I know, we all like wearing ties.

Well, at least most of the readers of this dapper blog do. So this is very relevant for all of us, and will most likely open some of our eyes to a fact that you probably don’t think much about:

Can there be a very real, certain obsession to the way we wear our ties and the ritual we normally go through when choosing a tie and tying it?

Well, something tells me this obsession is real and most of us suffer from it, so let’s look at some signs, or should I say symptoms, to determine if you are obsessed with how your ties look.

Are You a Tie Perfectionist?

Knotledge is power.

You know what each knot is called and all the steps to tie each of them. Even those that you should’ve never learned about and would be better off forgotten by everyone with no traces left of their existence (Trinity knot, I’m looking at you!).

Tie and tie again.

You will tie your tie countless times until it looks just the way you want it to. Just exactly like you want it. Everything else can wait – we are talking about priorities here!

Life isn’s so dimple.

What’s the point of taking the time and making the effort of tying a tie if there is not a visible dimple by the time you’re done? On the other hand, you know very well that amazing feeling of pride and satisfaction, that “yes!” moment when you form perfect, deep and symmetrical dimple.

Symmetry. Asymmetry.

Depending on which knot you choose to wear, there is a perfect amount of symmetry you strive for, or in some cases, a very studied asymmetry is just what you want. Leaving things to chance is no option for you.

You go to great lenghts…

While some men won’t really care that much about the lenght of their ties as long as they are not much shorter or longer than what’s acceptable, you make a purposeful decision to make the tip of your tie just reach the point where your belt buckle begins. Anything shorter or longer will not be accepted.

…and widths.

For you the length of the tie is not the only thing to worry about. The width of the tie can also be a deal breaker… too wide for your lapels? Won’t work, too narrow for your lapels? Won’t work either. “Balance is important” is your best justification.

Picky shopper.

You demand stores allow you to tie a tie you’re interested in before you buy it. If it doesn’t tie well, or if you simply don’t like the knot it forms, why bother buying it and then taking it back?


You know that being an expert at faultlessly tying a necktie means nothing if you don’t know what is the best collar to go with your knot. We can classify this detailed analysis as part of the exact sciences.

Wrinkle nighmare.

You will never be caught wearing a wrinkled tie. To be honest, I am sure this rarely happens to most of us (isn’t part of being a tie perfectionist taking obsessive care of our tie collection too?), but sometimes it does and a wrinkled tie is a real nightmare.


So, how many of these are you guilty of doing?

More than four and we are definitely talking about borderline OCTD (Obessive Compulsive Tie Disorder). All of them? Full blown disorder, might as well get checked! 🙂

Not affected by any of these symptoms? Might as well knot wear a tie! (Oh I love puns…).

Do you think I missed any other behaviors that you would consider symptoms that you are a tie perfectionist? Leave them in the comments below!

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