I have received a few emails from some blog readers, basically asking me how they can start wearing suspenders (or braces for the friends in England and some other places).

They know they love how they look, but they are not sure if it’s for them or how to actually wear them and make their suspenders add to their overall dapper style.

First of all, just the fact that of wearing suspenders will take your regular suit & tie outfits to another level of elegance, so if your goal is to up your suit game, then suspenders are a great way to do this!

And of course, suspenders will also make your ensembles a bit more original, as the norm is to wear suits with belts.

Which of the two is better? We’ll go deep into that in another blog post soon, very soon!

Anyway, for my friends who sent me these emails and for anyone else interested in adding suspenders to your everyday outfit rotation, here’s a cool image gallery with a few of the best dressed guys out there.

You will hardly find a better inspiration source than these men!

Suspenders Inspiration Gallery

If you don’t browse away from this post without feeling motivated enough to break out the suspenders/braces, please let me know since I must’ve done something wrong!

Are you ready to start rocking suspenders with your outfits? Not convinced yet? Give me time, I’ll convince you soon! 🙂

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Keep it classy!


Images were taken from Instagram accounts: @derekblezard, @r3zap3rz, @absolutebespoke, and more. Check them out – it’s worth it!

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