There is a trend that has been appearing lately among many suit and tie enthusiasts, one that for some makes perfect sense and for some others it just doesn’t sit right.

If you are aware of what’s trending in the male’s fashion industry, you must have seen it more than once: a full suit and tie, with all proper accessories, even the perfect matching shoes, but… NO SOCKS!

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This is a very personal style choice that many dapper gents are going for and while it works for most of them, there are a few specific details you have to be aware of if you are planning to give this look a try. You just have to be careful to make sure you succeed, so this doesn’t detract from your personal style.

But don’t be afraid. I’m here to help you with this article!

Is It OK To Go Sockless When Wearing A Suit?

My initial and basic response would be: no! It’s not OK to just simply skip the socks, if the look calls for socks, then you’re better off wearing socks. It is however, not as black and white as this response sounds. There are definitely many shades of gray in between.

For instance, outfits that look good without socks, but would definitely look better if they were present.

If you are sure everything in your ensemble looks perfect and allows for the no-socks look, then sure, go for it! It might be a fun change to more common socks-included outfits.

Let’s talk a little about the type of ensembles that allow for this look.

Outfits That Work Without Socks

shoes with no socks

I do believe there are many types of outfits that will work just as good without socks.

Linen suits. An easy and quite obvious choice. When the weather gets too hot and calls for a linen suit, then it might actually be a great idea to go for the no-socks look. Your feet will thank you!

No tie, no socks. This can be an interesting, casual look. If you are skipping the tie, then you might as well skip the socks and make this a more relaxed, easy going ensemble. This would work perfectly for a day outside the office.

Bold and colorful. I hope you agree with me on this one. If you are opting for a fun, colorful and bold outfit, somehow the lack of socks add to this sort of original, out-there style. It gives the impression that you are willing to take risks in your style choices.

Outfits That Do Not Work Without Socks

shoes and sockOn the other hand, there are outfits that do require the use of socks. Let’s talk about it:

Business suits. Yes, even if you are feeling bold in the office, please make sure you express this with a cool tie or wearing a fun pocket square. Business attire calls for socks, always.

Tuxedos. Please don’t get me started with this one. If you are wearing a tux, wear black socks (unless the tux isn’t black, in which case always match the socks to the color of the tux).

Cold weather outfits. If the weather is calling for overcoats, scarfs, or any other item to protect you from it, then it’s pretty much a given that you will have to wear socks – forget the style, this is all about not freezing your feet!


There’s more to consider when not wearing socks. Some important things!

Shoe Style

Most shoe styles will lend themselves to be worn without socks if the rest of the outfit makes sense. You will find that more casual shoes will go better with this look, but feel free to experiment a little bit. Even lace up shoes can be adapted to this look, so pretty much everything goes!

WARNING: There are however, some shoes that will definitely look off without socks. Here’s an example:

No socks

Ugh! Not a fan of this.

Smelly Feet

Not wearing socks can easily lead to smelly feet. We’ve all been there after a long day outside, walking and going about your business only to come back home and find out that your feet smell like the most fancy French cheese you can imagine.

Don’t go crack a bottle of red wine to match your smell. Instead, make sure that if you are not wearing socks, pour some powder inside your shoes before putting them on. This is extremely important to avoid these undesired smells.

Ensure you also let your shoes dry out and get some air after taking them off. Don’t simply store them after you remove them. Shoes do need to get aired, especially after a long day.

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In Conclusion

If you have been considering wearing a full suit with no socks, then my best advice is to go ahead and give a try. You might find out it’s a great look that works for you, and although we are not all Aleks (featured image), you can make it work for you if you are anxious to change your day to day style.

Just consider the few tips I’ve given you in this article and you’ll be on the safe side.

So, what’s your opinion on this trendy look? Is it good? Is it bad? Any extra tips you would like to share? Please leave your comments below!

Have fun and keep it classy!

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