Mazda SprezzaIt is exciting when two amazing, yet quite different, things come together as one.

That’s why it was really cool find out that Mazda UK were launching a new campaign: Mazda – Sprezzatura.

When cool cars and a dapper style come together, fascinating stuff is bound to happen and this campaign certainly won’t be the exception. The key word behind this campaign is “sprezzatura“, a term we are all very familiar with, but this time with a very especial automotive twist.

So what is Mazda’s take on sprezzatura and why this particular and attention grabbing term? Taken from the official Tumblr for the campaign:


Defying the convention is at the heart of the Mazda brand DNA. It’s about being creative, brave enough to go against the mainstream and doing things that others wouldn’t dream of doing. This is the spirit of Sprezzatura. This sentiment shapes our dreams and inspires our work. It’s why we always seek different ways of doing things.

We pride ourselves on doing everything with a strong sense of style and spirit. Our style is defined within our design theme KODO: the soul of motion. Our spirit echo’s in our rotary engines, our iconic Mazda MX-5 and our belief in that every car we make should be fun to drive. Sprezzatura is a movement that celebrates the unusual, the spirited and the individual.

It seems they really made their good research to come up with a reason why sprezzatura and their brand can make for a good symbiotic relationship (of the positive kind, of course).

My Dapper Self Collaboration With Mazda – Sprezzatura

So yeah, this was very exciting. I just wanted to let you guys know that I feel very honored to have been asked to be a collaborator of this fantastic campaign by Mazda. I heard what they had in mind when preparing this campaign, and right from the get go I thought this was a very interesting concept and decided to chime in.

You can expect to read some of my thoughts on what style is all about and what it means to all of us men who find inspiration in it. But most importantly: what lies behind the concept of sprezzatura.

It was really fun to think about these things, so I can only hope this will be a successful enterprise by this car company.

You can know more about it by visiting the official Tumblr page as well as their Instagram feed where suits and cars come together as a dapper unity.

Cars and menswear style fans can rejoice now, since your two favorite things are coming together for once to keep you inspired.

What’s your opinion on this campaign by Mazda? Is it successfully capturing the notion of sprezzatura? Let me know in the comments below!

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