Got Cufflinks? My Review

Ed Ruiz

25 October 2016




I’ve never hidden my love for cufflinks. In fact, I’ve written extensively about it. What I do have kept hidden from you so far, is where you can bulk up on great cufflinks at a great price. Until now…

My beautiful Ox & Bull cufflinks

You might know the feeling. I know I had it.

You feel barrell cuffs are all nice and dandy, but there is really something missing from your dapper suit combos.

That’s when the alarm goes off.

Cufflinks! Cufflinks! Cufflinks!

Yes, there comes a time in every gentleman’s life when cufflinks call to become a staple in his everyday style.

Feels a bit familiar? Well, if that’s in fact your current circumstance, I’ve got some sweet news for you: I found the site where to bulk up on cufflinks from now on. (you know, if they actually own this domain, they’re seriously ahead in the business!).

Read on for my full review.

Who Are

Only the #1 Source for Men’s Fashion Accessories.

Well, that is how they describe themselves – I have yet to confirm the legitimacy of this claim, but it does seem like they’re up there, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the claim was, in fact, true.

Now in my own words. is really an amazing online store where you can find lots and lots of great accessories for any modern gent.

Honestly, I spent so much time browsing all the products and I’m afraid I didn’t even manage to cover 10% of all what they have.

They’ve got a great selection of cufflinks (well duh), ties, tie bars, stud sets and more menswear accessories, you could literally spend hours shopping.

And if you’re anything like me, that’s definitely not wasting time, it is being a responsible shopper. 😀

It was love at first sight.

So, Why Does Need To Go Directly To Your Bookmarks?

One word: convenience.

It really is just a fantastic site to do all your men’s accessories shopping online by skipping the trouble of checking sites and sites to find a nice addition to your collection.

Besides this, the prices are just good. Sometimes shockingly good.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. If you are looking for a Sapphire & Diamond Mother Pearl cufflinks, you better expect to pay good $$$ for it. I’ve never ever considered getting such luxurious cufflinks (and honestly I don’t think I ever will), but if that’s the level of luxuriousness you’re going for, then I’m sure these prices are at least competitive.

Now on to what’s most important, sorry if I am repeating myself here, the great selection of accessories you can find.

Sure, I am not going to lie and say I will be getting a pair of Spiderman cufflinks for myself anytime soon. They’re just not my style… but who knows, maybe that is exactly what you’re looking for? (if this is the case, before you do anything, please continue reading my articles, there is so many things I can teach you).

My point is, you can really find just the right cufflinks you want regardless of what it is you’re looking for. From the most basic to the most ostentatious and everything in between.

Even custom cufflinks. Nice!

And again, not just cufflinks.

Do you really need more reasons? Go ahead and check out and see for yourself.


No Idea Where To Start?

Yours truly being dapper as usual.

Ugh, I know the feeling.

With great selection of products it is common to feel easily overwhelmed by all the different options.

Yes, it is guaranteed this will happen to you while browsing this site, but hey, I’ve got some great news for you today to get you through the acute mindboggling.

Unique to My Dapper Self readers and my social media followers, I have a wonderful discount that will make you click your heels up in the air!

Get this, by using the promo code MYDAPPERSELF20 from now until 1/1/17 (that is the rest of this year, so I got you covered for the holiday season) you will get 20% off your order at, how effin’ awesome is that?!

So friends, what are you waiting for now? Head over to, bulk up on all the accessories you can get, claim your 20% and rejoice!

Do share your shopping experiences in the comment section below. Let me (and the other readers of the blog) know how it goes!

Oh, and one last thing before you go. Some of you might be asking why am I giving a full star on price, quality and selection? Well, in reality, for sites such as, which cover the whole spectrum of quality and prices, it is hard to give a fair grade. If I were just reviewing a single product then the rating could change, but in this case, the full stars seem fair to me.

That said, see you on the next post!

This post includes affiliate links. What does this mean? Well, I get $ for every sale that comes from this article. Honestly, how am I supposed to stay a dapper blogger otherwise! My views and opinions on this product are, whether positive or negative, 100% genuine- I won’t be promoting any crap to you guys.

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