Watch Now (Or Listen To) My Live Interview With Brock McGoff!

Ed Ruiz

20 January 2017

Oh well…

After several technical complications, we managed to have this menswear conversation over on my YouTube channel.

Here it is.

But before, let me be a bit more specific about the complications, because looking back, I can only laugh at how sometimes the universe conspires against you to make sure you lose your damn mind!

  • Streaming software crashing.
  • YouTube server not accepting to receive the stream (it turns out I was behind an effin firewall).
  • Had to drive home as fast as I could.
  • Traffic from hell.
  • Had to setup all the necessary things so that I could actually stream from my house.
  • Awful lighting, awful sound, awful stream (my internet provider is most likely the one to blame).

So anyway, you can imagine how my moral felt by the time we could actually go live.

Still, Brock, being the gentleman he is, had patience and waited for me and took some of his time to share so much of his great menswear knowledge.

Gotta love the man.

Now, I will work with Brock to gives this another try, hopefully having ironed out all the issues we experienced with this rehearsal.

Okay, I’ll shut up now. Here’s the video (although I wouldn’t blame you if you just choose to listen, ’cause the stream had absolutely no flow to it).

Thanks for watching. For more videos go to my YouTube channel.

Visit Brock’s blog, The Modest Man for more menswear style advice for the short(er) men and some more fun stuff!

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