Dealing With Social Anxiety When Dressing Better In Public

Ed Ruiz

8 January 2018

Social anxiety and self-consciousness can be a real problem for a lot of us once we start taking the necessary steps to improve the way we dress and match our style with our goals.

If you are experiencing these overwhelming problems, this is the post for you.

Dealing with anxiety when starting dress better

This week we had a wonderful live stream on the official My Dapper Self Facebook page where we discussed the serious problem of social anxiety that can come with changing your style.

I’ve been there.

Many of us have been there.

This is me telling you a bit about my experience, but mostly, giving you a few tips you can use to overcome this debilitating circumstance.

You can also watch this live stream on my YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe to it too!).

Following is the transcription of the live chat, for those of you who would rather read than watch, although the video on Facebook and on YouTube should also show you closed captions!


hello everyone I think I’m live now I
think that’s the case I’m just checking
real quick to make sure that everything
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option here in Facebook so we’ll see I
think it everything looks correct right
now I hope some of you will be joining
me today I posted a few days ago
announcing this new live stream with all
of you guys so those of you who are
already joining thank you so much for
being here I hope you’re having that
wonderful and very classy Sunday I know
that Sunday can be a difficult day for
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yet on Facebook you can do that I think
also while you are watching this so let
me get started
today’s topic it’s gonna be very
interesting one many of my followers and
readers have been telling me sending me
emails telling me that they really want
to start dressing better they feel that
that’s what they want to do that that
can be a helpful thing in their career
or in their personal life but every
single time they actually try to go
ahead and do that they feel very anxious
and they don’t feel confident enough or
they feel judged so that creates a lot
of social anxiety and you know it’s a it
seems to be a very common thing that
many guys are going through many guys
that are trying to start dressing better
are going through this so believe it or
not that was also the case for me
so I believe that I have a little bit of
experience my personal experience I
would like to share that with you to
also give you a few tips if you are one
of these guys that really want to do it
and you know you are convinced that it
can be something good for your life but
the you just feel like you’re too
anxious to go ahead and do that I can
give you some tips now I want to be very
clear that I am NOT a psychologist
that’s not what I do I help men start
dressing better so what I can help you
with it’s you know give you the
inspiration and give you some tips to
start dressing better but when it comes
to anxiety and psychological things it’s
always a good idea you know to check
with the professionals depending on how
serious your anxiety is so I actually
invited a good friend of mine his name
is Michael I’m not sure if he’s gonna be
able to make it I don’t know if Michael
you’re watching right now but if you are
he treats a lot of anxiety disorders so
I believe that having he having him join
this live stream would be helpful so I
invited him and of course the chat it’s
always open for you guys to join and ask
your questions let me know what you what
you think if this sounds like something
you have gone through or you are going
through let me know what your experience
has been if you have any tips that you
can share with the community that will
that would also be I would also
appreciate it if you can share that with
everyone so let me get started with
explaining a little bit of how it is you
know when you really want to start you
know showing a more professional and a
better image of yourself in public even
when you are really convinced that
that’s who you want to be in the future
you really want to change the way you
dress and personally you feel like you
don’t really want to do it you will do
it and you are determined to do it but
when you go out and you show yourself to
world dress come sometimes is completely
different to what you will usually were
some of you will were usually just jeans
and a t-shirt and sneakers shoes or
tennis shoes and all of a sudden people
will see you all dressed up it’ll it
obviously creates like an internal
conflict for you and also for the people
who are watching you and the people that
you were you will interact with and I
actually let me tell you that was the
experience for me too
one of these days I’ll show you guys how
I was a few years ago like many years
ago it was only just t-shirts and jeans
and very casual but I always know that I
wanted to dress better that I wanted to
show a professional image wherever I go
whatever I do so when I started to when
I started to show myself to the public
dressing better
I always felt extremely anxious like you
know like everyone’s watching me
everyone is judging me what do they
think what will they say will they think
I’m crazy do they think that I’m just
trying to time doing this as a joke or
that it’s just me wearing at these guys
just all these different thoughts are
stuff that go through your mind and it
creates an immense amount of anxiety
like you know just knowing that everyone
