Let’s Briefly Talk Cufflinks, Shall We?

Ed Ruiz

22 September 2016

For many sharply dressed men, cufflinks might as well be the crowning jewel of a nicely put together suit and tie ensemble. I happen to agree.

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You know what they say: “when talking about elegance, less is usually more.”

Now I have a feeling this saying came to existence mostly as a simple warning: do not wear more accessories than needed. It surely never meant “who needs pants? take ’em off – less is more!”.

Who knows, though? I might be mistaken.

But regardless of your personal feelings about accessories in a suit and tie ensemble, cufflinks are one of the few accessories that we all can agree are never over the top.

But are they always appropriate?

When To Wear Cufflinks

Well, I am surely the worst person you could ask this question.

Yes, I am biased and I would wear cufflinks with all my suits.


But out in the real world, where things are not as classy as in my unicorn-filled mind, it’s unfortunately not so simple.

So what are the situations that we can consider cufflink-appropriate? Well, let’s see… this is a difficult one.

  • When wearing a tux. This one is more of a must, isn’t it? In my opinion, something just looks off when a man wears a tux with barrel cuffs.
  • When wearing a suit. Not a must by any means, but I can’t imagine a nice pair of cufflinks ever being out of place in any good suit and tie ensemble.
  • When walking your dog. Cause nothing beats being the most dapper mofo at the park.

Yeah, ok, that last one is a bit of a stretch, I just wanted my list to look a little longer.

You see, the thing is that the cufflink-wearing rules are very damn straight: wearing cufflinks is appropriate any time you really care about looking super sharp. Not much more thinking is required there.

Now I would also give you a list of situations that are definitely not suited (no pun intended) for wearing cufflinks, but let’s be honest, it will be obvious and absurd.

I mean, no one ever even wondered if cufflinks are appropriate to wear with a t-shirt, right? (Read about other terrible, cringeworthy suit and tie mistakes here).

Ox & Bull Cufflinks

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Why You Really Should Add Cufflinks To Your Suit And Tie Outfits

As much as a simple suit and tie outfit can be amazing (damn, I still hate using the word “outfit” when talking about suits), it can sometimes go from simple to just ehmm boring.

That’s where accessories, such as a nice pair of cuffflinks come to slay the monotony.

Just like a nice pocket square, or a classy tiebar can bring life to the dull, cufflinks are just as effective and can give that edge to a regular suit and tie ensemble.

So really, the main reason why you should, at least, consider adding cufflinks to your daily style, is just to keep it fun.

Sure, it’s another detail to consider when trying to build a dashing look.

But who said attaining a dapper style should be easy?

The good news is, if you mess it up, there’s always the perfect excuse: sprezzatura! Everyone’s using it now, so why shouldn’t you?

So, go head, rock the cufflinks. Stand out from the crowd. Be the classy guy you know you are.


Buying Cufflinks

I won’t make this unnecessarily long, but I have recently given cufflinks.com a try and will be reporting soon on my experience with them.

For now I’ll just say they have a terrific selection of cufflinks and then some more (great prices too, by the way!). So check out their website in the meantime.

Otherwise, stay tuned for my review – coming soon. Or take a few minutes to go through some of my other product reviews.

Okay, this was just a quick introduction to the immense topic that is cufflinks, which I will touch on a much deeper level and from different perspectives, but this is it for now.

So let me hear you now…

Question of the day: Do you think cufflinks are appropriate for all occasions or are they a bit too much of a show off?

Leave a comment belooooow!

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