You’ve heard them… over and over and over again.

Guys in suits are so lame…

Ugh. Men who wear suits are extremely blah blah blah…

Why are you always wearing a suit? Isn’t it [insert some BS misconception]?” (for some good answers to this question see this awesome post).

You know, stuff like that.

It seems that, for a lot of people, there is absolutely no rationality as to why would a man, any man, choose to present himself in a suit and tie when it’s not mandatory to do so.


These remarks come most likely from the people that would go as far as to deny the importance of suiting up for something as critical as a job interview.

It’s a testament that, for a huge portion of the population, the concept of a man making a personal choice to present himself in a suit on a regular basis seems extremely alien and exotic, which unfortunately has led to the fact that many suit and tie aficionados suffer from plenty of misconceptions about their personalities.

Well, I’m here to talk about them, analyze them and find out if they’re valid or not.


The Most Prevalent and BS Misconceptions About Suit And Tie Wearers

1. They’re Uptight


Isn’t this one of the most common misconceptions? For some strange reason there’s people out there who will assume you are uptight just because you like the way you look and feel in a suit.

Well, this misconception couldn’t be farther from the truth. Suit and tie wearers could be just as uptight as anybody else, or just as relaxed and easy-going as anybody else. Of course, you will say I’m dumb and that could be said about any other group of people.


But just think for a moment, could it be that society has drifted off into an extremely casual (or even enormously sloppy) direction that any man who attempts to present himself in a decent manner is immediately accused of being uptight?

Why throw the stone at the less liable man of the bunch? Doesn’t it make more sense to bring into question this tendency of society towards sloppy appearances and how we’ve come to accept them as the norm?

Foor for thought.

2. They’re Old-School


Ok, this is an interesting one. I will be fair and go deeper into the reasons why suit and tie wearers could be considered old-school. Let’s take a look at what “old-school” actually means:

“Used, usually approvingly, to refer to someone or something that is old-fashioned or traditional.”

Hmm… that’s curious. I mean, I guess I could say most suited men do have a propensity towards a traditional style than most men these days. But accusing them of being old-fashioned… meh, not so sure.

In my mind, old-fashioned as an adjective carries a certain negative undertone, whereas traditional doesn’t necessarily carry that same vibe. So maybe this isn’t that much of a real misconception after all.

I’m torn on this one. Misconception or reality?

Here’s an idea: Let’s leave it open to debate in the comments section.

3. They’re Boring


Now this one is so absurd it makes me almost choke with laughter. I don’t think this claim could be any farther from the truth.

If there’s boring at this side of the spectrum and right at the opposite side of the spectrum is fun, that’s where we, suit enthusiasts, belong. We are the fun, original and brave, I would say.

Look, wearing a suit is nowhere near boring.

But ok, let’s talk boring. Boring is wearing hoodies, boring is sweatpants and tennis shoes, boring is lame graphic t-shirts, boring is the same old jeans everyday. THAT is beyond boring, that is absolute uninspired lifelessness!

So no, don’t even attempt go there. You can make any false claims you’d like about the dapper guys in society, but never accuse them of being boring (cause it’s gonna bite you in the butt).

4. They’re So Full Of Themselves

Full of themselves

I just literally heard this one the other day, with a different wording though, something about douches and bags.. In any case, apparently possessing an interest in presenting yourself in a formal manner means you believe yourself to be much more important than everyone else around you.

Well, false.

Sure, asses can be found in any group of people, but being one is not a particularlity of suit and tie aficinados by any means.

Could this false assertion simply be another case of people with low selt-esteem simply projecting their personal lack of confidence unto (in appearance, at least) more self-assured people?

By the way, I’ve already shared my thoughts on how and why suits can give your self-esteem a good boost. So read that post as well after you’re done with this one.

5. They’re Flat Out Fool




Ever wondered why people say you dress smart when suiting up?

If anything, suit wearers are just too goddamn smart!

Don’t believe me? Ask this guy. 😉

6. They’re Outcasts That Don’t Fit In


I am not even going to attempt debunking this one.

In fact, I will say I agree.

Whoever makes this affirmation is absolutely, completely and one hundred percent right.

Men who make a real effort to look their best by wearing a suit definitely do not fit in. What’s more, they don’t even want to fit in! Because really, if fitting in means wearing whatever everyone else is wearing at any given point in time because fashion dictates so, then why would any man in his right mind ever want to fit in? Just to blend in with everybody else around?

Thanks, but no. That’s absurd and a clear example of sad herd mentality.

Or in the words of Dr. Seuss:

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Damn right, suited men don’t fit in!

7. They’re Untrustworthy


“Never trust a man in a suit”.

I know you’ve heard that one on multiple occasions. And while I’d like to think it’s just a prefabricated phrase that people just repeat on and on without thinking too much about it, the fact of the matter is that this remains a real misconception many people have about men in suits.

In my understanding, it’s mostly badly dressed politicians and corrupt businessmen who are to blame for this misconception. I can agree with the sentiment of distrust, but not with the fallacy of using man in a suit as an umbrella term to group all men in suits as evil and untrustworthy persons.

We really aren’t.

Here’s A Bizarre Thought: Get To Know Your Suited Fellows

Just to wrap this one up. As with any person in society, we shouldn’t simply rely on passed on misconceptions and make quick judgments on people around us.

Why not do the following instead? Get to know people around you on a personal level. Find out what they like, what their interests are, what’s their personality like, etc.

Then you can judge them and hate them all you want, but based on facts, not on false myths.

I think this sounds like a good pact we can all agree on, doesn’t it?


Anyway. Peace out. Stay dapper.

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