Loïc et giL Review

Ed Ruiz

11 November 2016

A new brand emerges from Geneva with a promise to create quality, luxurious ties made with passion and sartorial attention to detail. Sounds interesting for sure, but do they deliver? Here’s my review of Loïc et giL ties.

For one, the package is the most cool I’ve seen for any other tie!

Today I will be reviewing one of my most recent additions to my tie collection. Isn’t it exciting every time you get a new tie? (all tie collectors will agree with me, you can never have too many ties).

This nice new addition to the collection comes from Loïc et giL.

I have to say, I had great expectations for this tie right form the moment I found out about this brand. Even without having it in my possession yet, I knew I was in for a surprise.

About Loïc et giL

First of all, I feel the need to address the name.

No, there are no typos there. That is how the brand name is written, capital L, diaeresis (or is it an umlaut?) and all.

And please don’t even ask me how it is supposed to be pronounced. My knowledge of various European languages still doesn’t give me enough information to know with exactitude how this name should be said out loud. My best guess would be loh-eek-eh-jeel, but I’ll have to confirm with my contact in the company and update this post. 🙂

Update: yes, I was right, it is loh-eek-eh-jeel! That proud moment when you nailed it…

But I’ll add that the story behind the name is quite a nice one. Loïc and Gil are the names of the founder’s kids. I would definitely urge you to take some time to read the whole story and some more details about the brand right here.

Now on to the company…

Loïc et giL is a newcomer to the ties industry, but they sure seem committed to deliver amazing neckwear pieces. In the words of founder Paolo Luban:

“…my ambition was to make the tie a powerful accessory with the capacity to spark desire and emotions.”

This is exactly the passion about menswear that I always look for when interacting with brands that approach me.

You know they’re in this for authentic reasons. These are brands that share the same passion for ties that you and I have.

But let’s get to the most important part of this review…

The details about this Loïc et giL tie.

Me being a show off!

My Loïc et giL Tie Review

For your quick reference, the tie I chose was the Steve gold tie (see images).

I will start by mentioning the wonderful packaging that these ties come in. I was completely impressed by how cool it looked.

My initial thoughts were: if the tie is just as cool as this box then I will most likely be a happy camper.

Expectations were super high at this point.

Well, I am glad to report that reality lived up to the hype I had created for myself.

The design of this tie is simple, clean and easy on the eyes. It comes in different colors, so I can’t speak for all the different color combinations that you can find this pattern in, but the gold and blue combo is just fantastic.

Loïc et gil tie detailsThe tie fabric feels super rich to the touch. It has this heaviness that all tie enthusiasts can easily recognize as quality silk and an experienced handwork.

Worth mentioning as well, is how good the tie ties.

As you know, I am very much a 4-in-hand, Prince Albert and Windsor knot type of man.

And so, I tried all these favorite knots with this tie and each of them ended up being a beautiful knot. Thick and big when going for a Windsor (if anything, it was a little too big for me – but I know this is a feature many of you, my dear readers, like in a tie), and on the other hand, bold and nicely asymmetrical when going for a 4-in-hand knot.

With the aid of its richness, the tie hangs very nicely over the shirt once tied. It doesn’t simply fall flabby or limp – which can be quite a disappointment for me. Regardless of how good the quality of the tie is, if it simply hangs lifeless I would hardly ever wear it again.

Nope, that is not the case with this tie. This one hangs proud and full of character.

One Nice Extra Feature

Don’t you just hate it when a tie you love ends up being too short on you after being tied?

Well, this is one little extra feature that the guys at Loïc et giL have considered. You have the option to choose whether you would like a regular tie or an extra long tie (they call them Medium and Large).

The point is, if you’re looking for a longer-than-regular tie, Loïc et giL got you covered.

And let me emphasize this point: they got you covered.

Unfortunately, not me. 🙁 Or any other man of shorter stature.

To be honest, that isn’t that much of a deal – in time you simply learn how to deal with this problem when you’re shorter than the average man, although this means fewer knot options or finding creative ways to hide that longer-than-ideal narrow end of the tie. I’m sure short readers will sympathize.

Wouldn’t it be really nice to find a tie brand that also caters to shorter men and offer a short size option? (wink, wink, Loïc et giL)

I guess for now I’ll keep dreaming that option will ever exist.

Remember I said it makes beautiful knots? I don’t lie.


Not much to say in form of a conclusion for this review.

If you want a real quality tie that makes great knot, feels great to the touch, with a good number of designs and colors available, you really can’t go wrong with Loïc et giL.

Of course, the two sizes is a nice option to have as well.

But most of all, and this is why I have done this review, you will find it very satisfying to support a new brand. A brand delivers real quality and that takes pride in doing things the right way.

That is reason enough to give it a try next time you are shopping for ties either for yourself or someone else.

Last, I wish all the best of luck to Loïc et giL, I am sure we all will hear more from this brand – that’s what happens when you do things right.

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