My name is Ed and I am a men’s style consultant, coach and the founder of My Dapper Self, a website dedicated to exploring the concept of dressing up in a dress down world.

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I am a 32-year old Mexican with quite a few interests and passions including music, languages, social psychology, digital marketing, jigsaw puzzles, coffee, political debate, geography, demograhpics, cryptograms/anagrams, animal rights, drawing, painting, urbanism, traveling, photography, fitness, writing, reading, architecture, personal development, botany, linguistics and…

*catches breath*


But not all menswear and certainly not all men’s fashion. My true passion is the realm of formal, professional and executive men’s style, which is the reason why I decided to start creating content on different platforms in the hope of reaching people who share this particular passion of mine and those who were somewhat interested in it, but could use some motivation to embrace it. And also those who just couldn’t care for it – I’ve never turned down a fun challenge.

This experience has been extremely fulfilling to me. I can indulge in one of the things I love the most and not in an isolated way, but I get the wonderful satisfaction of being able to motivate, inspire and help other men while doing it. Talk about a winning deal!

And so eventually I realized that I could be much more than just a simple motivator, that I could also be a catalyst and actively engage in real life style and personal transformations of men who have come to understand the amazing power that a professional image can have as well as all the benefits that every man can reap from consciously working on his appearance.

That was my eureka! moment, when my whole perspective of what I do and more importantly, what I could do, changed. That’s how I decided to create my own style consultation and coaching services for men who are serious and committed about making a significant change in their appearance and therefore, in their life.

Am I the best men’s style coach in the universe? No, I’m not. At least not yet, but I’ll tell you what I am: passionate, serious and committed to help you look your best and be there with you all along the way.

So here I am, giving it my absolute best effort to make a real and meaningful impact in the styles and lives of men that put their trust in my hands.

Now that you know some more about me, why don’t you let me know more about you? Your aspirations, ideas, goals, even your problems and struggles in your own road to reforming your personal image and changing your life’s course. Now come on, shoot me a message – I reply to each and all the emails I get. For real.

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