*Make a real habit of aligning your style with your work and personal goals.
*Master the core fundamentals of developing a professional personal image.
*Focus on what truly matters by learning about the styles that work for you, your body type and your lifestyle.
*Comand respect by comprehending the proven secrets behind power dressing.
*Understand fit, colors, patterns and textures so that you can put together effective and professional outfits with no guesswork.
*Save money by learning how to shop smart while building a new wardrobe.
*Get completely actionable style advice delievered one-on-one.
*Get a life-long impact on your confidence levels by creating the absolute best version of yourself.
*Guaranteed improved personal image that brings positive life changes.



Choose the consultation package that matches your needs. You will receive a very detailed questionnaire that will allow me to know more about your current style, but also about your lifestyle, body, work, interests, and most importantly, your objectives.


Within 5 business days you will receive a complete and personal style report based on your questionnaire answers. We’ll also prepare for our Skype consultation by finding a day and a time that works for your schedule.


We’ll jump on Skype to go through all the information included in your personal style report. We will also address any specific questions you may have from your personal style report.


Depending on the consultation package you chose, follow up and motivation may be needed. You will receive continuous guidance and even regular consulting sessions, if that’s what it takes for you to reach the style goals you have.


“Ed possesses both a style and a passion that is so rare these days. I am constantly inspired by him.”


Christopher Korey


Ed has a rare combination of intelligence, professionalism and humility. He’s very stylish and clearly understands how a man should dress himself. But he’s also humble, professional and easy to talk to – qualities that aren’t necessarily easy to come by in the fashion industry. I’d feel equally comfortable going to Ed for advice about my wardrobe or career (or both).


Brock McGoff (The Modest Man)


“Ed has a great attention to detail and has an amazing eye for combining colours, textures and patterns. I have found his advice invaluable for my journey. So if you want to take your style to the next level I cannot recommend Ed highly enough.”


Csabi Lukacs



*All charges are processed through PayPal to guarantee secure payment.


I am committed to providing the best style consultation experience for all my clients. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the services I provided, please let me know within the next month after our consultation and I will gladly give you back your money, no questions asked. I will however, ask you for a small favor: let me know the things I can do to improve my consultation services so that I can continuously deliver the best experience for you and all my future clients.


What can I expect?

In one sentence: you can expect to obtain the necessary knowledge to clearly understand how you can put together professional and effective ensembles that work for you, your personal circumstances and your goals. Furthermore, you will come out with renewed confidence in your personal style and appearance.
Oh, and you should also expect to put in a lot of work. Change is not easy and requires commitment and effort. But don’t sweat it, I’ll be there to help.

Why would I need a style coach?

It’s true. These days you can learn pretty much anything online. And style is not the exception. But some of us can benefit immensely from having a helpful and knowledgeable coach to make our changes in life easier by guiding us while at the same time holding us accountable for the actions we need to take in order to achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves. That’s exactly why I’m convinced a style coach can be a great asset for you.

Do you offer face to face style consultation?

Due to logistics, at the moment, it is not possible for me to travel in order to provide face to face style consultations. In the near future this could be a real possibility. For now, if you feel that a face to face consultation is needed, feel free to contact me and we’ll try to find a way to make it happen.

Will I end up looking like a completely different person?

Yes and no. The goal here is to take your current style and improve it in order to create the best possible version of it. You will come out with a professional, elegant, successful and confident appearance. My consultation takes into consideration your personality, your hobbies and lifestyle to make sure we achieve all your goals without any risk of losing yourself in the process.

What about style consultation for women?

Unfortunately, I don’t offer style consultation for women. My area of expertise is professional menswear and all my consultation plans are designed specifically for men. Good news is, there are many, many online style consultation services for women that you can easily find and I’m sure they’ll be better positioned to give you just the advice you need.

How does your refund policy work?

It is very straightforward. If within a month after receiving my style consultation services you are not satisfied with the results you have achieved, simply let me know and I will refund your payment 100%. No questions asked.

Will I learn about grooming as part of this consultation?

While my consultation and coaching programs focus primarily on clothes and the positive changes they can bring to your life, I will also take some time to provide you some directions on grooming and other related topics that can help you reach your style goals and look your best.

Will my personal information be shared with any third parties?
Absolutely not. I honor your private information. All your personal information, questionnaire responses and personal style report is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.
Do I really need to submit my pictures?

It is important for me to know what you look like and what your current style is. For this reason, it is imperative to submit your initial pictures, so we can properly gauge your progress.

Do you offer casual style advice?

While occasionaly I will write about casual style on my blog, my style consultation programs are specific for men who want to learn how to develop a professional, effective and successful image, which means we will focus more on classic, timeless and elegant styles than everyday fashion.

Special pricing for additional consultations?

Absolutely. If you get my 60-minute consultation package and feel you need some extra support, an extra boost of motivation or just clearing any doubts you may have, you can arrange extra 60-minute consultations with me for just $80/hr.

Is it really possible save money while improving my style?

Of course it is possible! And that’s one of the main goals of this consultation: teach you how you can actually save real money by learning how to shop smart and stop wasting your money on clothes that you don’t really need and aren’t bringing you any closer to your goals.

Do you offer style consultations for groups?

If you want to revamp the image of your team, employees or any other group of men, please contact me and let’s discuss the goals you have for this group of men. We’ll surely find a way to make it happen.

Have a specific question not answered here? Ask me!


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