Should Your Suit Socks Be Classy And Elegant Or Bold And Fun?

Ed Ruiz

18 December 2017

You’ve probably noticed some men like to wear very sober and conservative socks with their suits, i.e. socks that match their suit pants.

Simple and timeless.

While other men would rather forget all about tradition and go for a more fun approach to socks. Yes, even with their suits.

So if you’re just starting to improve the way you dress and you are now wearing suits more often, you’re probably asking yourself which type of socks you should wear.

Should it be elegant or should it be fun? Let’s figure it out!

Which type of socks with suit?

Your Personality Should Play An Important Role When Choosing Your Socks

The most fundamental thing you need to consider when deciding the type of socks you want to wear with your suits is your personality.

Who you truly are as a person.

Let’s say you’re an extremely conservative dresser. Someone who is very serious, simple in your style choices and feel most comfortable in more traditional attire.

If so, why on earth would you want to wear fun, colorful socks with crazy patterns with your suits?

Is that example too extreme?

Well, maybe, so let’s bring it down to a more simple instance.

Why would a traditional dresser choose to wear anything other than socks that perfectly match his suit pants and risk breaking the long-standing tradition that has proven to work time and time again?

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I can’t seem to find a reason why someone with such personality would do that.

And that is perfectly OK. His style choice is in congruence with his personality.

Now let’s look at a man who is also passionate about style, and particularly suit and tie ensembles while at the same time being an outgoing, fun, and adventurous individual.

I can easily see this man being much more inclined to try different things in terms of colors, patterns and over all outfits.

If this sounds like you then I can understand why the very sober socks look would feel quite limiting.

I get it, there is no fun in blindly following a rule.

This type of man will obviously feel more at ease having a wider range of choices for his socks and will be more open to taking risks that might as well ultimately fail, but it’s all a part of the fun and risks that this type of person constantly seeks.

So, if you came here looking for a quick answer, that’s it.

Dedicate some time to honestly analize who you are fundamentally as a person. Figure out your true personality and choose accordingly.

Once you nail that down you will find it much easier, from now on, to make choices, not only in terms of style, but general life choices as well.

But if you’d like to make an even more informed decision, there are some further things you’d like to consider.

Dress Your Feet For The Occasion

They say you should dress for the occasion and your socks should not be the exception.

In a social scene where looking elegant, sharp and formal is important, then your wild and outgoing personality should not influence your choice of socks. Instead, you should respect the level of elegance that the occasion demands.

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On the opposite side, those of you who enjoy dressing up as a way of self-expression and choose to wear your suits in what could be considered casual events (in other words, social gatherings where most people will be casually dressed), then this can be a good opportunity to go as wild with your socks as your imagination allows.

It will in fact help to avoid the feeling of being overdressed for this type of occasion and there’s the bonus that colorful, bold socks can always be a good conversation starter.

Just remember to pay respect to the dress code and expected level of formality at all social events you attend.

In short, be considerate and use your common sense.

The old traditional rule of matching your socks with your suit will always be a wise choice.

Don’t Go To The Extremes And Find A MiddleGround

What if you aren’t hyper traditional?

And what if you are not necessarily the wildest and boldest man in the world?

There is always a nice middleground.

If you’re traditional, but still feel like you’d like to explore different options, no one says you have to wear every single existing color on your socks.

Wear socks with a predominating color that matches the color of your suit but has different patterns and colorful highlights.

If you’re known for being bold in your style, but feel like you’d like to tone it down just a bit, you don’t have to completely forget about fun socks and endure what you could consider a boring traditional style.

Find cool, daring socks that don’t go overboard with too many colors or crazy designs.

Look for the perfectly balanced middleground between your intense personality and traditional elegance.

It isn’t hard and might actually be the wisest thing to do.

What Will It Be? Classy Or Adventurous?

So there you have it, my friend.

Socks can be a tricky thing.

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Some will love the opportunities it gives to further express our own style while some other will see them as the perfect resource to bolster the elegance of the suit.

I can’t tell you what you should do. Ultimately it’s your decision. I simply presented the few options at your disposal.

Choose wisely. Express yourself with confidence the way that feel is right for you, but always, always, always, have a practical insight of timeless elegance and dress codes.

Or when in doubt or indecision, find the middleground. Life is too short to overcomplicate things.


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