7 Essential Ties That You Must Own

Ed Ruiz

19 January 2018

What are the essential neckties that I must own?

New dapper dressers will often ask themselves this question.

I know we cannot all be tie collectors and some men just want to make sure they’ve covered the basics when it comes to neckwear, some others want to be smart about buying ties and don’t overspend on ties they’ll never really wear.

So let me try to answer this question by listing the must-have ties that you (and every man) should own.

Ties You Should Own

The Powerful Red Silk Tie

Every now and then you’ll have to display some level of power authority.

Think a special presentation at work. Or a meeting with a prospective client.

That’s where the red tie comes in and can actually make a huge difference in how people perceive you, and more specifically, the level of power and assertiveness you possess.

Take some time to become familiar with the psychology of color (something every man who wants to use colors in clothes to his advantage should know, at least basically) and realize that no other color beats red if your goal is to send a message of authority.

Does it have to be red? Not necessarily, but the fundamental idea here is that you should have a power tie for when the occasion calls for one.

And well, a red tie might as well be your best neckwear option.

must-have ties - red tie

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The Sober Black Tie

The black tie deserves a place in this list due to its sobriety and elegant nature.

There are situations where you really want your suit and tie looks not to attract a lot of attention and just want to go for timeless elegance and simplicity.

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The black tie covers those bases.

Furthermore, it can make great combinations when paired with a nice crisp white shirt and a color suit (think a bottle green, blue or burgundy suit).

Come on, even if you dislike black ties and think they’re boring as hell, you’ll need at least one to attend funerals, so go find a black tie you can live with.

must have ties - black tie

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The Timeless Regimental Stripe Tie

I can seriously imagine a tie collection that would be complete without a regimental stripe tie.

Yes, even basic tie collections need at least one of these.

They’re classy and lend themselves nicely to create interesting suit and tie ensembles.

Find a tie with stripes featuring complementing colors and you’ve got yourself a very versatile tie that can cover most of your tie needs.

I know you came here looking for the bare minimum amount of ties you need, but once you come to understand the wonderful variety of combinations that the striped tie can give you, I guarantee you’ll soon be out in the hunt for more of them!

must have ties - striped tie

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The Lightweight, Light-Colored Tie

Occasionaly weather can get extremely hot in most locations of this planet and doning a heavy-weight full suit may not be the most comfortable thing to do those days.

Solution? Well, a light-weight suit may be a better choice.

But wearing your regular, excessively bulky tie with such suit could result in an awkward combination.

Consistency and coherence would then be lost.

That’s where a light-weight tie can make things easier and help you stay comfortable while keeping a coherent, hot weather friendly look.

Here are more tips on what to do when the weather gets hot and you still want to/need to dress sharp.

must have ties - lightweight tie

The Casual Knit Tie

I sincerely believe every man must own at least one casual tie.

Casual ties can come in many different weights, fabrics and colors, of course.

But as a personal recommendation to anyone looking to complete the basic tie collection, I would say a knit tie can be the casual piece that can complete the puzzle.

Find a knit tie in casual or fun colors. It can be worn with a pullover or V-neck sweater with some classy jeans and nice shoes for a casual and yet professional look.

They can even be dressed up, if you so wish. It all depends on what you pair it with and how you wear it.

Because all of these reasons, a casual knit tie definitely needs to be a part of the list of the must-have ties every man needs in his closet.

must have ties - knit tie

The Masculine Wool Tie

We have talked about the ideal tie to own for the occasions when those degrees go high.

But what about the super cold days?

Yeah, your regularly silk ties may be good enough, but there’s a better option.

And more unique too.

You guessed it.

A nice wool tie is just what you need. Ideally in a dark and sober color since I do believe wool ties look much better when they’re kept simple and dark.

You don’t really want to be wearing your coats and dapper layers with a tie that will look completely out of place.

One more reason to own a wool tie: they’re perfect when assembling texture-heavy outifts. In my opinion, no other fabric beats wool for this purpose.

So this is why a wool tie makes the list of the ties you must own.

must have ties - wool tie

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The Cool Bow Tie

No tie collection can be marked as complete without checking off the bow tie checkbox.

With the recent resurgence of love for the bow tie, it would be dumb not to consider them for this list.

And let’s face it, every now and then we all can get tired of wearing the same old necktie around our necks. Life is more enjoyable when there’s variation and when things are kept fresh.

A bow tie can be that extra flavor that will keep your style on the edge.

Yeah, there’s the ascot (or cravat) and while I can acknowledge it can be a good third alternative, I still don’t see it as worthy of belonging in this list of must-have ties.

Oh, afraid of wearing bow ties and what people may think? You need to read this and then watch this.

No excuses. Go get a great looking bow tie and finally file that checklist as “complete”!

must have ties - bow tie

Bonus: The Disney-Themed Novelty Tie

Every self-respecting dapper dresser must own at least one novelty Disney tie.

You can choose your favorite character, the one that expresses best your personality.

Personally, my Goofy tie perfectly encapsulates what I’m all about and… ha! Gotcha!


What Are Your Must-Have Ties?

Over to you, gentlemen.

What are the ties that must be found in every man’s closet?

Do you agree with the ones I listed in this article? Did I miss an indispensable tie that you’re convinced every man must own?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Stay classy.

ties every man should have


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