Blue bowtie with coatPoor bow ties.

I feel sorry for them. I truly do.

Bow ties, despite their increasing popularity the last few years, is the one single piece of (mostly) men’s clothing that gets the worst reputation.

What’s the real cause for this bad reputation? Myths, unfounded myths that have been created and perpetuated around bow ties for a long time now.

So, I took this as a personal challenge to bust all these myths and give the bow tie its status back as a classy and elegant garment.

I’m always up for a challenge, so let’s do this!

Debunking The False Bow Tie Myths Once And For All


  1. Bow Ties Are Not As Elegant As The Sophisticated, Long And Beautiful Neckties.

False! Unquestionably false! We have been told nothing beats a beautiful necktie as far as how elegant something tied around our necks can look. Hmmm.

Well, let me tell you something: bow ties can be just as elegant as a long tie. In fact, have you ever wondered why tuxedos are supposed to be worn with bow ties and not ties? (Despite the current “acceptable” trend of wearing a necktie instead – I won’t digress).

That’s because a bow tie can add an extra flair, an extra elegance to an already dapper outfit and yes, absolute elegance is what tuxedos are all about.

Okay, but what about bow ties with a regular, every day suit?

Sure, a cool necktie will go perfect with a suit, but so does a nice bow tie as long as it’s well coordinated with the rest of your ensemble.

If elegance is what you’re going for, trust me, you’re killing it with a bow tie. There is no need to go running for a tie if you feel like wearing a bow.

Some like neckties, some like bow ties. It’s all about being genuine.


  1. Bow Ties Are For Clowns, Magicians And Strippers.

Bow Tie Gallery 1Want to talk about a ridiculous, unfounded cliché? How about this one: bow ties are only meant to be worn by clowns, magicians, strippers, or waiters.

Oh, and nerds. I was forgetting nerds.

And Pee Wee Herman, that guy too.

I would find this myth offensive, but its entertaining element trumps its offensive factor.

There is no denying that people who practice these particular professions do tend to favor the bow tie over other type of neckwear, but this should have no influence on how or when any guy can go for a bow tie look.


And what’s wrong with passing for a stripper!? Haters to the left!


  1. Bow Ties Are Stupid.

No, you are stupid!

How can a piece of clothing be considered stupid? If you don’t believe me there’s people out there with this opinion, you can try a simple Google search and find out how many people share this dumb belief.

There’s even guys who are not sure they should wear a bow tie or not because again, bow ties look stupid? For bow’s sake!

I’m not wasting more of my time on this one. That’s how absurd it is.

Next time you hear someone say your bow tie looks stupid, punch him in the face ask him politely to reconsider his position.

And share this exact blog post with him. Let’s kill this stupid myth once and for all!


  1. Bow Ties Are Only For Old People.

Closely related to myth 2. Again, a generalization that doesn’t even make sense. How or why would bow ties be only for old people?

Let’s look at the facts:

Old men these days are not old men from 50 years ago. A man, 80 years old (I’m just guessing 80 is considered old? Maybe not in Sweden, those Swedes live for too long!), was born in 1935. By that time the bow tie wasn’t even that popular anymore.

Why would this old man be wearing a bow tie? Other than being a super dapper old man, that is!

Go out for a walk and count how many old men are wearing bow ties anyway. I am sure you will see very, very few or absolutely none. Chances are you’ll see more young men wearing them.

Still don’t believe me?

I’m 30, wearing a bow tie as I write this post and looking mighty dapper in it. Despite what those under 18 say, 30 is most definitely not old, right? Right!?

So, no. Bow ties are NOT just for old people. Just… no.


  1. Bow Ties Are Hard (Read: Impossible) To Tie.

Bow Tie Gallery 2I can’t even believe this myth is still alive and kicking: and we’re gonna kill it.

Not just kill it, we’re gonna make it suffer!

I am certain everyone who perpetuates this myth falls into one of the following three categories:

Has never actually tried to tie a bow tie. Some people just simply like to be negative about many things, “Oh, something I’ve never done before! Nah, I don’t feel like trying something new, it must be too hard, I won’t bother.

Has never worn lace up shoes. Because tying a bow tie is pretty much just the exact same as tying your shoelaces, just around your neck. Yes, it is kind of a reflected version of the same knot, but the fundamentals are the strictly the same.

Has advanced arthritis. What other possible reason could there be to consider bow ties challenging to tie? And I have to be fair here: if you do suffer from arthritis or some other illness, then yes, bow ties can be damn hard to tie! For the rest of us: no one’s buying the crap excuses.

And that kids, is the story of how bow ties got impossible to tie.

Oh, oh… and if you are still convinced that tying bow ties requires a herculean effort to succeed, at least have the humility to admit they’re damn easy to untie! Or is that too difficult too?


  1. Bow Ties Belong Only In Tuxes.

You learned a little from the first debunked myth that bow ties are not meant to be worn only with tuxes.

But let’s go deeper now, shall we?

You can wear bow ties with, well, basically anything you want. But let me guess,… I’m hoping you are not wondering if a bow tie goes well with your gym outfit, right?

Anyway, let’s focus on suits.

Wearing a nice, well fitted suit with a bow tie is a perfect, acceptable alternative to wearing a necktie. If for nothing else, at least for the sheer fact of how fun it is not to wear the exact same type of clothes every. single. day.

Ditch the jacket, wear a V-neck cardigan. Match your bow tie to snazzy suspenders. Whatever you prefer, just do it and don’t keep your bow ties hidden until that opportunity to wear a tux arises.


  1. Bow Ties Will Make You Look Heavier.

You surely have heard this one: bow ties will make you look heavier, thus thou shall not wear bow ties.

You will hear this from many people, and while there is a certain risk for you to look a bit thicker, the effect is so minimal that there is absolutely no reason for this to keep you from rocking a cool bow tie whenever you feel like it.

You can also go for cool patterns, particularly a diagonal striped pattern to reduce the already minimal thickening effect of wearing a bow tie.

In Conclusion

I know there is a lot of guys out there who just simply despise the bow tie and they would make up any excuse not to wear one.

That’s fine. I really don’t mind.

The ultimate goal of this post is to inspire the other bunch of you who are still questioning if going for it might be a good idea and are merely using one of these excuses to talk yourselves out of doing what you feel like doing, or dressing the way you feel like dressing.

I hope I could provide enough motivation to you, but I don’t know, if you still have another bow tie myth that needs to be slayed before you go for it, please leave it in the comments below.

I will discredit it. I promise I will.

One last favor: share this post, we can all end this nonsense!

Oh, and before I go, remember bow ties are cool!

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