This time I would like to dedicate a complete blog post to a wonderful gentleman, whose style is a real inspiration to all dapper wearers in the world, not only to those interested in soccer (or football, however you want to call it).

Certainly a huge inspiration for me as well.

I am talking about none other than the amazing David Beckham.

It is true he can master the casual style, but I am convinced it is in his suit and tie sophistication where he shines the most.

Let’s take a moment to review what I consider to be David Beckham’s best suit moments. Be prepared for some inspiration overload!

Beckham’s 10 Most Stunning Suit & Tie Moments

Beckham in suit and tie

The Simple, Elegant Black Suit

A very recent shot of Mr. Beckham. What I absolutely love about this look is how clean the whole silhouette of the suit is. This crispness of this ensemble contrasts really well with David’s unkept beard style.

Love: the incredible clean and sharp peak lapels.

I guess my only fret here would be that I would love for him to wear a white pocket square with this suit, but it’s not a big deal – I know Beckham is not always one to wear a pocket square.

Beckham great fit suit

A Perfect Fit & Cut In Dark Navy

An overwhelming thirst to imitate David’s style? First step: make sure your suits have an impeccable fit. The trousers cut is just perfect and compliments his athletic cut. This is a great example of a basic suit every man should unquestionably own, so take note.

Of course, when David does wear a pocket square with his outfits, you can count he will choose the most appropriate fold. A tiny, clean white pocket square was the obvious best choice with this ensemble. Naturally, he made it work with seamless effort.

David Beckham Olympic torch and suit

The Contrasting Shirt & The Right Amount Of Accessories

We will seldom see David wear his suits with bright, colored shirts, favoring the plain white shirts for their crisp and clean look. No wonder he is always so sharp in his outfits.

That’s exactly why it is quite refreshing to see him wearing a contrasting shirt in this combo. Matching this light blue shirt with a darker suit and a white collar makes for a very elegant and pleasant look.

Look at the stunning way he chose just the right amount of accessories to give some extra life to this suit: a discreet pocket square, a neat tiebar that is just exactly as wide as this outfit calls for and finally, a tiny lapel pin that adds a bit of flair to his jacket.

Again, his tie and lapels are carefully proportioned. It is really all about the details.

Beckham in a three piece suit

The Smashing Three-Piece Suit

This is probably one of my favorite looks by Mr. Beckham. I mean, really, is there anything superior to a dark grey, three-piece suit? The jacket and vest are cut with great detail. The wide lapels, considered by many as too intrepid, are carefully balanced here for a successful style.

Since a vest will usually cover a good portion of your tie, I feel a wider tie and a slightly larger knot works wonders when wearing a three-piece suit, this outfit is a wonderful example to prove this notion.

If I was extremely picky expressing my opinion on this outfit, I would probably make the jacket’s sleeve length a little bit shorter. But that’s me just being awfully choosy. Obviously, a pocket square would also be a welcome addition to this style.

Oh, and did I mention the super dapper shoes?

David Beckham in pinstripe double breasted suit

The Mafioso Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit

Yeah, I admit it. This is borderline mafia-inspired. Anyway, what’s wrong with that if the suit is as cool as this one?

What I like the most about this look is the shape of the double-breasted jacket, adequately hugging David’s torso for a streamlined look. The peak lapels are also a beautiful detail here.

There is, however, one element that takes this outfit to a whole new level. I am talking about the incredibly well put together pattern combination: we’ve got a very bold pinstripe suit, with a plain, elegant tie and a daring polka dots pocket square. Pattern matching 101, guys.

(Click here to learn more about matchin stripes when wearing a suit).

As much as I love praising David’s hits, I also have to mention his misses. I believe this tie bar, besides not really adding anything special to the outfit, is too wide for this tie, which is a serious faux-pas. I can’t believe this went unnoticed. Oh well…

Beckham in a tux award ceremony

The Elegantly Original Tux

While there are many great tux moments to choose from David’s history, I have decided to feature this one over the rest just because of how original and still very elegant this tux looks.

First, this lapels give a very authentic style to this jacket, Sure, peak lapels would also look amazing here, but I believe the shawl lapel style makes for a cleaner look.

The self-tied bow tie (is there any other acceptable kind of bow tie?) was just the right choice as far as color and size goes. Take it from David, bow ties are amazing.

But what I love the most about this tux is how David went out of the norm and didn’t go with a plain black tuxedo, which is much more commonplace at any awards show or fancy event. The dark navy fabric is what made this look a memorable one for me. 100/100!

Beckham light color suit

The Light-Colored Jacket With The Beautiful Pattern

Who says Beckham is all just about dark suit combos? Here we have an astonishing very light brown/mustard-y jacket as an example of how well he can dress in such light colors.

The Glen check pattern adds a nice touch to the jacket, which he paired perfectly with a black/yellow tie. Again, extra points for the little splash of blue on his lapel pin.

Finally, this is another good example of how fit really means everything – look at those sleeves – they are in fact, perfect.

David Beckham in a cool suit

Light-Gray Suit With Cool Pocket Square

Another instance of a light-colored suit, this time a very elegant light gray. Personally, what I find most appealing about this look is the terrific way he combined non-colors, such as gray, black and white for a very effective ensemble.

Worth of noting is also the way he successfully mixed different striped and what appears to be a paisley pocket square. Speaking of David’s pocket square, it is not very common to see him wearing such a daring fold, so this one stands out as a special occasion.

The icing on the cake? The stylized spread collar. A champion look, without a doubt.

Beckham wedding suit

Wedding Guest Suit Magnificence

Quite possibly the most dapper David has even been seen. This is pure British sartorial elegance.

This is most likely not a look we will get to try to imitate any time soon, but it’s still good for some inspiration and who knows? We might get invited to a very fancy wedding soon, right?

Anyhow. in all honesty, there is not a single thing I would change from this outfit. I simply love it all: the shirt collar, the lapels, the accessories, the top hat. What do you say?

I only wish I could’ve found a picture of David with the top hat on. Nevertheless, this elegant look definitely had to make the list.

Beckham in velvet tux

The Bold, Different And Rare Velvet Jacket

Admittedly I couldn’t find a full body picture of this outfit, so I’m not sure if this is a tux or just an odd jacket. Regardless of what the rest of the outfit looks like, I felt I had to feature this look just to show how you can keep elegance intriguing by taking risks.

A very dark bottle green jacket proves David is an expert wearing bold, interesting jackets and making them work without losing style.

The bow tie was the right choice here, whether this is just a jacket or a tuxedo, a necktie wouldn’t have been as effective as this substantial bow tie.

Still, everything about this ensemble screams fashion-forward elegance and so I applaud it.

What Is Your Favorite Beckham Suit & Tie Moment?

Are you a fan of this gentleman’s style as well?

Or not a fan at all?

Let’s discuss what his best suit and tie outfits have been so far and on which occasions he simply missed the mark. What about which specific style would you like to see him try? Suspenders?… Sure.

See you in the comments section!

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