

Get the deluxe version of this album here.

Rush – Time Stand Still

Sometimes life gets too damn busy. It all goes so fast, so many moments seem to be simply wasted and gone forever. Lately I’ve been finding myself coming back to this song while paying attention to all what the lyrics say. Really, I wish time could stand still for some time and allow me to just be there, cherish the moment and take a look around at all what’s going on. This single comes from one of Rush’s most criticized albums, Hold Your Fire, although it is definitely one of my favorites the band has ever put out and I am usualyl right, so forget the haters! Oh yeah, now this is an example of an awful, horrible video, click play and then close your eyes (or go make some popcorn cause you’ll be laughing your ass off at this!).

Get the album here.

The Cure – Pictures Of You

Easily the best The Cure song… well, at least in my opinion and again, since my opinion is usually right, then this definitely the best song they’ve put out. Funny thing is, I don’t really listen to The Cure that much – I don’t know why, but when I do listen to them, it’s pure eargasm. Anyway, this album (Disintegration) is without a doubt a must-have in everyone’s collection. The video is quite fitting for this time of the year, isn’t it? Anyway, enjoy!

Get the album here.

Louise Attaque – Je T’emmene Au Vent

Oh boy, what can I say about this great song and great album by Louise Attaque? Those Frenchmen have a special gift for great melodies that get stuck to my mind time and time again. This is one of my favorite songs by this band, but they seriously have a great discography full of amazing tunes. This is just an example among many… if you like what you are hearing you should definitely go deeper into their history of great releases. Oh and for those of you learning French, this is one of those bands whose singer you can actually understand what he’s singing, so that’s a nice plus.

Get the album here.

For those of you who have said goodbye to CDs already, you can also get unlimited streams from Amazon’s Music Unlimited here.

So… December is shaping up to be a great musical month for me. Some new, some old, some timeless music will be in heavy rotation this holiday season.

If you missed it, you can still read my November Playlist, which is equally as good as this one.

Let’s keep sharing our appreciation for good, well-written music. It is only us, the audience, that dictate what climbs to the top – let’s try to give those top spots to quality music by supporting it and sharing it as much as we can.

What do you think of this month’s choices? What will you be listening to during December? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Holidays!

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