Hanging vs Rolling: How To Store Your Ties

Ed Ruiz

22 March 2018

When it comes to storing a large tie collection at home, the two most common storage solutions to keep your ties safe are:

Hanging them


Rolling them

But which is the best? Keep reading, my dapper friend.

How to store your ties?

What’s the best way to store my ties safely?

Believe it or not, I was asking myself this very same question when I was very young and my tie collection consisted of just a handful of ties.

However, I knew for a fact that eventually the collection will grow to be a very respectable collection (which it is now, you can ready about this passion of mine in this article by fashionbeans), and eventually it did grow immensely.

I guess you could say I’ve spent a very long time thinking about this topic and actually trying different solutions with my ties.

Some were dumb and careless, thankfully I’ve outgrown that phase. But from those experiences came the expertise and as years went by, I realized that the only two acceptable ways to store ties is either by hanging them or by rolling them.

Let’s take an unbiased look at these two practices, analyze their cons and pros and come to a sound conclusion on which of the two must be crowned “the best way to store your ties“.

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Method 1: Hang Your Ties

Hanging your ties is probably the most common practice amongst tie collectors due to its simplicity. All you really need is something to hang your ties from and of course, enough space for them to hang freely without crumpling the tips.

Some men will use simple wire hangers, some others will favor plastic hangers, and for those who really want to be more careful with preserving their ties in optimal conditions for a long time, there are a few other alternatives like velvet hangers or even hangers made specifically to store neckties.

Some others will get creative and design their own tie racks that can be stored in their closets or other spaces, but most of these cool designs still follow the hanging principle.

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So, is hanging your ties a good idea? Well, there are certainly a few good reasons hanging your ties can be a good option.

First, you can save a lot of space by using this method, especially when using hangers designed for neckties, or simply by hanging multiple layers of ties together.

I’ve personally used this process of storing ties and believe me, it is very space efficient.

Unfortunately, most tie experts will warn against employing this method. And for good, significant reasons.

There is no denying that it could lead to some potential damage to your ties, particularly if you have a lot of them hanging together.

The weight of the ties hanging on top of each other can be too much (trust me, try carrying your entire tie collection on one arm and you’ll see how heavy ties can actually be – don’t ask why I tried it!) for the tie at the bottom of the pile, which could result in unwanted permanent wrinkles.

You can try to prevent this from happening by regularly rotating the position of your ties so as none of them stays sitting at the bottom of the stack for too long. But who am I kidding? Most of us don’t have time to do that regularly or if the collection grows too big, you might just feel too lazy to do it.

There is also the fact that you will most likely, due to time constraints from your daily activities or just plain carelessness, (gasp!) pull your ties from below the stack, which obviously will cause some terrible deterioration of the fabric. I know being so negligent is stupid, but so many men are it, so it needs to be mentioned.

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Also consider the fact that if you have any knit ties on your collection, they will stretch after hanging for too long. No maybes, no ifs, no buts, they will definitely stretch, so please, even if you choose to store your tie collection by hanging it, don’t do this with any of your knit ties.

Pros of hanging your ties: extremely space efficient.

Cons of hanging your ties: very high probability of damaging your ties.

how to store your neckties

Finding the best way to store your neckties can be challenging for sure, but there is sheer elegance in a nicely displayed collection.

Method 2: Roll Your Ties

Let’s talk about the second option we’re exploring in this post: rolling your ties and storing them in drawers or inside boxes.

As you would expect, properly storing your ties rolled would require a lot of space in your wardrobe, drawers or wherever else you choose to keep them.

When you compare this to the hanging method, it is obvious that hanging your ties is much more space-efficient. It’s not even close.

I guess you can roll them and put them on several layers of folded ties, but how is that remotely practical? Good luck finding a tie you’re looking for!

I will say though, provided that you have sufficient space in your closet, or bedroom, or house, depending on how large your tie collection is, then this is definitely a much safer way to store your ties.

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And just to be transparent, I pretty much just love the way a nice collection of neckties looks when rolled up nicely inside drawers that you can pull out before choosing your tie for the day. It’s just a beautiful experience, in my opinion.

Don’t even get me started on fancy, individual boxes to store each tie separately…

But I digress and I’m venturing into very subjective territory, let’s go back to the facts.

Yes, rolling your ties as method to store them is much safer for your ties, but there are still a few risks of damage you can run into. To be specific, rolling your ties could damage the tips of the ties.

Are there huge risks of this happening? No, not in my opinion and persoanl experience, but you’ll have to be careful how you position them inside your drawers or boxes.

Pros of rolling your ties: low probability of damaging your ties.

Cons of rolling your ties: extremely space inefficient.


Both of these storage methods for neckties have their very genuine pros, but also critical cons. This is not an easy verdict.

If you have enough space in your house to store all your ties rolled up, then this would definitely be my recommendation. I do plan, once I build my own house, to make sure I allow a lot of space for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you have real space restrictions in your house, then hanging your ties will be most logical and practical thing to do.

If so, just make sure you invest in good quality hangers, preferably those designed to actually hang ties on them. And just to be safe, get as many as possible and be mindful of how you handle them. Also follow the simple tips I share here and there’s no reason why hanging your ties could be considered a bad decision.

How Do You Store Your Ties?

How would you rate these two tie storing methods? Do you favor one over the other? Let me know!

Otherwise, if you have any secret tips and tricks you’d like to share with others, please make sure you share the knowledge with the rest of us!


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