Announcing My Amazon Influencer Page

Ed Ruiz

6 NovemberĀ 2017

As it turns out, and despite my dislike for the term, it seems I am an influencer after all.

At least that’s what Amazon thinks I am! šŸ™‚

Amazon Influencer Program My Dapper Self

What Is Amazon’s Influencer Program?

I’ll explain it in as few words as possible.

This is, as far as I know, an invite only program, for individuals that Amazon consider to be somewhat influential, or maybe just bloggers with a certain number of followers on Instagram or other social media platforms (yeah, like you can’t buy a few thousand fake followers in minutes, but I guess they must run our profiles through some honesty filters, who knows?!).

Basically, the program allows you to curate products that you love and would recommend to your readers, followers and subscribers.

But isn’t that what the whole Amazon Affiliate program is about? Well yeah, but there is a slight, yet important difference.

The Amazon influencer program allows me to have my own page with my very own vanity url on Amazon’s site. This makes it easier for me to share the my page url on social media or during live streams or on blog posts.

For instance and for your reference (and for your bookmarks), my page is www.amazon.com/shop/mydapperself šŸ˜‰

A preview of what my Amazon store looks like. Nice, isn’t it?

Shop My Curated List Of Products That Every Gentleman Needs

I am really excited to try this program and see how it works for me. I do believe it can be a great resource for all you nice people who follow me and read my blog.

I have handpicked a bunch of products that I believe should be a part of every gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether you are just getting interested in upping your style or you consider yourself a real a dapper master, I’m sure you will find something that can be of use and that could make a great addition to your arsenal of classy stuff.

Believe me, I spent a long time curating these products because I want it to be a real useful list of items that can save you time when shopping for cool and classy clothes, accessories, tools or resources.

Looking to grow your tie collection? Now is the time!

Feeling confident to finally start wearing suspenders? I got you covered!

I will have to say, though, there are a few things that this program could do better. It doesn’t seem like I can create lists within my recommendations or separate them into different categories, but I’ll stay positive and hope this feature will come soon.

So go now to my Amazon Influencer Page, check out the list of products I have put together for you, shop and support this classic menswear blog.

Oh before I forget. I have to mention that I do get a small commission for all the products that are purchased through my Amazon store. Surely you knew or assumed it, but it is necessary to spell it out explicitly.

Help Me Make The Store Better

I really tried to choose as many essentials as possible and also give alternatives, but I’m not perfect and I surely could have missed some products that can make a great addition to any reader’s wardrobe or even make the life of every well dressed man a better one.

My plan is to keep it fresh and dedicate a couple hours every week to add more recommended stuff.

But I’m open to your ideas to make this an even better store.

Let me know in the comments below what needs to be included. It would be cool for all of you to somehow also be a part of it.

I have nothing left to say, except… happy shopping!

Stay dapper. (It seems I did have something else to say after all).


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