My Dapper Self Goes Adsenseless

Ed Ruiz

4 September 2017

As it turns out, and contrary to its name, Adsense didn’t make much sense.


This is a very short post, and maybe it was completely unnecessary, but I wanted to address this recent decision with my readers.

In short, you shouldn’t be surprise if in the near future you stop seeing adsense ads on this site.

Why? Well, now that I have finally published the new and improved version of My Dapper Self, which will be much more focused on my style consulting and coaching services for men, I really don’t feel that ads should have a home in all of my blog posts.

There’s Also The Sad Fact That I Make Pennies From Adsense

Many people out there believe that a site with a healthy number of daily visitors can make lots of money just by having ads cluttering all the content.

The reality is the complete opposite of that assumption. The reality is quite sad.

I can’t speak for everyone else and all the bloggers out there, but I’ve done my fair amount of research to confidently declare that unless you get millions of monthly visitors, you will simply not be able to make a living out of blogging by plastering ads all over a website. It just doesn’t happen.

Parallel to this, there’s the fact that many people these days use adblock software, which is a special kind of software that blocks all types of ads from websites. So I guess just a fraction of the visitors to My Dapper Self see ads anyway, which further decreases the amount I can make from it.

On top of that, I am aware that this site resides in a very niche market world. Let’s be honest, the vast majority of men don’t care much about style and out of those who do, only a minuscule fraction consider themselves passionate about formal and classic menswear, so the chances of reaching millions of people every month are very, very slim.

Am I complaining? Not at all. I am perfectly fine with the way things are. I’ve never been oblivious to this fact and quite frankly, I am happy and proud to be able cater to the small fraction of men who really strive to make a difference by dressing up in a dress down world.

But it would be dumb to deny the fact that I’m dealing with a perfect recipe for Adsense to be nothing but a failed attempt at making some money from blogging.

And I’m not even touching the subject of user experience. Honestly, most sites running Adsense make for terrible user experience and I definitely don’t want that to be the image of My Dapper Self. Even though I had spent many hours trying to decipher how to position ads so that they don’t mess with your experience, it just never felt 100% right.

So yes, after taking all these factors into consideration, the balance was very clear: I don’t need or want these ads on my site.

The Smart Thing To Do: Focus On What I Can Actually Do For You

Let me be clear: I do consider My Dapper Self as a business. A serious business and I plan to conduct it as one.

And as you know, any business needs cash to operate, otherwise there is no business, we would be simply talking about a hobby.

My Dapper Self is not just a hobby for me.

That is why I have made the decision to narrow my focus on what’s the real value I could bring to you and your life. Whether it is through coming up with more blog posts, more motivating content on my social media platforms, or of course, taking my style consulting services a lot more serious than ever before.

Not only it makes more sense. It’ll be a much more fulfilling experience.

So that’s what I plan to do. Work my a** off to provide you with the valuable stuff that will have a significant impact in your life.

You see, that’s the only way a business can and should function, making sure the users or clients get something beneficial and helpful in return.

From now on I will focus mostly on business plans that can have a positive impact on you, the reader. Including my exclusive one-on-one virtual style consulting for men.

It Won’t Be An Overnight Change, Though

I just want to ask you for some patience.

My Dapper Self runs on WordPress, which requires plug-ins and lots of modifications so that Adsense ads can be shown (or maybe my WordPress theme wasn’t the best one to begin with?).

The thing is, it might take me some time to go through all the blog posts and pages. Looking at the code and figuring out how adsense can be removed for good. Who knows? I might not even be able to completely remove all existing ads, but I will try my best.

But hey, at least you can be sure that no future blog posts will be cluttered with any ads.

And just for transparency sake, I will keep some other types of ads active here and there, but those will be ads that allow me complete control over the products displayed, such as Amazon ads. This way I can still promote products that I believe you all are really interested in.

Most likely those will be gone soon too when I have better and cooler products to promote (there are a few things I’m working on, but I can’t say much yet!)

In Short

I value this site and the experience you have when navigating through it much more than a few pennies every day.

So no more free advertisement (it’s technically free) for brands on My Dapper Self.

I hope you will enjoy this cleaner version of the site.

Thank you so much for all the continued support and patience through all these changes.



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