You know dressing better would do wonders for your career, for your confidence, and even your love life.

You are convinced that improving the way you dress can open new doors.

You even have made lots of style research via blogs, magazines and books.

You are now ready to take on the world!

Except… you suffer from what I call “Style Laziness™”.

And you are not the only one. I’ve been there too and so have many other men. Some of them are still there, so don’t feel like you’re alone.

So you might be thinking: Ok, Ed, now that you have accused me of being lazy, would you please make it clearer what does style laziness mean?

Sure, I will.

What Does Style Laziness Mean?

Style Laziness is the lack of capacity, or to be more precise, the lack of diligence to actually put into practice what you have learned in terms of style and how you present yourself.

You know how it goes. You get an initial spark of inspiration to do something about the way you look. So you spend some time reading and learning, you go ahead and start buying clothes that will help you put into practice you newly acquired knowledge.

And then… you do absolutely nothing. The initial motivation is gone and you go back your same routine of wearing the same old clothes you’ve been wearing all your life.

Despite all you know, all the money you’ve already spent and even considering all the benefits you know it will bring to your life, you just can’t pull the trigger.

Sounds like you?

How To Recognize Style Laziness?

Let me make it easy for you with a list of possible actions that can help you identify yourself as style lazy:

  • Dust-Gathering Clothes. Your closet is full of cool ensembles that looks great on you, but they never see the light of day.
  • Waiting For the Right Occasion. No matter how great you look in that suit, you keep asking yourself if there is a real reason why you should wear it today? Or any other day for matter?
  • All Theory, No Action. You are perfectly aware that you are not really satisfied with the way you dress and you have the conviction that you can do much better. You have taken the theoretical steps to change this, but still waiting to put them to action.
  • No Groundwork Time. You run out of the shower to your closet and grab the first thing you can get your hands on, after all you’re late and there’s no time to think about what you will wear.
  • Inspiration ups and downs. One day you are convinced this is it: This is the day you will finally change your appearance. The next day your shorts are the most precious thing in the world.
  • Style Comfort Zone. Oh, this is a very common one: Screw the benefits, nothing gets between you and your old routine, which by the way, has never helped you in any way.

Feels just too familiar?

Then let me be frank, you are probably being lazy about your style and you’re not doing yourself any favor.

Someday all inspiration and motivation will be gone, unless you do something about it!

Don’t give up.

What if I told you there are techniques that can help you break out of this bad, repetitive way to approach your appearance? Techniques that I have personally used and have proved to be effective in breaking out of the apathy trap.

How to Escape the Style Laziness Trap


As I already mentioned, I too have suffered from this lack of conviction in my decision to improve the way I dress. Now it’s my time to share with you what I learned from being trapped too.

You must know, this requires a lot of work from your side, and a real conviction to support your determination to improve your style.

  • Start With a Clear Goal. Your goal is to beat that ambivalence towards improving the way you present yourself. Make a real vow to get things moving from now on and don’t ever let yourself hesitate about it.

  • Establish Your Motivation. It is key to make sure you are completely motivated and committed to make this big change. If you are still doubting your decisions about improving the way you dress there is nothing you, I or anyone else can do to help you. Ensure your motivation is firmly in place and then proceed with the next steps.

  • Focus On One Thing At A Time. I know it can be extremely overwhelming to make a 180 turn all at once. Don’t go from jeans and t-shirt to a 3 piece suit from one day to the other. It is extremely difficult for humans to make changes, let alone this type of abrupt changes. Make it easier on you by tackling one single pain point at a time.

  • Prepare For Battle. Not having enough time in the morning to get dressed can hinder your determination to dress better. Take some time every night and prepare what you will wear the net day – leaving things to the very last minute is a perfect recipe for failure. An extra benefit to this approach is that you can always make sure your outfit will look great and make any necessary adjustments. Pro tip: prepare what you will wear the following week on Sundays. Sunday are the most important day of the week to get your mind and body prepared for the week ahead.

  • Shop Smart. When buying new clothes, make sure these new clothes will complement what you already have. Buy a blazer that doesn’t match with the trousers or shirts you own and soon it’ll gain direct access to the dust-collecting closet. On the other hand, buying a new piece of clothing that allows for more interesting combos when paired with what you already own, you will look forward to wearing it soon.

  • Have Fun. Even the most dapper of dressers can fall into a routine of wearing the same colors every day. Don’t shy away from bold colors and cool accessories. Go for a cool bow tie today, no tie tomorrow and a serious, formal necktie the next day. Keeping a constant rotation of the styles you wear can keep your mind stimulated and make it harder for you to slip back into your style indifference.

  • Document the Benefits. It’s arduous to commit to changes when you don’t see any benefits that come from them. Write down or make a conscious mind note every time you made a great impression by the way you dress, every time you felt more confident knowing you look great, every time beating your style apathy gave you a reward.

  • Look Forward to Success. If you are like me, you want quick results. But obsessing about getting fast results will easily affect your motivation and send you back to your lazy ways. Instead, concentrate on how the future, best dressed version of you will look, how much your confidence will improve and how much better you will feel about yourself. There is no laziness that can beat a real hunger for success.

  • Don’t Forget Your Goal. A goal means absolutely nothing if you don’t constantly remind yourself why you came up with it in the first place. Do whatever you need to make sure you never forget what your goal is: keep a hand-written note near you, have a close friend let you know if you’re not committing to your goal, use a personal mantra, anything to keep you on track!

Let’s Kill Your Style Laziness Once And For All

Don’t forget positive changes require a mindful effort from your side. They don’t come easy, but the benefits that they can bring to your life make any struggle worthwhile

It’s your personal development you’re dealing with, so make sure you don’t let anything get in your way.

Believe it or not, most of our obstacles in life are sadly created not by external factors, but by ourselves. So is this obstacle, but the good news is you’ve got the strength (and now the knowledge and techniques) to defeat it.

So wave style laziness good bye now.

Give yourself this great opportunity to bring to life the better dressed, more successful version of you.

Or are you really letting apathy keep you away from your goals?

You choose!

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