June 2017 Playlist

Ed Ruiz

13 June 2017

May was a sad, sad month for the world of music. Hell, it was a sad month for the world, period (see my playlist dedicated to the legacy of Chris Cornell here). Let’s get back in touch with some hope with music.

Well, technically I guess this month’s playlist is not the most fun and careless playlist I have ever put together, but I do feel a tendency or inclination within myself to get out of a certain dark period that I went through the last few weeks. Stuff I will probably talk about in more detail in future blog posts (or rants, most likely).

Anyway, yes, there is some hope in this playlist, and there is also some melancholy and some intensity in it. 3 feelings that can perfectly coincide and evoke interesting thoughts.

Turn it up and enjoy!

June 2017 playlist

ABBA – The Day Before You Came

Definitely not ABBA’s most popular song by any means. In fact, I am surprised by how many casual ABBA fans have never even listened to this song at all. Regardless of its lack of popularity, this is, in my humble opinion, ABBA’s most accomplished song in their whole catalog. The somewhat melancholic undertones, the vocal melodies, the almost lamenting-like background vocals, and of course, the strange and even a bit disturbing story that the lyrics narrate (in my own and very personal interpretation of the song). To this day many of us still ask ourselves: who (or what) came the day after?

Get the album here.

PJ Harvey – The Devil

I was recently brought back to this record by a recent chat with a friend (hey AB!) about feelings of sadness and melancholy. I mentioned this album by PJ Harvey (White Chalk) was a constant companion a few years ago whenever I was feeling down or outright depressed. Actually, it is still one of those albums, and particularly this song, that I run to whenever I feel a certain sadness coming. Yes, I’m one of those people who likes to accompany his melancholy with music that matches that feeling… I embrace it, spend time with it, and have even learned to cherish it… I then come out of such episodes envigorated and inspired. Hope you’ll like it!

Get the album here.

The Doors – People Are Strange

The Doors have always been my dad’s favorite band and I guess listening to them and lots of other classic rock bands in my early years was the foundation of my current taste in music and the reason why I gravitate more towards rock and experimental music rather than pop, hip hop or mainstream stuff. Maybe it’s all in the DNA? Well, apparently it could be. I remember vividly listening to a version of this song whenever I watched “The Lost Boys” (I had it on Beta, ha!) and how it played in the background on one of the scenes… too many good memories associated with this one.

Get the album here.

God Is An Astronaut – Suicide By Star

Some songs are just impossible to describe and Suicide By Star is one of those. I just can’t find the exact words that would make justice to what goes on in this musical piece. Sure, this is post-rock and yeah, kind of similar to what other post-rock bands are doing and have been doing for years and years now. And yet, this song still remains unique in how it builds and builds and builds. If you were to really push me to come up with a description of what this song sounds like, I would say: Imagine yourself sailing the vast and dark pits of the universe, watching the planets, the stars, and all the wonderful things out there. Marvelling at the view of it all in complete peaceful harmony. And then…. SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLE!
Haha, just play it loud and really listen to it in full, you’ll like it.

Get the album here.

Anathema – Springfield

With new songs by Steven Wilson and Anathema coming out recently, my 5th choice this month was a difficult one. Ultimately, I decided to share with you one of Anathema’s new songs off their new album The Optimist. I’ve only had the opportunity to listen to this song a few times, but it’s already becoming a favorite. It’s simple, beautiful and as most of Anathema’s latest output, it feels full of hope. On a sidenote: whoever decided to pair this song with these visuals (watch the video) is a genius!

Get the album here.

So these are my five musical choices to share with you this month. Did you like any of them? 🙂

Now let me know, what are the 5 songs rocking your ears this month? Leave me a list in the comment section below!

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