If there is one thing I love about running this blog and building a community on social media, it is the opportunity it gives me to connect with loads of people who share the same passion for elegant dress styles. Not to mention the chance it provides to also get to know the most fantastic, dapper gentlemen out there. In fact, some of these gents reach rock star status in social platforms. Such is the case with the amazing Christopher Korey.

You surely have seen him and if you’re anything like me, you have lots of respect and a real fondness for Christopher’s sense of style. And let’s just say it out loud, he is just too damn cool!

So now I invite you all with great pleasure, not only to admire his style, but also to get to know more about this interesting man and what style actually means to him.

Christopher Korey Interview

Christopher Korey windowpane suit

I’m just sort of a conduit between old Hollywood and modern fit.

Ed: Hello Christopher. First of all, thank you so much for your openness to be a part of this interview. It is a real honor for me to interview a style guru such as yourself.

What was the main reason or motivation that got you into the “style” business? What is it about it that simply made you turn it into such a pivotal part of your life?

Christopher: The honor is completely mine. I am truly humbled that you asked. Well, it’s sort of an odd journey really. I have owned my own real estate company for nearly twenty years and would end up dressing a lot of my clients simply because they asked me to and it was a labor of love. I then started offering it as part of the real estate service as more of a lifestyle company that not only can find your home but also help with the interior design. So basically we cover a lot of bases. Style has always been a huge part of my life but more so now than ever before. I say that because I noticed something as the business grew. As the world has gotten more casual people started caring less about presenting their best selves to the world. That has always bothered me, as I have always believed that if you put the best version of yourself out into the world amazing things can happen. I’m living proof of that.  It also just happens to be good manners.  Wow that was a long answer! Lol.

Ed: Why do you think it is important for the modern gentleman to express his style, not only in his choice of clothes, but also on other aspects of his life?

Christopher: It’s important because putting the best version of yourself out there opens doors that would never be open to you otherwise. It does not matter what your style is as long as its authentically you. When it is you find you carry yourself differently. I always smile when putting a client in a finely cut suit and watching the transformation. Suddenly he is standing taller with better posture. His face is framed more sharply by colors and shapes that flatter him. His eyes seem brighter and his overall face more open. The world recognizes this and responds. Suddenly doors open. It’s simple but magical.

Ed: Why does a suit and tie outfit mean to you? What is the message you are trying to project by choosing this as your almost day-to-day personal style?

Christopher: Well for me it’s just about every day. There is no real message in it, it’s just who I am. I’m my most comfortable in a suit. In business I just feel it is about professionalism and you should look the part. All in all however I just don’t feel there is such a thing as being “overdressed.”

Ed: Having worked with many clients, all of them with very different needs, what would say is the most common style error men are guilty of?

Christopher Korey Wide LapelsChristopher: Fit!!! To me it’s about three things………….Fit, Fabric and Color. It all starts with fit. It’s not about how much you spend on your clothes. There are plenty of men walking around in very expensive suits that look horrible. The most inexpensive garment can be made to look like a million bucks if it fits properly. It comes down to proportion and scale for the wearer. Body type, coloration and facial features all come into play. Next is fabric and color; both must flatter the garment and the person wearing it. Colors that enhance someone and textures that give it depth. At the end of the day however none of it matters unless it fits.

Ed: You can’t deny your popularity in social platforms, especially on Instagram. How is it for you to be considered popular among the menswear gang in social media?

Christopher: I have been as shocked about that as anyone. The ironic part is a really don’t like to look at myself all that much so it is really surprising that I would even be on any social media platform. I just try to use it in a positive way rather than the usual negative stuff we see on social media and reality television. Sadly we are raising a generation of young people where not much is expected and it has gone into a very negative and lazy place. I would like to think people are following me to raise that bar and my hope is to inspire somewhat. Though to be honest they may just like the clothes LOL!

Ed: Browsing through the many pictures of you that are available online, I read people describing you and your style with some fantastic adjectives, but if you had to describe yourself with 3 adjectives, what would those be and why?

Christopher: That’s tough but I would have to say classic, modern and authentic. To me I’m just sort of a conduit between old Hollywood and modern fit.

Ed: Many men, myself included, look up to you for inspiration on how to dress with style and elegance. What would be the single, most important style tip you would give any man looking for your advice?

Christopher: I am truly humbled. Thank you. My hope is to inspire with what I write as much as what I wear. Basically it’s a lifestyle. It doesn’t work if you really want to be in sweatpants. You have to live a life of elegance as a person and a gentleman; otherwise your suit is just a costume. If all that doesn’t resonate just make sure the damn thing fits!!

I would be Frank Sinatra but someone already had the job.

Ed: On a similar note, who do you look up to in terms of style inspiration, if there’s anyone?

Christopher: I find the world and it’s beauty inspiring. I see the bricks on a building here in New York and suddenly I want to find a tie with that pattern. Inspiration is all around us. All you have to do is look. In terms of people I would have to say I find the stars of old Hollywood the most inspiring. That being said, there are many finely dressed men out there and too numerous to mention but Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford probably start the modern day list.

Ed: Let me play with your mind a little bit: If you had pursued a completely different career, one that had nothing to do with style and all style can enclose, what would that career be and why?

Christopher: I would be Frank Sinatra but someone already had the job.

Ed: And finally, a couple questions I have asked all my interviewees: necktie or bow tie? Suspenders or a belt?

Christopher:  Necktie unless it’s eveningwear. Neither.

Ed: Anything else you would like to add?

Christopher: I am beyond humbled and honored that I can share these moments with you and I truly thank you so much.

Christopher Korey’s Style Gallery

Christopher Korey Waistcoat


Christopher Korey No Tie


Christopher Korey Gray Two Piece Suit


Christopher Korey Gray Suit


Christopher Korey double breasted suit


Christopher Korey Colorful Jacket


Christopher Korey coat


Christopher Korey blue Double Breasted Jacket

Make sure you follow Christopher on his Instagram account: christopherkorey

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