I’ve said this on many opportunities: my main goal in building this website and keep sharing content on social media and on my email list, has always been very clear: to be able to give something of value to you.

It could be style tips you can learn from, get you inspired to get through your day, share an image I know you will enjoy, give you ideas and try to engage your imagination to craft your own style with confidence, or even let you know about products I hope you will be interested in. Anything goes, as long as it’s of value.

In return, you have given me something even more valuable.

What is that? The possiblity to connect with many of you on a very personal level. Through your messages and emails I can confidently say that I feel like I know many of you extremely well.

Beyond that, many of you have given me your trust when it comes to your own style development, Smart guys, I must say.

I’ll say this again: my gratitude towards all of you has no end.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is another thing I’ve got from you:

A damn good deal of motivation.The motivation I needed to take the plunge and go all in into style consulting for men, which is something that, honestly, I had been thinking about for a few months already, but always found a new excuse to delay it again and again.

Not anymore.


So, let me present to you…

My Dapper Self’s Personal Style Consulting Services For Men

Well, that’s a mouthful.

But yeah, it’s about time I start looking into this from a more serious perspective. Many of you are sending me messages everyday asking for style advice and while I always try my absolute best to give you a great response, I am convinced that, in most cases, simply replying to questions via email just doesn’t cut it.

So I said to myself: “Get real, man. Why don’t you come up with a full style consulting service for men who are really interested in doing something about the way they look, and make it 100% personal, tailored to each of them and their own circumstances?

And so I did.

The key words are “personal” and “tailored” – you see, you can get style tips and ideas from hundreds of websites and style gurus, but all this information, while beneficial, is really just a bunch of clues and general guidelines – some of them even coflict with each other.

So many clues, from so many sources can leave you feeling… er… clueless.

So Here’s My Damn Good Style Consulting/Coaching Program

Not to brag, but yeah… I feel it’s pretty solid.

So how does it work?

First, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire of around 20 questions, so I can get to know you better: who you are, where you’re from, your age, your body type, your complexion, your hobbies, your job, etc. In short: I’ll get a very good idea what you and your life are about.

Most importantly, I’ll figure out what your style currently is and what are the necessary steps to take you from your present appearance to where you’d like to be in terms of style.

Style Consulting Questionnaire

Sample of my amazing style questionnaire

After submitting your answers, you’ll sit back, have a drink or two and wait to hear from me.

Within 5 business days you will get an awerome email from me. This email will include a 10+ pages PDF file with your personal style report. Voilà…

Wait, don’t rush to get yours just yet, I got more details to share with you.

What Will You Get In Your Style Report?

  • The Best Colors For Your Complexion
  • Your Style Do’s & Dont’s
  • Fabrics and Patterns That Work For You
  • How To Make The Most Of Your Budget/Shopping Calendar
  • Style Examples You Can Easily Emulate
  • Any other stuff I believe is important for you to reach your style goals.

Look at this:

Style Consulting For Men Sample

This could be your style report!


So that’s the basics of it all, but there’s more cool stuff:

One-On-One Skype Consulting

With whom?

With me. 🙂

So let’s pretend you already got your personal style report, you went through it, absorbed the information and feel ready to take action. But I know for a fact that you’ll surely have a few questions.

And answers I will give.

Let’s get on Skype and go through your report. I will answer any questions you will have. In case you have no questions, I can still be there to have a nice discussion, help you get motivated to start working on your style or whatever else you can think of.

It will be fun.

Skype Style Consulting

Get on cam with me!

But there is even more.

Email Style Consulting

At this point you should already know your style report inside out. You also should’ve gotten a response to all the questions you had from your report results after our Skype session.

But that’s probably not enough.

Why? Because knowledge means nothing if there is no action.

So I offer you 3 months of continued email style consulting for those questions that will surely come as you start putting into practice all you have learned. Should a particular style inquiry show up, just send me an email and within 24 hours you’ll get a response from me to your inbox.

So here’s the deal, you’ll pretty much have me as a 24×7 style consultant for a few months.

How damn sweet is that? 🙂


“Hold On! What If I Don’t Need It All?”

This is not an all or nothing kind of deal (although I do recommend it as an all-around style consulting service).

You’re only interested in your style report and a Skype call? I got your back.

Only a Skype consulting session? You betcha!

Camera shy? No problem, email consulting is available without having to get any of the other services.

Honestly, it couldn’t be any easier or more convenient. Or any more awesome, for that matter.

“Shut Up And Take My Money!!!”

Style Coach Happy Client

Happy clients!
You could be one of them.

Easy there. Let me tell you a bit about the prices for these services.

I realize I could charge more than what I charge for what I offer,but after spending a great deal of time thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that I really wanted to keep my prices accessible (at least for a short time after the initial launch of these services).

The price for the all-included full personal style report package, which is the highest priced offer, is $249. A very good price, I’d say.

But what the heck… you can get it now for $199 if you take the plunge at this moment. Keep in mind this price is just for a limited period of time, so don’t keep your decision in the backburner for too long, ok?

What I charge for the other, less humongous packages is even less than that. So for those of you wanting to dip your toe in the pool of style will find the available options very accessible.

Time To Get Off Your Butt And Do Something About Your Style

If you are authentically and seriously interested in reaping the multiple benefits that an effective, mature and professional style can bring to your life, what are you waiting for to get off your butt and take action?

Waiting for another job opportunity to pass you by? That’d be a stupid mistake.

Am I saying you should go ahead, right now at this very moment, and hire me as your style consultant? Well, yes, that’d be ideal. 🙂

But only if you feel extra help from someone will aid you to set up your objectives, keep you focused and stay motivated all along the road until you reach all your style goals.

If you feel you can do this yourself, that’s awesome. Commit yourself to it and take action now.

I’ll be around any time you need me.

Just do it.


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