6 Reasons Why Clothes Do Really Make The Man

Ed Ruiz

27 November 2017

“Clothes Make The Man”

You have surely heard this famous quote by Mark Twain.

Some deeply believe this quote to be true. Some hate it with a passion.

Well, I happen to side with those who believe in it.


Here is why.

Clothes Make The Man

1. The Clothes You Wear Can Make You More Productive

If you wear shorts and sandals, you will feel and therefore act casually and relaxed.

And that’s perfectly fine. In fact, that is probably the reason why, you know, people who want to simply relax will choose to wear those clothes.

We all do when we just want to chill!

But what about when you really need to be productive? There are people who have come to understand the power that clothes have to influence our actions and will dress up when they know they need to deliver.

Sure, some deniers would claim you can make it big in life and be super productive wearing your pajamas, and I guess that is technically true (although I’d love to see some proof), but would you be true to your potential?

I doubt it.

So, let’s look at it from the other side of the equation. You could, again, technically, also lay back and relax in a 3-piece suit and tie outfit, but would you really, really feel as relaxed as you could be in your warm and comfy pajamas?

Yeah, I don’t think so.

Why would you ruin your precious relaxing time by wearing a suit? Makes no sense.

Equally dumb would be to sabotage your potential by wearing clothes that don’t promote your full productivity.

I can guarantee, without any hesitation, that even those who disagree the quote “Clothes Make The Man“, can feel a real difference in their competence when they’re wearing a suit (or any professional clothing for that matter) as opposed to when they are wearing shorts and sandals.

That’s just how it is.

Clothes have this magical and fascinating power to help you focus and deliver, at least for the time you wear them, and even if you are dressing up in a casual environment.

2. The Right Clothes Can Boost Your Confidence

Ever felt down or lacking in self-confidence?

Well, you’d be surprised to know that clothes can have a positive impact in your level of confidence.

I have written a blog post fully dedicated to explaining how wearing a nice and well-fitting suit can increase your self-confidence.

But it’s obviously not only about suits, it is about the fact that you are putting in an effort to look your best.

In the end, going for the best you can look by carefully choosing your clothes is just a goal you set in your mind and by the time you accomplish it, you feel the reassurance that you can actually do whatever you set yourself to do in your mind.

That’s empowering. That’s self-confidence at work.

Who doesn’t feel that strong boost of confidence when looking in a mirror and feeling great about the way they look? I know I do and if you think I’m full of it, I dare you: just go ahead and try it.

I assure you I am not wrong.

“I absolutely hate the way I look, but I am feeling so confident, like I could take on the world right now!”

Said no one ever.

Clothes have this magical and fascinating power to help you focus and deliver.

3. What You Wear Can Give You A Successful And Powerful Presence

Pay attention while you are outside watching people pass by.

Look at how they stand and move around depending on what they are wearing.

Regardless of their body type, those dressed extremely casual will have a very laid-back posture while those wearing more formal attire will at least make an effort to stand up straight and have a stronger stance.

How could they not when they just got that amazing boost of confidence from the awareness that they look their best?

I know this is quite a generalization on my part, I am perfectly aware of it, but this doesn’t mean that it’s false by any means. It simply means there will be exceptions.

But for the most part, it is true, your clothes will either push you to stand tall and proud or, on the other hand, they’ll just cause you to simply don’t care.

In fact, as I’m doing with most of my points exposed in this post, I invite you to try it yourself.

Dress up, wear a nice suit to the office, to a meeting, to party or to a date and pay close attention at how you carry yourself with more confidence and with an at a minimum semi-conscious attempt at proper body posture.

You may not initially notice it, or even consciously become aware of it, but if for a moment you put your focus on your behavior, you will clearly feel it.

4. The Sex Appeal Of A Well-Dressed Man

Don’t believe any of the BS I am telling you?

Then take it from the ladies who have claimed time and time again that there is nothing sexier than a well-dressed man.

