George Clooney’s 8 Best Suit & Tie Moments
Ed Ruiz
18 September 2017

George Clooney is well-known for being a talented Hollywood actor.

And for being quite a handsome man, there’s no denying that.

But how good is Mr. Clooney at rocking a nice suit and tie look?

George Clooney Suit and Tie

To be fair, George Clooney has never been praised as a modern day men’s style icon the way he’s praised for his acting skills.

With this in mind, it would just be improper to set him up to the highest possible standards of men’s style.

But regardless of this fact, shouldn’t every man (and particularly any male public figure) be at least able to put together a nice suit and tie ensemble when it is necessary?

Well, George knows how to do it.

Let’s take a look at the 8 best dapper outfits in George Clooney’s career.

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The Blue-Gray Suit

Clooney in gray suit and tie

Risky? No, not reatlly, but it surely is a very nice look.

I seriously love the pairing of a blue-gray suit with a white shirt and silver tie. I’m also a fan of the no-belt look that George is rocking here. What’s the trick? Perfect fit pants around your waist and if at all possible, have the belt loops removed from the waistband of your pants for a sleek finish (don’t do this if you do plan to wear a belt with those pants again!).

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Really, if you want to always nail the suit and tie look take a page from George’s book and don’t overcomplicate things.

Ensure the fit of your suit is the right one and keep the rest clean and simple.

You may call it boring or playing it too safe, but so what? If it works, it works.

The Dark, Tieless Look

George Clooney in monochromatic suit and shirt

When researching Mr. Clooney styles for this blog post I came across many images from different occasions when he wore this or a very similar color combination, in some cases completely monochromatic black suit and tie ensembles. So much I could call venture to call this one of his signature looks.

He really seems to favor sober and uncomplicated styles when he is in charge of styling himself (I am leaving out the times a professional stylist dressed him up in this post), which again, works perfectly for him and his body.

If I am allowed to be picky here, I would say I need 5 minutes with George to convince him of the beauty and power that a well-chosen pocket square has to take a simple outfit to a whole new level. 😉

The Red Carpet Tux

George Clooney in a black tux

At this point in his career, one should expect George (yeah, we’re on a first name basis now) to know what to wear to an awards show and kill it every single time.

It comes as no surprise that he is making the most out of this tux.

The notch lapels are nice and the overall proportions of this ensemble leave nothing to be desired.

And can I say how good it is to see that not all celebrities are ditching the bow tie for the tux-n-tie look that’s been in style for a few years now?

The Bold, Gray Plaid Suit

George Clooney in gray plaid suit

Yeah, I know I said I would not include looks that were obviously styled by someone else. I lied, so what?

I just had to include this one because it is an amazing sight the one of George Clooney wearing such an out-there suit and tie ensemble.

What works for me here is this approach to a modern, fun and bold style without falling in the usual traps that are so common these days (constricting tightness being the top offender).

Oh and hey, is that a pocket square I see there? Looks like it is!

Well done! And for all I care, I will just pretend in my mind this was put together by the man himself with no external help.

Elegance In A Suit & Tie 101

George Clooney in black suit

What’s that word? Eh… what is it?

Oh yes.


Really, there is absolutely not a single thing I would change from this look. Not a single one. The fit is perfect, the sobriety is inspiring, the shoes are just perfectly matched with this suit. I’ll even forgive the lack of pocket square this time (and you know how much I love those guys).

Tip of the hat, sir, tip of the f***ing hat!

Tieless Shades Of Blue

George Clooney Suit with no tie and open collar

It needs to be mentioned: George Clooney doesn’t seem to be the type of man that I would call a tie collector. Apparently, he just isn’t as cool as you and I, my friend.

But lack of tie aside, this is another effective look that works for him. It is clear he knows how to make the most out of his body type and the type of suits that favor his build.

And again, a big thumbs up for leaning more towards classic fit and an appropriate pants rise, which makes this ensemble benefit from a timeless and mature elegance.

Also, I know I’m beating a dead horse now, but George, please read my introduction to wearing pocket squares, you might find it could change your mind.

This Classic Charcoal Suit

George Clooney in charcoal suit

There is really not a lot to say about this suit and tie combo.

It is clean, it is classy, it is masculine… Just a perfect example of the allure of a suited up outfit. Should you ever find yourself lacking inspiration when putting together a dapper outfit, you can go with this as your canvas and build it up from there.

You won’t fail.

Now, some would say accessorizing with a dog can be too much, so please avoid overadorning your looks and keep them simple.

White Tie Excellence

George Clooney in White Tie

If you’re gonna do white tie, you better strive for nothing less than perfection.

And that’s just precisely what George did here. Once more, I get this longing for times of yesterday when this type of dressing was more common. Sigh…

Just perfect.

Deserving of a standing ovation.

What To Learn From George Clooney’s Suit & Tie Style?

As it’s been said on many occasions, simplicity can be the most powerful weapon in terms of style and your approach to it.

George seems to know this and this is the way he attacks his personal style choices when dressing up.

So, if you’re just starting to embrace the concept of dressing up on a more regular basis, take this lesson from George:

Keep your style uncomplicated, dominate this simple style, enjoy the boost of self-confidence you’ll get from having improved your style and then you can either stay there, which is perfectly acceptable or decide move forward to more adventurous looks.

How Would You Rate George Clooney’s Formal Styles?

As always, the best discussions can only happen when you voice your opinions, so please make sure you leave a comment and let me know what you think about George’s dapper and formal styles.

Are they good? Inspiring? Is there anything you would change about it?

I know there’s something I would change. George, please, wear a pocket square!



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