I read today a great article from The Age Australia about finding your own style and while I loved all the details given in this article, you know I just love to go deeper when discussing men’s style.

You can read the article here.

So, what would be my best advice for the aspiring gents out there? And also for those doubting if their current style is dapper enough or if it needs an upgrade.

Let’s get started!

Find A Real Reason

Sure, we all would love to be the best dressed and achieve a level of style that can impress anyone.

Truth is, it takes a big amount of effort and motivation to go through the process of finding your own style.

Right from the get go make sure you have a real reason or a real motivation to start this process, otherwise you will be left wondering if it was even really worth it trying and going back to your previous style – and remember, that was what you wanted to improve in the first place!

Style is the perfection of a point of view

Recognize Which Style Is Definitely Not Yours

Before even trying to find or define your very own dapper style, you must learn to recognize which style is undoubtedly not yours.

You are positive you don’t like wearing cargo shorts and sandals? OK, that’s a great start!…

You know you don’t like bold colors? You are getting closer!…

You can’t stand how bow ties look? Your own style is right round the corner!…

Once you have completely realized what is it that simply doesn’t work for you or you simply don’t like, it just gets easier for you to start developing your own dapper style.

Start Slow

You don’t necessarily need to go all the way in your first attempts at recreating your style into a more dapper one. It is better to start by testing the waters and go with baby steps.

Doing it all at once can hardly leave any room for experimentation in building your own style, so go for a more natural approach.

Say for instance you are really fond of suspenders and would love to rock your suits wearing suspenders. Try them once (or twice) before deciding to purchase every type of suspenders you can find! Find out if they are comfortable to you and whether they work or not with the rest of your closet.

Keep doing this with every item of accessory you are considering to add to your own style. After some time all the piece will fit and make a great ensemble that is just yours.

Be Aware Of Your Lifestyle

OK, so you have decided which are items make up for your very own dapper style, that’s amazing.

But, don’t forget to always take into consideration your lifestyle and what are your daily lifestyle requirements. Even if your life doesn’t really call for a dapper style every single day, you can still find ways to express your dapper-ness in a satisfying way.

Knowing what happens around you on a daily basis is a great way to get the ball moving and keep it rolling, otherwise you will soon find your lifestyle will start getting in the way. Better be prepared.

Don’t Blindly Follow Trends, Be A Trendsetter

Stylish ManYou see them coming every year: new dapper trends. This year might be lapel pins, next year fedora hats… it just keeps changing and mutating, sometimes to unreachable levels.

You see these tendencies on models and quickly get convinced you will look as good as these models if you copy what they’re doing. If they look great, you must obviously look amazing too!

Not so fast my friend!

Don’t get me wrong, you might actually find out some of these trends look great on you and make for a great seasonal or permanent addition to your own style, but always be cautious.

Going back to my third advice in this same post, if you want to add something new to your palette: Go slow, give it a few tries and then come to a final decision.

Ideally you want to be the one bringing new things to the table. Not everything has been said when it comes to dressing well, you can realize you have a great style within you just waiting to come out and inspire others.

Who knows? You might end up being the new trendsetter this year!

Stick To It

Once you have managed to find your own, personal style, stick to it.

You don’t want to go through all the hard work of discovering your own style only to decide that you might want to try something else instead.

As a good alternative, why not try to build on top of the foundations that you have now? That sure makes more sense to me.

“Oh, but isn’t change a fundamental part of finding your true style?”

Well yes, of course, but sticking to your style in this context means not to go 180° all at once! It can take a lot of time and effort to get to this stage. Starting all over again can be nerve wrecking.

Or… you can go ahead and give it an honest try. As long as you are having fun with it and are conscious that this can lead to restarting the cycle once more. It’s all good!

A Little Help From The Experts

Of course there are many sources out there that can actually make the quest for your own style much easier and much more pleasant than going about it by yourself. First of course, the My Dapper Self blog. 🙂 , but you might find there is some great advice on other websites and blogs out there.

And don’t discard books. A great book I can recommend to at least get you started in this journey is The Biggest Black Book Ever by Esquire. I am sure you will find some spark to get your creativity flowing just reading through it.

Click on the image to go directly and get this book from Amazon. Trust me, it is worth it!

A Never Ending Journey

This conclusion probably goes against the very purpose of this blog post, but how about not actually finding a definitive style and simply letting yourself enjoy the ride while you try to keep evolving in your own dapper style?

I am a firm believer that we never actually end up “finding ourselves” or “who we really are”, it’s all just a journey that never ends.

Why not apply this philosophy to your style and your style goals? I am convinced this will make it all much more fun and interesting in the end!

So what’s your opinion? Any extra tips you would like to share with the other readers? What has worked for you in this style adventure?

Do not forget to leave your comment as I’m really looking forward to your input!

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