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Every now and then a new trend suddenly surfaces, leaving many of us scratching our heads: we are indecisive whether it’s something we love or hate. It could be a particular color jacket that’s trending, or the extremely skinny ties (which should in fact, DIAF). The truth is, these trends are mostly unusual, so when they appear, being hesitant to accept them is understandable.

I would say wearing leather gloves in a pocket square fashion belongs to the aforementioned fads.

As a matter of fact, I recently read someone call it a “foolish affectation“, which sounded pretty harsh to me. That’s one of the reasons I decided to write about it on the blog.

Chances are you are already well aware of this recent trend, but for those of you who are still not familiar with it, let me explain what all the fuss is about.

Wearing Gloves As Pocket Squares – What’s It All About

First of all, does this style even have a name? If not, I now propose we call it “pocketglove“? After all, isn’t this trend just replacing the “square” part of a pocket square and replacing it with gloves? That’s how I see it. Anyway…

In a few words, this trends consists in wearing gloves the way you would wear a pocket square.

To describe it in a little more detail, you just grab your gloves, fold them and place them inside your jacket’s chest pocket, ideally with the fingers pointing upwards.

It’s pretty much just replacing your pocket square with a pair of leather gloves. So far I have only seen this style with leather gloves, but who knows what the menswear future trends might bring!

They say an image says more than a thousand words:

An Attractive Trend, But A Questionable One To Follow

So, what do I have to say about this wear-your-gloves-as-a-pocket-square thing?

Initially, I must admit I thought it was refreshing to see something I hadn’t seen before.

I was actually a bit excited to discover not everything was already said and done in the suit and tie world. But as more and more photos of men following this trend started to appear on my social media accounts like Instagram, the excitement started to dissipate.

Not to say I am not a fan anymore, because I guess I still am a fan.

But something about it just looks deliberately as an overstatement to me.

Does it look bad? No, not really.

Still, if you will put a fancy accessory inside your chest pocket, why not just reach out for a pocket square? Simpler and in my opinion, a more effective look than the gloves.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t give this trend a try. If you are convinced this will add a certain flair to your outfit that you can’t achieve with a simple pocket square, then sure, do it.

Just be aware it might not be the best choice, but that is up to you to decide.

But What If I Don’t Have A Place To Carry My Gloves?

wearing gloves as pocketsquareMany of you must be thinking: “Oh, but I carry my gloves like that because I have nowhere else to put them in when I am not wearing them”.


Unless you live in a very warm country, in which case you’d be crazy wearing leather gloves with your suits.

So let’s assume you do live in a country with intense cold weather. Now it makes more sense.

(Further reading: Top 10 Countries With Best Dressed Men).

However, if the weather is too cold in your corner of the world, wouldn’t it be reasonable to wear a coat on top of your suit? A coat that most likely will have a fair amount of pockets where you can carry your gloves.

I admit I’m playing devil’s advocate here. Ultimately, you can only decide if this trend fits your style and make the most of it if that’s what you like.

After all, aren’t most accessories superfluous in a suit and tie ensemble? Hell, there’s people who even dislike pocket squares of all kinds, so… there.

Speak Your Mind

So, what do you have to say about this intriguing tendency? Do you like it? Yes? No? Speak your mind in the comments below and start the discussion.

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