Do You Choose Your Shirt Collars Based On Your Face Shape? Read This

Ed Ruiz

6 April 2018

Some men’s style experts will recommend you to be very careful with the collar shapes you choose.

They’ll tell you that your face shape is critical and should ultimately dictate your choice you make.

How legitimate is this advice to determine the best possible shirt collar for you?

Well, let’s jump right into this topic!

best shirt collar for each face shape

You are about to buy a new dress shirt and want to make sure it is the best you could get (if you are into online buying custom made dress shirts, you should definitely read my review of top 4 custom-made dress shirts).

You take your time to analyze the shirt, its color, its size and many other details.

Then as you are about to make a choice, you remember that time when you heard someone say you should know your face shape and always buy shirts with collars that compliment your face shape.

So obviously, you wonder, is it true that you should choose your shirt collars based on the shape of your face? Fair question.

Is The Shape Of Your Collar Important?

If you search online or look for some men’s style Youtube channels (like mine), you will find that most of these sources will say that yes, collars being the most visible part of a dress shirt that will be worn with a suit and tie, are of great importance.

The reasons for this claim are many, besides the already mentioned simple visibility argument.

Your collar will dictate the best tie you could pair your shirt with in terms of size and width, as well as the ideal knot you could wear.

And then of course, some will claim that shirt collars are important because you need to make sure the collar you choose will complement the shape of your face.

Eh… This is where I kind of disagree with those sources. Here’s why.

What Does The Common Advice Say?

Most blogs will recommend analyzing your face, determine which of the most common shapes it is, and then pick a collar accordingly.

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In theory, this sounds quite simple and you could even believe it does make some sense.

But in practice, things aren’t that straightforward as it would be, for example, when figuring out what is your body type.

First of all, you will encounter that most of these sources normally use all these strange predefined face shapes as reference.

Oval face, round face, square face, rectangle face, diamond face, heart-shaped face.

men face shapes

Image source: The Idle Man

Those are the most common, but I’m sure there are more and if not, they’ll soon come up with more.

(Update: I just found a source showing a heptagon face shape, so there you go…)

Seriously? All these face shapes? And no matter how hard they try to explain to you how to figure out what’s your face shape, you never really feel convinced with your decision.

So you go with what you think you believe you hope to be right.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve deluded yourself into believing you have a certain face shape, it’s time to choose the collar that best goes with it.

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Yeah,… no, not really.

Why Basing Your Decision On Your Face Shape Is Dumb

If you limit your choices of collars to only point collars just because you decided you are, for example, a person with an oval face, you would be doing yourself a big disservice.

Again, face shapes are quite arbitrary and honestly, we all have so many different small variations in our facial features and dimensions, it is practically impossible to determine which is really our face shape.

And who knows, maybe yours doesn’t even fit these standard shapes you can find on all these articles. Who cares anyway?

After all, paying that much attention to small things like this is just dumb and can actually make you feel more self-conscious than you need to.

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Yes, I do think it is ill-advised to use your face shape (regardless of the fact if it is actually a real thing or not… for the record, I don’t think it really is) when shopping and choosing the collars of your dress shirts.

Now that I see my picture, I do have kind of like a heart-shaped face, don’t I? What do you think?

What To Do Instead: Trial And Error When Choosing The Best Shirt Collar For You

It is simple: forget these hard rules and instead look for the type of collar that looks good on you.

Nothing will ever beat the good old practice of trial and error.

If you like a certain shirt design, try it on, regardless of its collar style. If it looks good on you and enhances your look, then it’s good and it’s a good candidate for an addition to your wardrobe.

On the other hand, if you try it on and just doesn’t look right, no matter what some experts or online sources tell you, that’s not the best collar for you.

As a matter of fact, nothing is just as good as putting on a shirt you are interested in and seeing how it looks when you wear it.

This is the way I choose the shirts I buy. Every single time, whether I shop online or at a local menswear store.

In reality, and on a positive note, after trying on different styles for some time, you will start to find a clear pattern that will show you which shirt collars you usually favor, and that is generally the most flattering collar style for you.

Had you followed those strict rules about which collar you should choose every single time, you may have sabotaged your style when you were falsely thinking you were improving it. At the very least you may have limited your good choices.


As with many other things related to style, things cannot be completely black or completely white.

Collar shapes are not the exception and they’re definitely one of those pieces of this puzzle that require some first-hand experience if you truly want your dapper ensembles to look the best they can while elevating your features.

So go ahead, try on a cutaway collar, a spread collar, a point collar, a club collar, try them all and see which of them look good on you and just important, how comfortable you feel in them.

One question before you go: do you really know exactly what your face shape is? If so, I’d love to know! Include a face pic with your comment below for reference! You can already see mine above. 😉


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