Ever wondered what are the 4 essential suits that you need in your closet to get your suit collection started?

Well, wonder no more!

Browsing the web I found this really helpful video by Business Insider, in which Durand Guion (Vice President, Men’s Fashion Director, Macy’s Inc), gives us a quick, but detailed guide on which are the 4 most important suits for the business world every guy should own.

Take a couple minutes and watch the video. It is worth a watch as a good starting point if you have just decided to get into the suit-wearing world!

Just have some patience, there’s a small ad video at the beginning. Sorry, not my decision! 🙂

Important advice from the video: There’s very few suits that are gonna fit from the moment you’re gonna pick it up off of the rack…

Never forget this advice, whether you are just starting to find your own style or you are already a pro.

So what do you think? Do you agree with Durand’s advice? Leave your comments below and get the discussion started!


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