will be judging you or trying to figure
out what people will think of you can be
very debilitating and can can simply
take away all of your courage to to go
through the goals that you have for your
life so I know how it is and I went
through it and even even now I still it
can still happen like in some situations
you feel a little bit anxious just
because you know that you are probably
overdressed a little bit overdressed for
the occasion and it it’s not easy I know
I understand that so I wanted to share
some of my the solutions that I had for
me give you some tips also if we have
Michael please feel free to say hello so
that everyone knows that we have
a professional that can help you with
this anxiety problem so I will just
reinforce that if you feel like your
anxiety your particular case is really
out of control and it’s bringing your
energy and your energy levels down like
you cannot even interact socially
because of this please please please
take time to go and look for a
professional seek some professional help
that will definitely be the best
solution for you but let me now go ahead
and show you some of my personal tips
for you I hope they will be helpful okay
let me get my cheat sheet that I have
prepared for this so one of the first
tips that I can share with you is to
well well let me see I have some chat
questions so let me go through it real
quick and then I’ll go with a with the
first tape okay jump roley’s thank you
so much for complimenting my outfit
really appreciate it my friend and thank
you for being here of course I mean
everyone who’s joining IC Jam trollish I
see yo Hills
I see Jacob scuff guard I always loved
your last name my friend I always loved
scuff guard it sounds so amazing so so
so Viking and Nordic I love it Jamie
thank you for being here at my friend
and and all of you watching if you have
any specific questions if you want to to
talk on a specific problem that you have
with anxiety let me know here and I will
definitely try to give you my best
Joe hilt please save that question just
for a minute let me go with the first
tip that I wanted to share with you guys
and then I’ll go back to your question
and your comment okay so the first tip
that I had for you if this sounds like
you if you are suffering of this immense
amount of anxiety is to probably take it
one step at a time don’t go from wearing
just you know flip-flops and sandals and
shorts and t-shirt to
wearing a full and tight look every day
of your life just like that you know if
you make that that immediate change of
course it’s shocking it’ll be shocking
for everyone and people will be thinking
once that’s what’s happening with this
guy it doesn’t it doesn’t look normal
it’s just I mean probably will think
okay maybe the way he used to dress was
just fake or he’s trying to fake
something by going completely the other
way like a hat like a 180 turn so take
it one step at a time you know if you
are if you usually are dressed very
casually why don’t you start by wearing
a nice dress shirt with jeans maybe
people some people will notice it but
most people will just don’t even care
about that and then after a few days you
know you add something new you change
your jeans for for some dress pants or a
couple of weeks later you can wear a tie
something like that so take it one step
at a time I’m not saying that that would
be the best that will be the ultimate
solution because anyway people have
noticed I mean after a few if it takes
you a couple months people will remember
that a couple years a couple months ago
you trust completely different but that
gives you the chance to get a feel you
know little by little you start seeing
how people who react to you changing the
way you you present yourself so that can
definitely make it easier for you if you
if you do it just like that from one day
to the other the level of anxiety and
self-consciousness will be at the top I
mean it’ll be overwhelming and it can it
can actually make you go back you know
feel completely destroyed by that so
just take it easy take it slow I mean
there’s no rush you have an entire life
to go through it so just do it at a pace
that feels comfortable to you and and
that that cannot that can allow people
also to be accepting of of this new
an improved version of yourself so let
me go now to Joe’s comment he says I
have always been accused of overdressing
haha having wheel it has never bothered
me the stairs even some Snickers with
with my more eccentric outfits but I
became more comfortable and confident in
my smear of style by continuing doing it
the more and more you force yourself
into the role the more you’ll be be
yourself absolutely I mean everything
everything will usually start I mean the
fact that you are trying to improve the
way you dress has an origin in your
self-confidence and and that you want to
project that there a better version of
yourself that you know that did you know
exist inside you but now you want
everyone to know it so absolutely this
is a good a good example of someone who
has gone through it and he’s sharing
some very good tip you know embrace it
after all you have to know that you will
eventually have to embrace it so thank
you Joe for that comment where he
appreciated now let me let me tell you
something else that I was thinking about
when I was preparing for this livestream
you know it’ll probably be difficult
it’ll probably it won’t be the easiest
thing especially if you’re a sufferer of
some anxiety problems but you have to
know that in life usually it takes a
