How Wide Should Your Tie Be? One Hack To Always Get It Right!

Ed Ruiz

22 August 2018

What is the proper tie width?

With all the available tie widths available in the market (wide ties, narrow ties, skinny ties), an easy task like choosing the right tie can turn into a stressful, difficult decision.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Proper Tie Width


In this blog post and video, I share with you some simple advice to help you choose the best tie to compliment your suit and tie outfit.

Plus one great hack that will guarantee you will always wear a tie with just the right width to take your dapper ensembles to another level.

Don’t care for videos? No problem, here is the transcript for the video:

Choosing The Best Tie Width

Hello friends, welcome back to My Dapper Self, with me with Ed Ruiz. where we deliver quick, practical and actionable style advice for the dapper men.

In this video I’m gonna be responding to another very common question and that is: how wide or how narrow should your ties be when you are wearing a suit?

That’s a question that I get a lot!

Well I’m gonna be responding to it, but also, I will be sharing with all of you a very simple rule of thumb that you can follow so that you can be sure that you are always choosing the best tie to wear with your suit.

So let me get started!

I want to start this video by mentioning the importance of proportions when you are wearing a suit and tie outfit – and of course, the tie is not the exception.

But how can you know what are the right proportions?

To be more specific, how wide or how narrow should your tie be?

Well here is the simple rule of thumb that I mentioned before and that is…

The widest point of the tie that you will be wearing should be about as wide as the widest point of the lapel of your jacket.

It’s super simple, try to match it as closely as possible.

But of course, some of you have obviously noticed that these days you can find suits with lapels that are super wide.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that if you are gonna be following the rule that I just share with you, that you need to wear a tie that is super extremely wide, like a clown-type of tie.

I don’t want you to be wearing clownish ties… not at all!

Just wear a tie that is wider than usual, that can complement the width of your lapel.

Now there’s also the other extreme where you can find suits with a very slim fit and those usually come with very narrow lapels.

Now you would be tempted to wear skinny ties, those ties are super super skinny, super narrow.

Some of you know that I am NOT the biggest fan of skinny ties I think they lack personality, but if your lapel is very narrow then you can go with a narrower type of tie.

How Wide Should Your Tie Be?

Again, not necessarily the skinny version but a narrower tie can look very good with narrower lapels.

In conclusion, if you want to wear a tie that compliments your suit just follow this very simple rule and for those exceptional circumstances where the lapels of your jacket are very wide or very narrow just use your best judgment.

So that is my response to the question: how wide should your tie be?

Do you have any other methods to decide which tie to wear with each suit? Go ahead and share your own hacks in the comment section!


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