Friday Tieday Review StarsI could easily declare Sweden as my favorite country in this planet. I love its language, its culture, its history and the way the people handle themselves as part of the Swedish society, among many other things.

In short, there are way too many things I admire about Sweden and its people. I even get quite excited  just writing about it.

(See where Swedish ranked in my top 10 best dressed countries countdown).

Imagine my surprise when I was offered a few ties by my good Swedish friends from Friday Tieday.

Just think for a moment, “ties” and “Swedish”… two of my favorite words together in a single sentence!

Anyway, I would like to mention the guys from Friday Tieday didn’t explicitly ask for a review on the blog, they were just happy to let me wear their ties. But of course, I wanted to take it one step further and share my opinion of their ties with all My Dapper Self readers.

About Friday Tieday

Friday Tieday logoI always struggle coming up with a way to descibe what a company or brand is about. After all, and to be fair, I really don’t feel I am in the position to do that. Instead, I prefer to give you their own introduction, in their own words.

Taken from the official Friday Tieday website:

The new generation of gentlemen are as dapper and tailored as ever but, a great deal more relaxed. He has no need for casual Fridays for his style is as casual as it is well-dressed.  

At Friday Tieday we love the heritage of classic menswear but we are not rigid traditionalists! We make accessories bridging the world of meticulous Swedish design and the heritage of Italian tailoring.

Our products link the history of workmanship and high end quality with the relaxed designs and soaring creativity which is the core of our brand. 

At FTD we strive for that perfect clash of casual and tailored which is key to a new generation of well-dressed urban men.

Join us in the world of bespoke accessories and well-dressed Fridays!

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I admit, they kinda pushed all the right buttons in me with that presentation. 🙂

Ok, now that we know who they are and what they stand for, let’s continue with the good stuff. Ed’s official review on Friday Tieday ties.

Ed’s Friday Tieday Ties Review


I received 6 ties and 2 pocket squares.

Some ties are silk and some are wool. These ties, regardless of what fabric they’re made of, feel absolutely great. Now, I am the kind of man that is much more interested in the end result. What I mean is, I pay more attention to what the knotted tie looks like rather than what it feels like when untied. But that’s probably just me.

I have to say, these ties make terrific knots. I tried a few different knots (within reason, of course, not gonna tie a knit tie into a full windsor!) and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

I’ve been rocking their ties for the last few days and can say with absolute confidence they are of great quality and (this is subjective) I just love the designs.

Will they last constant wearing? We’ll have to see… so far, so good, but I will have to update this review in a few months to give an honest opinion.

Next, tie selection of Friday Tieday.


Friday Tieday new ties

Oh yes! New designs coming soon.

Do they have the largest tie selection you’ll ever see? Ehm… unlikely, they really aren’t out there to compete with the likes of The Tie Bar (read my The Tie Bar review here) and other big names, I feel Friday Tieday targets the tie connoiseurs and real tie lovers demographic instead.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean they don’t carry a good amount and variation of ties to choose from. That is not even taking into account their pocket squares and scarfs.

So yes, if you are just looking for a few high quality ties to add to the collection, and don’t need to do any bulk buying, you’ll find their selection will be more than enough.

Do I wish they had more options? Of course, not gonna lie, particuarly because I do love their ties and would love to have thousands of designs available, but that’s just me being picky (nothing new there). By the way, I was just told they’re releasing some new models this year, so my wish might soon be coming true!

Moving on…


I am giving Friday Tieday 4 starts in the price department. Why? Well, they aren’t the cheapest ties you will ever find (by any means), but they are also nowhere close to the priciest ties out there.

I will say though, the price goes hand in hand with the quality of the product. If the quality is top-notch, then a hefty price makes sense and I wouldn’t mind paying for it.

There’s a perfect balance betwen price and quality, you could say.

Which is exactly the case with these ties. I can’t make any bad remarks about their quality – au contraire, I loved them and may my recent obsession with wearing their ties serve as a testimony to how much I like what these guys are doing.

The Awesome 6 Month Tie Subscription

Ed in Friday Tieday tie

The most amazing blogger in a Friday Tieday tie.

This might be favorite thing about Friday Tieday. They have this extermely cool tie subscription thing.

What is it about? It’s actually pretty amazing. They Friday Tieday gents will send you a different tie every month for a 3, 6 or 12 month period. How awesome is that?

Now this is how you keep things interesting and fun for us dapper men.

I would definitely recommend going for this subscription plan – either for yourself or it could also be a pretty exciting gift for any other gent. I am already thinking of getting a couple subscriptions of my own. 🙂

Click here to go directly to their tie subscription deal.

In Conclusion

Great quality, a reasonable price and a selection that’s good enough to keep you coming back. Come on, I guess you could hardly ask for more.

Before I go, remember how I opened this blog post mentioning how much I loved Sweden and Swedish stuff?

Well, you can now add Swedish ties to the list of things I love and admire about this Nordic country!

Stay tuned for more product reviews and lots of other cool stuff from My Dapper Self!

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