Why do you think a well-fitting suit could have that effect on women? (Keyword: well-fitting, not loose baggy suits or skin tight suits. Well-fitting!).

It’s not just the clothes, of course not. It is what a well-dressed man represents.

Success. Confidence. Pride. Power. Cleanliness. Respect. Formality. Security. Responsibility. Assertiveness. Masculinity. Seriousness. Commitment.


All perfectly good qualities for a man to have (despite some people’s recent attempts at discrediting some of them) and all of them qualities that women appreciate in the opposite sex.

Clothes can make the man a sexy man indeed.

5. The Rest Will Follow

Have you ever noticed how when your home is a complete and absolute mess you just don’t feel like doing anything about it?

Your room looks like a war zone, there are piles and piles of things where a living room once existed and your kitchen might as well be hosting a well-fed family of rats.

Your motivation level is through the floor and you suffer from indecision (and laziness) paralysis simply because you don’t even know where to start!

The same thing occurs with your life and the difficulties you encounter to take the reins and guide it to its correct direction.

When everything is a mess, you simply don’t take any actions to improve because it’s just too overwhelming.

That’s where improving the way you dress can make a huge differences, first affecting, of course, your personal appearance and then in other unexpected areas of your life.

Get your sh*t together when it comes to how you present yourself and the rest will follow.

Once you start dressing to play the part, you will suddenly notice other areas of your life that need a little work.

Your personal relationships, your work ethic, your belongings, even your goals, expectations and dreams will rise to higher standards.

All of sudden, you’ve become a new and better man.

But you have to take that first step and improving the way you dress might as well be it.

Get your sh*t together when it comes to how you present yourself and the rest will follow.

6. People Treat You Differently Based On What You Wear

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most meaningful reason why clothes make the man.


Because of this amazing thing called self-fulfilling prophecy.

“A self-fulfilling prophecy is a belief that comes true because we are acting as if it is already true.”

In order to tie the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies with our topic at hand, we must consider the fact that yes, human beings do have a tendency to develop mental notions of what other people are like based on their appearance and of course, the way they dress.

If you start dressing better, people around you will start seeing you as a man that takes pride in the way he looks, and soon they will assign all these different positive personality traits to your persona.

They’ll treat you differently -better- than they would if you simply didn’t put any thought into your appearance.

Shallow? Probably. But it is what it is. And honestly, whether it is shallow or not, is completely besides the point and requires a different blog post just to talk about that topic.

But what is true is that once people start thinking of you in such high regard, and their interactions with you start following their mental notion of who you are, you will automatically raise your personality to match the high expectations people have assigned to you.

In other words, when people start thinking of you as a respectable individual, you will adopt attitudes that will fulfill their assumptions, thus fulfilling the prophecy.

Simple human nature and social psychology at play.

Clothes help people form opinions, which in turn mold personalities, which in time conform the man.

Clothes effectively makes the man.

Final Thoughts On Why Clothes Do Make The Man

I know, claiming with stern decisiveness that clothes make the man can be considered very superficial.

No one likes to be judged solely on appearances and yes, it is true that appearances can be misleading.

But we are an extremely visual creatures and it is in our nature to make assumptions based on what our eyes capture and how our brain interprets those visal cues.

I trust my readers are intelligent enough to know that beyond appearances and clothes, there are many other facets that make a whole man and I would never advocate careless judging of people. At all.

And yes, of course, there are perfectly dressed up a**holes, but those individuals will still be a**holes regardless of what they wear.

So, my friend, be intelligent about your life’s decisions. Embrace reality and make the necessary adjustments to the way you dress in order to get all the advantages that a well-dressed man usually gets.

It’s the smart thing to do.

Or keep kicking and screaming about how unfair it is.

And nothing will change.

It’s your choice.

To wrap it up and echoing the first section of this blog post, I have an absolute conviction that clothes make the man and I just presented my reasons why I believe that is the case.

Now let me know what’s your opinion. Do clothes make the man? Yes, No? Why? Leave a comment below.


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