7 Sad Lies You Tell Yourself That Kill Your Motivation To Dress Better

Ed Ruiz

9 October 2017

Does the idea of working on developing a successful and effective personal style seem like too much work, too stressful or simply not something you’re meant to do, despite the fact that deep inside, you know it is one of the best things you could do for yourself?

It could be that you are sabotaging your progress and ultimately, your real style goals, by engaging in sad self-deceit.

7 lies you tell yourself not to dress better

I Was Just Like You

If the introduction to this post made you look around the room in agitation wondering if I was hiding somewhere around following your every step because it sounded like I was describing you to a tee, don’t worry, I’m not there and I have no idea who you are.

So be calm.

Here’s why I managed to describe just how frustrated you feel: I was exactly like this too.

I spent years and years with a mindful conviction that I wanted to improve the way I dress and yet, the subconscious self-doubt and deceit always came out stronger.

The result was a complete loss of motivation and lack of any true action to work towards my goals. You know, those goals that if reached, could help me get closer to my ideals in life.

How dumb was I!

But I managed to learn from this self-deception and I believe that I can now easily identify what are these sad, awful lies you may also be telling yourself that keep you from moving forward with your style and personal image goals.

Let’s talk about each those and try to debunk them all so you can no longer use them as excuses for your stagnation.

“I Will Just Alienate Everyone Around Me”

Or in other words, “what will people say/think? Who was time to deal with that level of stress? I’m better off staying exactly the same”.

Yes, we all experience fear of change, particularly when this change will surely summon unwanted external opinions. You’re not alone in dreading this, trust me.

But you have to do what you have to do in order to become the person you would like to be and if it involves a little bit of alienation from people around you, then so be it.

Now, let’s be brutally honest, most people around you won’t even care, don’t forget it is a human thing to be self-absorbed and everyone around you is most likely just concerned about what you think of them.

Furthermore, it is not like you are doing something wrong or doing something that ultimately will affect you in a negative way, it is the total opposite and people who really care about you will only have good things to say about it. They’ll encourage you.

As for those who will try to bring you down, well, they can go screw themselves for all you care!

“It Is Just Too Expensive To Dress The Way I Want”

No, it is not.

You might be thinking you need to pay thousands upon thousands of your hard earned money in order to even attempt to start looking better or just to find a nice suit you could wear.

Now, I won’t lie to you. There are brands out there that are quite expensive and out of any regular man’s budget.

But where did you get the idea that you had to buy the most expensive, made-to-measure, top quality shirts, ties, suits and shoes there are in the market? ‘Cause let me tell you, you don’t have to.

With some time and motivation you can easily find local off-the-rack items that, with a little help from a good local tailor, can do wonders for your style.

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Yes, when it comes to suits you should obviously expect to spend a bit more cash on a nice suit than you would spend on a t-shirt, but don’t forget that a nice suit is not a careless expense, but an intelligent investment in your wardrobe.

So if you have money to buy the trendiest t-shirts and jeans that will wear for a year and then throw away, then you have money to buy nice, classy clothes that don’t cost a fortune and can last you a lifetime.

There it goes, another of your lies debunked.

Dress Better

“I Won’t Be Myself If I Change The Way I Dress”

If I didn’t know better from first hand experience, I wouldn’t believe this is an actual lie many of us tell ourselves to keep us from taking action, not only in terms of improving our style, but in pretty much any type of self-growth journey.

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It’s almost as if we had this stubborn belief inside our heads that we cannot be better unless we sacrifice a part of our identity along the way.

What a load of BS that is!

The real goal here is to create a better and improved version of who you are. A more honest and true conception of your personality. And there cannot be anything wrong with that.

Just think of it as an upgraded version of yourself, if that makes you feel more at ease with undergoing change.

Lastly, if enhancing the way you present yourself ends up altering your core personality, then your personal traits weren’t as essential to you as you thought they were.

“Oh, I Look Just Fine. There’s Nothing I Need To Change!”

Ah, that lame complacency and indifference that kills so many goals and dreams.

If you have ever felt like there is so much more you could achieve if you simply committed to working on your personal appearance, but ultimately just give up because you kinda feel like it is not that important and you don’t really need to change, then you’re just deceiving yourself.

And it’s doing you so much harm.

We all can make enhancements in pretty much every aspect of our lives, but most individuals out there are oblivious it. They just don’t know they could do much better.

And then there are those (and given the fact that you are here, you’re probably of them), who already noticed the opportunities for improvement, but would rather stay in their sad apathy and pretend there’s nothing to do.

Once you have found that area of opportunity, go for it, don’t wait. If at any moment you thought to yourself “I need this”, then chances are you do.

“I Don’t Have The Ideal Body”

So why would you even bother, right?

Guess what? 99.9% of the human population don’t have the perfect body.

And yet a large number of people manage to overcome the self pity. They took the steps to raise their own style standards, and came out with the renewed self-confidence that dressing well can bring to anyone’s life.

But alright, let’s pretend you are absolutely right and you have a less than desirable body type (again, we all think we do haha), but let’s play along…

If this is true, then actually caring about the way you put your outfits together everyday can make tremendous ameliorations to the perception of your body. Not only in the way you look at yourself, but how others see you too.

So, feel free to keep on lying to yourself if you want, but you have to realize that this should work as a motivating factor and not an unsurpassable obstacle.

First Step of Change

“I’ll Start Tomorrow/Next Week/Next Year/Next Life”

Our good friend procrastination.

“I’ll just start some other day”.

Yeah, sure, as if we had all the time in the world to pursue our passions and do the things that we know are important for us.

The truth is that tomorrow never comes and there is only this one life that you’ll get to live, so you either start today or you never will.

This applies to all meaningful things in life you could do, including your style.

Just do it. Today.

“Maybe If I Had X Or Y Job”

Another very common lie we love telling ourselves in order to postpone what deep inside we know we should do.

“Maybe if one day I become the CEO of the company I work for… maybe then it’ll make sense to dress up a bit better”.

Let me ask you something: why would a different position in a company suddenly give you the green light to work towards a dressier and more professional style?

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It just goes back to the same old habit of leaving things for the future when it all magically will fall into place. Well, it won’t happen. There’s always gonna be something that can potentially hold you back and that’ll be your next excuse.

Besides that, do you remember the old saying: “dress for the job you want, not for the job you have”? Make this your motto.

So, What’s Your Excuse Now?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many lies I try to debunk, you could be capable of coming up with a thousand more.

And here’s the challenge. I want you to come up with another excuse and another lie not to move forward. One that you believe to be a real hurdle in your progress and leave it in the comment section of this post.

I will personally disprove each and every one of them.

One final question for you.

Don’t you think it’s about time you stop deceiving yourself and do something about the things you really want to make better in your life?


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