The following is a guest blog post by Sascha Venus. Sascha Venus is a menswear enthusiast at heart and a very good friend of the My Dapper Self community. The opinions and thoughts expressed below belong entirely to Sascha. My Dapper Self should always be a platform to be used by anyone with a real passion for style and something to say, regardless of my personal opinion. Enjoy this piece! – Ed.

We all know what we see and what we want to see when scrolling through our Instagram feed, we want to see menswear at it’s finest, dapper and bespoken outfits, the best of the best, isn’t it like that?

And I’m quite sure you all already noticed a lot of fashion details in the menswear section coming straight from Italy. I’m talking about the cropped pants, wallet chains and sockless rocked Tassel Loafers. To be honest, it is a bit more than that but I think that these are the most common and noticeable Italian fashion trends.

It may not be a thing for everyone, but you can’t go wrong with learning these tricks and trying your hands on, even if only for your general knowledge.

About Me, Relaxed Casual Styles & Some Must-Haves To Kill It Just Like The Italians Do

Sascha VenusLet me introduce myself, my name is Sascha Venus, I’m a 20 years old menswear fashion blogger and influencer from Germany.

In my role as a blogger I can call myself lucky enough to live my passion and visit the different fashion weeks around the globe. I’m specialized on suits, ties and elegant menswear, less streetstyle and this is what brought me to this website and to the point to get to know it’s editor and writer, Ed.

As a suit-lover, which is what I would call myself and surely you, the readers of this fantastic website, the fashion show Pitti Uomo, held twice a year in Florence Italy, is certainly a thing you have heard about at least once.

In the past I was given the opportunity to attend this fashion show to learn more about the Italian style we are talking about in this article.

So let me give you a checklist for your next shopping trip if this is something you want to try yourself or just found out that you’re really into that way to wear your suit:

  1. A wallet chain
  2. A nice white pair of kicks
  3. A pair of tassel loafers
  4. Some pairs of no-show-socks
  5. A pair of cropped suit trousers, maybe in contrast color to your favorite suit?

What I personally love about this style is the fact that you can dress down your suit without looking like dressed-down or less dapper and stylish. You can give your look and feel a noticeable modern twist.

Let’s be honest, who wants to look like attending a wedding when going to meet your friends or strolling around the city because of trying it too hard? But on the other hand, you don’t want to look like every morning when leaving for work. The key is to look stylish in your suit, even if it’s the same suit you wear for everyday’s work but not too dressed-up at the same time.

With the Italian way to rock a suit you can achieve exactly that!

Especially with today’s dressed-down generation it is more important than ever to inspire people with your looks and I personally believe in giving your old school checked double-breasted suit a modern twist, this makes it much more interesting for today’s generation and shows that you are also following today’s more casual-looking dress-codes quite a bit. Kind of mixing and matching with generations styles. This is also the reason I started my blog, Your Modern Gent a year ago.

It’s all about the same style with modern twists.

Improving Your Suit Game With Italian Style

Relaxed but harmonizing colors paired with a wallet chain

But let’s get back to how to achieve this look.

As you can see here I decided for a smart casual outfit. It was super warm that day so it was a clear thing to take my double breasted waistcoat instead of a suit jacket and my sunglasses.

I dressed the whole ensemble down with a wallet chain and decided to take the no-show-socks-look. It looks like I’ve been walking sockless, which would’ve been a great idea because of the weather that day, but to prevent smelly feet I put on my no-show-socks which I recommended you in my checklist above. Trust me, you are super happy to have some when running around a few hours at 30 degrees.

Sascha Venuz Italian Style

Now Let’s Get Back To A More Formal Attire

When dressing more formal, let’s say in a two or three piece, concentrate on the shoes to achieve that bold Italian look.

Optimized-Bild2.2A suit is leaving a huge impression and more than often people around you seem to think that you’re overdressed all the time, Ed wrote an amazing article about that topic here.

As I already said, with a little Italian touch here and there you can dress it down without losing style and even the smaller things can change the whole look. So instead of wearing socks up to your knees and putting on your best Oxfords (not Budapester, you know what I’m talking about) get yourself some awesome white kicks and put on your no-show-socks you finally bought because of my recommendation and also the many  other  articles out there teaching you to do so.

I did choose my best double breasted suit, the one you would only wear for the most formal occasion, to show you what an impact these small things can have

Doesn’t that look super relaxed? Now imagine your best Oxfords, you would look super overdressed for some occassion

After my tips now it might sound strange because I contradict myself but the sockless look can even work with a suit and your dress shoes.

But I would recommend you to follow my tips above as this look is a little bit experimental and it’s super easy to look douchey. Maybe I got myself with that with the last look? Let me know what you think and how you like it by dropping me a comment below.

Casual Italian Suit

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