These days, becoming a modern gentleman isn’t easy.

It goes far beyond the simplicity of what clothes we wear. Something has to be said about men’s grooming and its importance in achieving the gentleman look we strive for.

Times have evolved and getting hold of that look has now become not just desirable, but believe it or not, there’s an art to it.

Brushing your teeth and splashing some water on your face just won’t suffice anymore, we got away with it long enough. It’s time to go the extra mile and if you have aspirations of becoming or maintaining the look of the modern gentleman then this, my friends, is for you.

Healthy Skin Is Essential

Spending time on the health of our skin has traditionally been a curse given to the female half of the population – no more.

I think we all understand the benefits of healthier skin and there has been a huge upward curve in the time and expense we’re willing to go to grab hold of that perfect complexion.

No one understand this more than the gentleman of today.

How do the modern gent’s nail it you say?

Well, it’s quite straightforward. Drinking alcohol has plummeted, more time in the gym and in front of the mirror has meant less time in alcohol serving establishments.

No more smoke. Yep, smoking used to be cool, all the men in the years gone by looked immense in the casinos and jazz bars puffing away, but those days, have gone.

Bathroom cabinets are now full of natural oils, face masks, moisturises, exfoliators.

We could be here all day, you get the point. The modern gentleman has learnt to take care of his skin, finally.

Maintaining The Beard

There’s no doubting that beards are in fashion, everytime you step out of your house you’re sure to bump into a bearded hero – for good reason too, beards are cool and the time of the rugged lumberjack look is now.

This isn’t a walk in the park though, this is a lifestyle choice!

Whilst growing a beard may seem like the easy way out (no shaving!), it certainly isn’t.

Your trip to the barber has doubled in time as keeping the straggly hairs out of sight is essential in your bearded look.

The secret key to an awesome beard… Beard Oil. This stuff is magic, it’ll keep it shiny, healthy, soft and smelling incredible. Think of the day to day motions you go through where your beard is getting full of all sorts – not a nice thought is it. It’s vital to keep that beard looking great and smelling fresh, or I’m afraid you’re going to be one step short of becoming the modern gentleman you’ve always wanted to me.

Manscaping Needs Attention Too

We’re on a roll now and we’re going to get even deeper into our quest for manly perfection. Manscaping – we’ve all heard about it, but what does it exactly entail?

If you’re growing a beard, which we can safely assume you all are if you’re the budding modern gentleman, then it means plucking, yes, plucking all those little hairs on your cheek above your beard line.

Sounds awful, isn’t that bad, it will leave you with a more defined beard and looking awesome.

Belly fluff, shoulder hair, ear hair, nose hair, get rid of it all.

We all do it the day before we go on a beach holiday but, come on, what about the rest of the year? What if you meet the girl of your dreams and it unexpectedly goes to plan – it’s essential you need to be prepared.

Get these grooming tips into your regular, or at least semi-regular routine for continued success.

Don’t Be Fooled – Manicures Are Manly

Last, but not least, there’s some debate on the subject of manicuring. First things first, it literally has the word ‘man’ in it – that should be reason enough for us all to sit up and take a look.

Secondly, chewed up, dirty nails are a huge turn off for the females and a massive X in the box ticking exercise of becoming a modern gentleman.

It’s an awkward one, I’ll give you that. You’ll either need to tag along with a good female friend or get the boys down to take it on together, either way, getting the nails into tip-top shop will be a game changer and set you away from the herd.

It’s been one hell of a journey but I’m sure after reading this you’ve all got appointments to make or you have a pair of plucker’s in hand!

This article was made possible with the help from my friends over at If you’d like to know more about male grooming, and there always more to learn, head on over to their website where they’ve got stacks more information that’s easily digested.

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