February 2017 Playlist

Ed Ruiz

3 February 2017

Who’s ready for some musical recommendations this month? I am!

Well, January was a hectic month, as it usually is.

But we’ve made it through it and it is now when we realize that, in fact, a new year has begun.

Crazy stuff is happening everywhere, mostly in politics and economy, so let’s find some tranquillity in music and forget about all these problems at least for a while.

Despite February being the month where most of us celebrate Valentine’s Day, I chose not to focus on love songs, maybe next year. I don’t know, I feel conceptual playlist can be a bit lame, but let me know what you think and I might reconsider my position.


Austra – Lose It

I feel so hipster listening to this that I might start wearing clip-on suspenders now, but who cares? It was a great record when it came out. This song gives me just the right feelings, although I can easily get tired of her voice after a few songs.

If you liked this one look for their song “Beat and the Pulse”, which is, in my opinion, even better.

Get the album here.

Tanz Baby! – Ich Bin Traurig

Simple, elegant and memorable, just like a nice suit. I discovered this band a few years ago now and have been hooked with his voice ever since. And hey, a very clear pronunciation for my fellow German learners!

Get the album here.

Led Zeppelin – No Quarter

How could I even begin to describe this song by Led Zeppelin? I don’t believe a thousand words would make it justice. This is one of those songs that built the foundations of everything we call experimental music these days and definitely one of Zeppelin’s very best.

Get the album here.

Between The Buried And Me – The Coma Machine

I do listen to the songs you all recommend me and consider them all for the monthly playlist. This album was recently recommended to me by my good friend, Brian. I was already familiar with BTBAM, but didn’t pay much attention to their latest albums. This comes from the latest album, Coma Ecliptic, which is slowly but surely becoming a favorite. Heavy, progressive, cohesive and yet very experimental.

Get the album here.

Björk – Pagan Poetry (NSFW)

An absolute classic song from an absolute classic album, Vespertine. I played with the idea of sharing a song from Björk’s latest album, but it has been a few albums now that I’ve been left with an empty feeling from her, so I scratched that initial idea and went with one of her older masterpieces. There is some nudity and other sexual references throughout the video, had to warn you.

And I still wonder why I wasn’t born Icelandic.

Get the album here.

Remember my friends, keep an open mind and never stop exploring new musical horizons. There is only so much mainstream music the brain can take.

Oh, and also remember that you can get unlimited streams from Amazon’s Music Unlimited here. (With a 30-Day Free Trial, which is a nice way to test the waters!)

I leave you now wishing you a very happy February and a happy Valentine’s day!

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