Ok ladies and gents, this is a new section, in which I will try my best to help you get the most dapper outfits that the best dressed guys in social media are wearing - you too can look as dapper as these guys!

Today I'm featuring this spectacular look by @__sanch. I personally love the color combinations here. The tie/vest/jacket combo is pure dapper style!

Wondering how you can achieve a very similar look?

I took the time to browse Amazon for a few items you can get for yourself and go for a very similar, dapper look!

Below are the items, just click on any of them you would like to get and you'll be taken directly to Amazon where you can get them at a very good price!

Have fun shopping!


*I will get a small commission from Amazon for each sale - this will help me keep the blog going and will also make me a happy dapper guy!*



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