15 Gifs That Describe Perfectly The Life Of The Dapper Man

Ed Ruiz

18 April 2018

Leading a dapper life comes with funny or interesting circumstances and events that not everyone can relate to.

But I found most well-dressed gents out there experience similar things and actually, react to them quite similarly too.

So I decided to put together a collection of gifs that can perfectly explain the life of the dapper man. Let’s see how many of these you can relate to.


Dapper Life Gifs

Sometimes You Just Know You Nailed It Before Stepping Out


That quick moment when you feel extra proud and confident when you realize how amazingly dapper you look in that suit. You know, that secret look in the mirror that no one but you will ever get to witness.

When You Meet A Fellow Dapper Dresser


Friends who understand your passion for the dapper style are few and far between, so it is always a pleasant surprise to find someone who just gets it like you do and doesn’t think you are an overdressed, obsessive, unbalanced lunatic (to be fair, some of us fit the description perfectly). Meeting such a friend is certainly a good raison to raise your glass in celebration.

When You Show Up In A Suit On Casual Friday At The Office


Those of you into breaking new ground know how to dress up in a casual office environment effectively. Every one else may be at your same level in the corporate hierarchy, but still, every Friday you feel like the true dapper suited boss surrounded by jeans and polo shirts.

When You Wear Suspenders For The First Time


Who can forget that overwhelming excitement of feeling like a million bucks rocking for the first time your very own pair of (ideally button) suspenders or braces with your suit? I admit, I kinda felt like this the first time. By the way, here’s a simple post on how to wear suspenders with your suits.

When Your Tailor Says He Can’t Fix The Shoulders Of Your Jacket


There are a few things for which a dapper man will never take a “no” for an answer. A tailor not being able to adjust your jacket could be one of those things you just cannot accept. Random tip: Remember jacket armholes are pretty much impossible to alter by a tailor, so shop wisely.

When You Realize The Stain On Your Tie Is Permanent


Some will say you’re just overreacting by feeling physicall ill when a tie gets ruined. What do they know?

When Someone Keeps Asking Why You’re Always So Dressed Up


We have talked about it, even shared a few great responses you can use when someone asks you why you are always so dressed up, but sometimes you just have to put an end to the interrogation. Seriously, what’s their point?

Although Some Of Us Can Have A More Extreme Reaction


I’m not saying any of us will end our lives because of the constant questioning about our style, but when the enquiries get out of control, isn’t this how we would love to react?

When You Come To Terms With The Fact That Your Tie Just Won’t Make a Nice Dimple


We all wish all ties could make a beautiful, perfect dimple every single time, but sadly, that is not always the case. It is disappointing, it is hard to acknowledge it, but you have to be a strong man, hold back the rage and the tears while trying to keep your cool.

And Yet Sometimes The Dimple Comes Easily


If there’s a great predictor that this day will be a great day, a perfectly dimpled tie might as well be it. Seriously, what better way to start off a wonderful day than with an impressive dimple on your tie? Mr. Brosnan is 100% right.

When Someone Has A Snarky Comment To Make About Your Bow Tie


Despite the fact that bow ties enjoy a lot more acceptance these days, there will always still be people, based on common misconceptions about bow tie wearers, who have a lame comment ready to criticize your choice of neckwear.

When Finally That Pair Of Shoes You Always Wanted, But Couldn’t Afford, Is On Sale


Been there on oh so many occasions. I can tell you, you can try hard as you can to hide it, but the excitement of finding a great sale is just overwhelming. And you know this isn’t just about shoes, it is spot-on for any other dapper garment or accessory you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.

When A Salesman Suggests A Nice Set Of Matching Tie And Pocket Square


In case you missed it, I expressed my opinion on this type of matching sets in this post. šŸ˜‰

The Sad Moment When You Realize There’s No More Room In Your Closet For Suits


“Just leave me alone!”

How You Feel The World Will Change By Sharing Your Sartorial Tips


And finally, one that really resonates with me. Let’s be honest. No matter how much you and I may try to convince the rest of the world to adopt a dressier style by sharing our so valuable knowledge and practical style tips, the truth is it just isn’t going to happen. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were just as simple as this gif?

Do You Recognize Yourself In Any, Some Or All Of These Gifs?

If so, please share in the comments below which of these gifs could’ve featured you!

Also, do you have any submissions that could fit here? Feel free to visit giphy, pick one and submit it in the comment section – the best ones will be added to the list with a shoutout to you!

That’s it for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Stay dapper cause that’s the only way I can come up with more content for this blog haha!


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