What could I say to introduce Frank Gallucci? If you’ve been on social media long enough – particularly Instagram, you should be aware by now that menswear models are known to attract a great deal of attention.

Amongst this sea of men’s style and fashion influencers, some men carry an aura of nonchalance and authenticity that makes their star shine brighter than the rest.

Frank Gallucci certainly falls under this category of gentlemen.

Frank is really quite the rock star. An authentic guy who knows how important style is in life. A man who is not afraid of taking everyday styles to new levels of originality. A man who doesn’t shy away from expressing his pride to be Italian and a man who believes dreams require day to day actions to come true.

It’s a real honor to bring to you this inspiring interview with Frank as a part of the Dapper Dialogues series, where he speaks about what style means to him, how he has built a huge online following, the best style advice he has ever received and much more.

Frank Gallucci Interview For My Dapper Self


Ed: Ciao Frank! Before I start with my questions I would like to mention how grateful I am for this opportunity to get to know more about you.Frank Gallucci dream

“Proud to be Italian” is what comes to mind when I think about you and it seems to be a personal mantra for you. What lies behind this pride for your nationality?

Frank: First of all thank you so much for your kindness. I want to reveal how started this sort of claim which became also a hashtag. When I started this experience (that’s the appropriate name of the blog) there wasn’t anybody in my industry that clearly used this kind of pride… of course there were people really glad to belong to Italian culture, but in the specific, not in a general or total concept like me. My mantra is really clear: proudtobeitalian means exactly this. For sure in Italy we must work on a lot of negative sides to improve ourselves, but I honestly think from the point of view of taste, style and fashion we are one step ahead.

Ed: Things happened very quickly for you, but please tell me more about how you came to be such an iconic (I know you’re not comfortable with this adjective, but you know you are) menswear influencer.

Frank: I am really flattered when you think to me as an icon, but as you already know, this is my big dream and I am working for it. I hope one day I will become it. I need at least other 10 years in which I have to work day by day and demonstrate my real value. At the moment I know I can be considered a sort of good menswear influencer, but my ambition is different… step by step is my mentality.

Ed: You’re always present in the most acclaimed fashion weeks around the globe. How important has building a network been for your career and what advice would you give to the aspiring menswear models out there when they’re starting their own networking?

Frank: Great question. Without doubt to be in the most acclaimed fashion weeks around the world helps a lot because your visibility increases and the fact you are international is really important for whoever wants to grow fast. The network is fundamental, but I think it’s fundamental if you are reliable and you have built a good credibility day by day. Any advice? Be yourself, don’t put on a mask because after a bit of time the truth comes out. Be patient when (above all at the beginning) things are not really good in terms of money, quality sooner or later pays off.

Ed: Speaking about fashion, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “fashion fades, style is forever”. What’s your take on this phrase? Do you agree with its message or do you feel fashion does have its place in a man’s lifestyle?

Frank: Yeas I’ve heard. I agree but not totally, I mean of course style is forever, but there is fashion and then there is fashion. Sometimes fashion is really interesting because it can become style and sometimes also the opposite. For me, style is something more interesting because I think about it this way: it’s more fashionable, behind style there is more value, more taste. But don’t forget the world of fashion is the real wallet of this industry..

Ed: There is a vast amount of stylish men gaining popularity on social media and blogs for their incredible sense of style. You certainly are a part of that amazing gang, but what would you say sets you apart from the crowd?

Frank: Probably my essential difference with other guys is my beloved versatility. One day so classic, the day after really casual, another day sporty… always taking care about good taste, proportions and colors. Many of my mates follow a sort of style that is too strict, but this is a personal decision to respect.

MDS: What has been the most valuable style advice you’ve ever received and who was the person behind the message?

Ed: I don’t remember very well who said this, but the message was: “less is more”. I think this is the essence of the elegance!

MDS: Most of the readers of this blog are interested in the more formal, suit and tie kind of style. From your perspective, what would you say it takes for a suit and tie style to be effective?

Ed: It depends a lot on the kind of job you have. If you work in a bank, unfortunately your dress code is imposed by the environment around you: always formal to be on point, but even if you wear classic this doesn’t have to mean boring. Try to be interesting about great combination of shirt, tie and pocketsquare. Yes, the pocketsquare is a sign of attention, of course for me or people in this industry it is normal, but often I see that around me in other jobs, really a few people take care about details. Details mean difference. About me for example, I never mix the color of the tie with the same color of the pocketsquare. Probably I match the pocketsquare with the shirt, or the shoes or the socks, but almost never with the tie!!!

Ed: Style is nothing without the right attitude and confidence. What would you say to those readers who lack confidence in their own style?

Frank: 100% agree, with attitude and confidence you are never in trouble! This is a matter of DNA, for whoever lacks confidence in the own style, my advice is simple: create your own confidence. How? Buying clothes which are really near to your sense of style and you already know that you will match them easily and you will be secure in front of the mirror.

Ed: What can we expect from you in the near future? Anything coming up that has got you excited?

Frank: I am working hard. Of course a lot of travel because my open mind comes from my travels. I am getting ready for some capsule collection and I hope to cover more fashion weeks around the world to discover new cultures and new way to work and see the world!

Ed: Anything else you would like to add?

Frank: The world is in our hands, we have to grab it. Fight everyday to reach your dream if you have it… when you dream you are alive. The famous day in which you will not dream, so you should be worried!

Frank Gallucci Style Gallery


Frank Gallucci grey

Frank Gallucci brown suit

Frank Gallucci casual

Frank Gallucci waistcoat

Frank Gallucci

Frank Gallucci 3 piece suit

Frank Gallucci smile

Follow Frank on his Instagram and check his website to learn more about this fascinating gentleman.

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