little a little pain you know to grow
you know and and changing the way you
dress and trying to try to look better
and look more confident it’s an
improvement it’s growth it’s personal
growth so he will usually come with a
little bit of pain so try to understand
that try to realize that it’s not gonna
be easy there are gonna be a few bumps
in the road know that this is life you
know life’s like that and we have to
deal with a society we have to deal with
people who will question and judge
but it’s all part of personal growth so
embrace that you’re fine find your your
inner courage and you’re ready to deal
with it because that’s gonna be the case
for a long time so I’m not only what
there’s you know with everything you
want to do in life anything you do that
will bring you something better will
usually come with a lot of pain or at
least a little bit of pain so be
prepared for that
you know just it’s not not the best
thing but it’s just reality now going
with the next point that I have
one thing that I was I was talking about
to a friend who came to me well not a
well he’s now a friend but he was
actually just a follower on social media
and him let me get a little bit of
coffee for the muck for the dry mouth if
you don’t mind and if you wanna go grab
a cup of coffee go ahead and do that
that this would be this can be a classy
coffee talk why not
so going back to what I was saying so
this person he’s actually from New
Mexico I don’t know if he will be
watching this and he and he will watch
this he probably knows who he is who I’m
talking about he came to me with a
message telling me that pretty much what
I just said he really wanted to start
dressing better but he was completely
afraid especially of what his friends
would take he who was part of a more
relaxed kind of a group of friends who
would never be in a suit and tie and
especially if they wasn’t required if it
was just by choice so if you wanted to
do that and he was a very he was feeling
extremely anxious about it and basically
he just felt like he couldn’t do it so
what I told him and this is a tip that I
heard I can’t remember when or where but
this is something that I heard one time
someone someone say and this person
can’t remember if it was a
or man but I gave this tip and I thought
it was amazing and you really need to
pay attention to this one they can take
I take a piece of paper and a pen and
write down all the things that you can
that the worst things that someone could
could say to you because they see you
they see you dressed better or dressing
differently than the way you usually
dress run it down everything the worst
possible things that they could say to
you likee in your mind what do you think
they will say like okay and it’s it’s
it’s just fake it is just who does he
think he’s better than me what’s what’s
going on with this crazy guy whatever
the worst things that could come to your
write it down that way you have you have
expressed you have actually already
expressed those thoughts and those words
so when they even you usually people
will not say anything like that to you I
mean never especially your friends or
people who know you they will be
respectful but I mean the the the the
trick is that you will already have
experienced the worst possible feedback
that you could get for doing what you
want to do so that way when reality
comes it’ll be nothing I mean it won’t
be even close to bad as you thought it
was so you have already it it’s it’s
already external you know you’re not
keeping anything inside it’s already out
it’s already out you already heard that
you already read it so it’ll be easier
for you to realize that in when you have
to deal with the reality and real life
and your social interactions you’ll see
it’s not even close as bad as you
thought it was and which is which is
related to what I wanted to say with the
next point is that usually what we will
do is that we are crazy we human beings
are absolutely crazy and we make things
difficult for ourselves in every facet
of our lives we always always always
make this
catastrophic images in our heads of what
will happen if we do something if we if
we ask for a race at work the but the
puzzle will fire me my co-workers will
think that I’m better than them and then
and then and then my possible fire me
and then my family will hate me because
because of because I got fired and then
I will lose the I won’t be able to pay
for the house and I you know and then
and it just to waste them the world will
come to an end just because I asked for
a race so you know we get all these
catastrophic images in our heads of what
will happen we just have this amazing
kept ability of creating stories and we
usually go for the worst possible
scenarios so that’s also what we do you
know you think you do we’ll start
dressing better and you will go out and
for some reason your world will come
crumbling down just because of that
that’s just something that we feel and
create creates this crushing anxiety
that keeps you in your comfort zone in
your with your style and with the things
that you do in life so just know that
all those all those Armageddon’s that
you see in your head and in your mind
are not true it’s not gonna be that way
you know keep telling yourself that it
just won’t be that bad you know I mean
in one bad you know you really want be
bad we are just making we just want to
convince ourselves that there’s so much
to use just by trying to be yourself
when actually there’s so much to gain
from doing that so stop it with those
