I won’t lie.

I began this post with a clear idea in mind: I will create a Father’s Day shopping guide full of cool gift ideas with some products I thought you might want to check out. You know, the kind that appear on all blogs these days.

Simply because that’s pretty much the norm.

My blog post was complete. Attractive images, nice products descriptions and prices were all in place. It was a pretty good post, actually. I was quite proud of it.

And then I decided to scrap the entire damn thing.

There was something more important I felt I had to say.

My Thoughts About Father’s Day

I really don’t believe there is anything intrinsically wrong with giving gifts to people we love on special occasions like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or AnyFamilyMember’s Day.

It’s nice to show our appreciation in the form of a gift. I (try to) do it as much as I can.

And I know it’s been said ad nauseam: you don’t have to give any material gifts to people you cherish, the best thing you can do is spend your day with them to show how much you really care.

There is no way I would ever disagree with such feeling.

What I will do, however, is invite you to go even further than just spending the day with your father.

The Best Gift Is Not Your Time, It’s The Truthful Commitment To Spend (More) Time With Him

These days it seems we really don’t give a shit about spending time with each other, and even when spending time together, the meters separating us from one another might as well be miles and miles.

There is always the cellphone to attend, the messages we should respond, the social media posts we need to like and share. Excuses not to actually dedicate our time to the person in front of us are everywhere. And we, of course, won’t let them pass.

Yes, spend your Father’s Day with your father, that’s the best thing you could do that day. But don’t feel you should stop there. Don’t feel as though it was something special you did, it was just the most basic thing you could do.

This time be there, be really there.

Furthermore, the absolute best gift you could ever give him is not to spend the day with him, but to make a serious commitment to spend more of your overall time with him. Not only on this special day, but on as many occasions as you possibly can.

Make it a lifetime gift you will give this Father’s Day. Commit yourself to do it starting this year.

It’s schmaltzy to say it, I know, I know, but it’s true… our fathers won’t be there forever, so let’s cherish how much time we still get to have them in our lives. Cause it’s a fact, someday they’ll be gone.

I know I have failed my dad on so many Father’s Days and even during my whole life by not dedicating enough time to him (or worse, pretending to be there while my mind was wandering elsewhere, as it usually is). But who knows, this could be the year I start to connect closer with him. It’s in me to do it and sure as hell, it’s the least I could do.

I’ll give it a damn good try!

And you should too.

Sorry for the super short post today, this is just something that came as an afterthought, but I felt the urge to put it to words and share it with you all.

So, whether you are a celebrating your father or it’s your kids celebrating you, enjoy this Father’s Day!

I’ll leave you with a terrific song by Pearl Jam, one that helped me realize a lot of things I just expressed in this post.

PS. If you still want to know about some of the cool gift ideas I had collected for this post, I did save a small list of links to a few products here.

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