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Ed Ruiz

24 March 2017

Alternate title: How I went from not caring that much about any type of bags to being a big fan and hardly ever leaving the house without one.

MAHI leather bags review

What? Another review?

Yes, what I can say? There are too many incredible products for the dapper men out there and who better to bring them to you than your good friend Ed?

Now for this review I need to give a full disclosure: I have never been the biggest fan of bags of any kind. Those of you reading, particularly those who aren’t enthusiastic about bags like I am, will surely understand my reasons.

I just always thought of bags as a necessary evil. Maybe not even necessary, just evil.

But recently, I was given this great chance to try out and review a couple leather bags from MAHI.

Now I am not ashamed to announce that my previous beliefs were challenged and as a result, my opinion on bags has changed.

Bipolar much? Sure, but there’s a reason for my change of heart.

A few Words About MAHI

Before I get to the actual review of these bags, let me talk a bit about MAHI as a brand.

In case you have never heard of them, MAHI is a brand of leather accessories, more specifically leather bags. Sounds like any other brand so far, but let me tell you, MAHI is a brand with a mission.

Taken right from their website:

We think consumers get a raw deal from high street stores and expensive designer brands. That’s because numerous middlemen along the way inflate prices while contributing very little to the end product.

This means higher prices for you, less money for the craftsmen, and ultimately, poor value for money.

MAHI’s mission: To connect consumers with craftsmen, offer unmatched value, and hopefully do some good along way.

Good quality? At a good price? With an interest to do some good along the way? Sounds like the type of brand I can get behind.

But at the end of the day, a brand has to be mainly about its products, so we have to talk about how MAHI bags fare.

The Columbus Deep Weekender bag and me just chilling.

Choosing My Leather Bags

For this review I had the opportunity to select two bags, which is hard when you navigate through a site with many options and MAHI has, quite honestly, a bag for almost every single need you gents could have.

So it really took me a long time to make up my mind.

However, being a blogger (among many other crazy stuff I do everyday being the multipassionate crazy man that I am) I always have to have my laptop with me – who knows when the spark of inspiration will knock on my door! – so a laptop bag was a must for me.

I also wanted to have a more versatile and larger bag where I could carry some bulkier stuff like a change of clothes or drugs to smuggle. (Before you ask: yes, I’m just kidding!)

Furthermore, considering that I am really serious about going back to the gym this year, the second choice happened to be quite obvious as well.

With this in mind, the bags I chose were the following:

The Compact Laptop Satchel in vintage brown.
The Columbus Deep Weekender in mahogany (as standard it comes in brown, black or cognac, so if you like how the bag featured in this article looks, make sure you choose mahogany when ordering).

I was and still am very satisfied with my choices, but what about the quality of these leather bags?

About The Quality Of MAHI Leather Bags

The first thing that caught my attention after receiving the bags was how sturdy they are. You can easily tell within a few seconds these bags were made to last you a long, long time.

Both bags are 100% leather in the exterior, which gives the bag a detailed masculine look, which I definitely appreciate because if I am going to be carrying a bag around, it better look masculine. Paired with the leather exterior we have a 100% cotton lining interior that will surely keep your stuff well protected, and well, it just feels nice.

I seriously was expecting the stitching on these bags not to be perfect, but I have to say it seems I was wrong. The stitching just further proves my point that these bags are meant to last. Here I am talking about all the stitch work: outside, inside, straps and pretty much every stitch that is part of these bags.

Now I just have to wait to see how they will hold up after some years of hard use (and maybe a follow up post is in order here), but so far I’m a happy camper. And trust me, I am definitely NOT the most diligent man when it comes to taking proper care of bags, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Another nice feature that I particularly loved are the strong brass fittings that go perfectly with the somewhat rugged style that MAHI favors on all their bags.

Last come the zippers, which I feel should have a place in this review. I want to be very clear that even though I am in no way the ultimate expert in zippers, I did my research and YKK zippers, which MAHI uses on all of their bags, are simply the best zippers in the world.

Oh, I almost forgot. You also have a nice option to personalize your bag with your name embroidered on the leather. I personally don’t care much for personalized items (and wouldn’t really recommend it, if you ask me), but if that is your thing, then it is good to have the option.

And with that I believe I have made my case to praise the good things about MAHI, but there a couple things I wish could be better.

Passers by were understandably envious.

A Couple Suggestions (Not Complaints) For MAHI

Time to wear the critic hat.

Not really. I have to be frank: there is really nothing that bothers me about these bags – at all. I can confidently carry them with me while I am in a suit, which is probably the most important aspect I would look for when carrying a bag: it needs to look good in the context of a suit and tie outfit.

One thing I will say, though, and this is me being very picky, is that it would be nice if my Columbus bag was a bit smaller. Being a very short man, what looks like a big bag on a regular man, can end up looking huge on me. And I’m perfectly aware that this is a problem that many of you won’t have to deal with, but for me, it is kind of important and it is always nice to see some brands offering slightly smaller versions of their products to their customers.

Again, I might be just overflexing my critical muscle here.

Another thing that I would also suggest – and this is mostly because I know many of my readers are vegan and very serious about it – is to have a non-leather, vegan alternative. I know many men, and particularly sharp-dressed men who also happen to be vegan, are always in the lookout for brands that can match their personal style without any unnecessary guilt or remorse.

So MAHI, you know what to do. 😉

These are more like suggestions I would have for MAHI since I really don’t have any real criticisms to share at this moment.

The Gallery

So, Should MAHI Be Your Next Bag?


If bags are your thing and you need one, I would easily recommend these bags to all of you reading this review.

I am sincerely loving these bags. They fit my style and lifestyle much better than I would have anticipated.

Want another good reason to give MAHI a try? $1.50 from every MAHI bag that is sold is donated to FRANK Water, a UK based charity which has helped over 300,000 people gain access to clean water since 2005.

On top of being your dapper self, you’ll also be contributing a nice cause.

And hey, you know I love you guys so I negotiated a small, but valuable 5% discount for all my blog readers and followers. Just use discount code DAPPER5 for 5% off!

I personally am not afraid to admit it, I am now that (handsome, some say) dapper man with a bag!

So tell me, are you the type of man I am, who cares about bags and how they can be incorporated in your classy ensembles or are you the type of man who I was, who simply wouldn’t care and would rather go without them? Let me know!

Be sure to visit MAHI’s website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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