crazy images in your head the world’s
not gonna end you will not lose your job
you will not lose your friends you will
not lose your family so go ahead and do
what you know will make you happy okay
which is also what I wanted to say with
my next point
I know that anxiety is bad and feeling
self-conscious in public it’s a
you know it’s so debilitating it’s
overwhelming but you have to remember
you know have that special talk with
with yourself you know tell yourself you
know this this is the only life that you
have this is the only chance you have to
be happy to be yourself to be who you
want to be to take the steps to become
that person who you want to be and if
dressing a certain way can take you
there can can help you be yourself and
reach the goals that you have in life
remember there’s only this one chance
don’t don’t waste it just because of
what people will will think what people
will will say to you how people will
react just just don’t waste this
beautiful opportunity that you have just
because of that it will be it’ll be such
a waste
you know it’ll be very disappointing
probably when you are older and you look
back and go damn you know I should have
done that I shouldn’t have let other
people’s opinion of me get in the way of
doing what I wanted to do and I don’t
know if you have watched all these
amazing videos that I get shared on
social media every now and then of
people who are in their 80s or 90s and
they look back at their lives and they
talk about what the things that they
regret the most and usually what they
will say is that they they really regret
not having done what they knew was good
for them what I would have made them
happy and usually what they will say is
that it was most of the time it was
other people’s opinion other people’s
judgments that kept them from doing that
so think about that you know one of
these days in a few years that’s gonna
be you so don’t waste your life just try
to make everyone happy you know read
your goals go after them
do whatever it takes and done don’t let
any outside forces get in the way okay
so I hope that that that can also help
you another thing that I wanted to
mention is that once you start going out
dressed better people have seen you
already but you are dealing with the
with this with this anxiety it’ll be
very very tempting to go back to to say
okay I tried it it’s not working for me
I mean that even though I know that this
is what I want to do but I just kind of
deal with this amount of pressure I just
cannot do that don’t do that don’t don’t
ever do that don’t go back because first
of all you’re going your take you’re
going backwards when you really want to
when you really want to reach your goal
and you’re going backwards is gonna it’s
kind of stupid
so don’t do that don’t let those
exterior forces steal your your
confidence and your conviction you know
and the worst part is that if you wanna
take some steps back people will also
notice it so they it will be twice the
amount of pressure and twice the amount
of people going what’s wrong with this
guy why was he doing that and why now is
he coming back was he playing something
was he playing a joke on us was he
what’s wrong with you who this this is
he is he out of his mind what’s he
trying to do so don’t do that don’t do
that once you are determined to do to do
to present yourself in public in a
better way more professionally don’t
ever go back it’ll be it’ll be it
remember we’re talking about the
catastrophic things well that will take
you very close to being catastrophic all
because everything else I mean you will
look like a crazy person who really
doesn’t know
so please avoid that and another another
important thing that I wanted to mention
is that to be honest and this is
important okay to be honest human beings
are very very self-centered so even when
you think that people are watching you
and that people are talking about you or
that they what do they think of you the
truth is that most people don’t even
care they don’t even care that much
they are so self-centered and so
self-absorbed that they are just
thinking about themselves they are
actually in fact most likely what
they’re doing is they are wondering what
do you think of them and they are
anxious about that they feel anxious
about what you think of them and so
that’s that’s reality just the way that
you feel like everyone is judging you
and everyone is it could be talking
about you at the same time they are
thinking the exact say the exact same
thing away from their perspective
so you know take a moment to think about
that you know it’s not only you most of
us are dealing with that every single
day have people around you are also
dealing with that there are the
super-confident kind of people who
really don’t care but most people in
social interactions and what they are
out in public are dealing with the same
things so don’t think it’s all about you
that can take some weight of your
shoulders and realize that most people
really don’t care that much then really
really don’t care about that much there
they probably just want to know what you
think of them after all so I hope that
that can also be helpful if next step
you feel like anxiety is taking over
your life now unfortunately I don’t
think Michael made it to the live stream
but Michael if you’re there please let
me know anyway I will post half
the livestream the contact so that you
can get in touch with Michael he helps
people with social anxieties so again
I’m not a psychologist
I’m just giving you a few tips that I
hope can help you but if you really feel
like you need professional help please
go with a professional okay
I’m not your psychologist I’m not so
don’t don’t come to me and say hey and
you told me there’s a dad and now my
life is my life is just at nightmare and
that’s because with you not I don’t want
any of that okay and let me continue but
also remind you that you can subscribe
not subscribe but be notified to click
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reminder if you want to go to the blog
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give you a few tips talk about some
interesting topics so if that sounds
like something that you would like
please consider going to the blog to the
side okay now the next thing that I
would want to say another tip that I
wanted to share with you and I think
this is one of the last ones is try to
have a friend a close friend that knows
what you’re trying to do that
understands why you want to start
dressing better why you want to improve
the way you dress I’m sure that most of
us have a close friend that can
understand us that know our intentions
that know our goals and probably that
friend can be a person that you can
trust that you can tell them hey I’m
gonna do this it’s gonna be difficult
I’ll probably need some help I’ll
probably need some reassurance from
someone close someone that understands
what I’m trying to do so if it’s
possible try to get that friend you know
talk to a good friend a good family
member that can understand that can be
supportive and that you can talk to
so every every time that you feel like
oh god you know I don’t have the energy
I don’t have the motivation right now I
don’t feel like I want to do I don’t
feel like one when I keep doing this I
feel like I just want to quit well no no
that person can be the person who tells
you no remember remember Edie you wanted
to do this because it was something good
for you you knew there was something
good for you and that it could it could
bring a lot of good things to your lives
don’t go back and we all need that kind
of friend
every now and then don’t we so if you
could get that it would be it would be a
fantastic it would be a great great
source of encouragement and support so
if you can get a friend do that um
another thing is that I was thinking
looking back with my experience and what
I went through and things like that is
that uh no matter how difficult it could
seem to be right now at the moment when
you are doing it the truth is that as I
said it’s never as bad as you think it
is and when you look back you you really
really feel like you want to laugh about
how stressed out you felt about that you
know there are so many things in life
that really that and when you look back
and realize oh man it was just a stupid
waste of time a stupid waste of mental
energy and it was a very debilitating
you shouldn’t have been that way you
really shouldn’t have been that way so
yeah just know that it can be hard it
can seem tough at the moment but just go
through it have the courage to go
through it and you know you know in a
few years I promise that you will look
back and laugh at how you thought that
this couldn’t happen so yeah I just know
that it gets better it gets better and
you know there’s always again
professional help
if you need it go for it I’m sure that
you can you can find the help that you
need so I don’t know those were my tips
for today guys I hope that they can help
you deal a little bit better with social
anxiety and self-conscious that can come
when you start dressing better so I just
give a few minutes to see if there is
any questions or any comments from the
community that would be great to know
what you think let me know what you
think about what I just said did you
really do you have any other tips any
you think that you would like to share
with our other without with all the
community this is the quick opportunity
for you to do that and in the meantime I
wanted to also remind you that now you
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problems that you have that I can
probably try to help you with
feel free to do that I would love it so
I don’t see if there are more comments
here on the Facebook do you know the
facebook comments at the live streams go
backwards like I need to scroll up to
read the new ones which is pretty stupid
well Facebook you did it again
did it again my friends let me go back
up okay sure
okay I’m lost I don’t know I don’t even
know how this works
so it need to go down I was accusing
Facebook of being stupid
I think this to be one was me feels
extremely down I need to I need to join
some live streams on how to do live
streams that’s what I need okay let’s
see Jacob says thanks yeah I think
that’s because I love your last name so
I think I’ll I’m going to change mine
Brewis no I’m gonna be a scuff guard
rolls out of the tongue doesn’t it ed
scuff guard
I would love Joe Hill’s edit to previous
coming you remember I read Joe’s comment
a few minutes ago so this is an addition
I have become more comfortable and
confident I’m an English teacher please
forgive me no problem that’s cool that’s
I was having a chat the other day with a
with a member of the dressing up in a
dress down in a dress down world group
some of you know him his name is Thomas
he’s an English teacher so we were
having a call on skype about random
things and he mentioned that he said
English teacher and I was like oh man
and I’m gonna go hiding in a hole
because of my awful English that I had
every now
so yeah Jacob says thank you for
bringing up this important subject
absolutely I know that this is important
for many of us many of you watching many
of you who will be watching this later I
know that this is not easy that this can
be difficult maybe I’m trying to make it
sound very easy but it’s not so please
please please if it’s needed come to me
I can I can help you give you some tips
but if it’s if it gets out of control if
it’s really out of control
please go with the professionals okay
okay Jacob do you have a comment I’m
super scared of stepping out in the
world showing my true style afraid
people will judge me but found it easy
to start sharing post on Instagram and
show my style to the world that’s a very
good tip as well probably going now just
like that to the world and showing your
new style or the style that you wanna
did you want to be known for it’s not
easy it’s not easy people will see you
people will judge you people will think
people people will start watering what’s
going on again they’re probably more
involved in ourselves but yeah it can
happen and maybe a good option is to
start with social media you know you
don’t get the face-to-face feeling of
being judged you don’t get to experience
their probably their facial expressions
and you will notice it once you start
actually a good thing why starting with
social media can be a terrific idea is
that you will see that the feedback is
actually good people will say oh good
you look fantastic
you look amazing what’s going on are you
trying to look better I love it you will
do you will most likely get that kind of
feedback I really don’t see your friends
going like why are you crazy
you look ridiculous who do you think you
are that’s not gonna happen you will get
positive feedback which can reinforce
your conviction to do that and
eventually go out to the world dressed
like that so
if you Jacob for that amazing amazing
tip Don my very good friend Don I know
that you would be here
you’re always here my friend Don says it
has been very long time since anyone has
given me any kind of crap about the way
I look to my face at least what they say
we have my back I don’t know and I don’t
care that’s the right attitude you
shouldn’t care most of the time I can
compliments like you look very dapper or
looking good I really like your shirt my
advice as long as you are happy with
your look don’t worry about the rest of
the world about what the rest of the
world thinks be confident with your look
carry it with confidence and if you are
confident and carry it with confidence
you more likely than not will generate
positive feedback absolutely you cannot
own it you know if you if you go out in
the real world
dress dress in a suit when you usually
don’t do that and you let me show you
okay so let me show you real quick so
what if I show up to two two and social
event and I show up like this and I’m
sitting like this and I’m like this you
know like looking down and you know
always like this and I crunch hunched
over and but it is like what’s going on
I mean first of all she looks
uncomfortable he’s dressed differently
than the way he usually dresses and
what’s going on is someone someone did
they lost a bet or something what’s
going on here so you know it confidence
is always key its key to this and it’s
key to everything in your life without
confidence it’ll be awful and water what
if you show up you go something like
this okay if you sit down you try to
interact try to sit up straight stand up
straight look confident you know
shoulders back
show your chest you know I can’t
and people will probably notice it that
you look different
but they will see that you are owning it
that you are comfortable that you feel
more confident being this better version
of yourself
so of course confidence should always
come first I remember a few days ago I
posted status update where I said rule
number one be confident and I think I
still think that’s that’s the case Don
again another comment great job ed thank
you my friend
terrific advice especially about not
looking back with regret and not not
taking the chance to do the things you
want to do when you can whether it be
dressing up or something else absolutely
yeah you know it’ll be a real shame just
to look back and and it’ll be very it
would be very sad the feeling of regret
it’s it’s probably one of the worst
feelings that the human beings can have
and and the worst thing about regret is
that we bring it to ourselves don’t we
it’s like regret it’s about something
you did or something you didn’t do and
they won’t think it’s you who did it
it’s you who are doing it to yourself
so you tell yourself it’s a horrible
feeling we have all felt it and it’s
it’s just sad so now that you can do it
now that you are still young and you
have the opportunity to be who you are
and take the steps to to become who you
want to be do it do whatever it takes if
you need professional help seek that
professional help
if you need a friend look look for a
friend if you need help from someone
like me I’m here help feel free to send
me a message and well I I sincerely
appreciate it so much that you guys were
here today with me I’m gonna close this
livestream just thanking you wishing you
a wonderful Sunday I will see you next
week with another live stream if you
have any
topics that you would like me to talk
about please let me know posted in a
comment here on the live facebook chat
or send me a message send me an email
and see you soon okay
stayed up or my friends goodbye


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