I was just thinking today about how an initial idea can change so much once it starts developing.

You depart from point A expecting to seamlessly reach point B by following a predefined number of steps.

In reality, you depart from point A and can make countless unexpected turns before actually reaching point B… that is if you actually get to point B, and not some unforeseen destionation, let’s call it point C.

Which happens more often than one would think.

So, why do I start with all this pointless “philosphy”?

Well, that was just a long way to introduce the topic I wanted to write about today, which is kind of a comeback post after a few weeks of not posting that much on the blog. I’m talking about a recent decision I have made that concerns My Dapper Self and all my social media accounts.

A Slight Shift In Direction That Can Bring Big Changes

When I launched My Dapper Self some time ago i was adamant about it: My Dapper Self and all related social accounts were not about me.

And I was always very strict about it. Even after people kept asking me to share some more of my own personal life.

Something inside me really wanted to come out of hiding and give it a try, but my logical side always made sure to keep me true to my initial plan. So I kept telling myself: My Dapper Self is not about me.

That’s the way it has been for a long time. Sharing the looks I like by other people on social media accounts, participate giving my opinions and try to build a community centered around formal men style.

In short, that has changed…

If you have been following me on any of my social accounts, you must have a noticed a recent shift in my scope.

How This Change Was Triggered

A few months ago I had a very brief conversation with a good friend and fellow blogger Brock from the amazing blog The Modest Man. However brief, it triggered an important change in my perspective of my online presence.

Now, I’m surely paraphrasing, but he was talking about all these social media accounts, particularly Instagram, that are completely “faceless” and “nameless”, for lack of better adjectives.

You surely have came across them on many occasions. The “curator” accounts, as some appropriately call them.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with those accounts. They have a place in online platforms. It just didn’t feel right to me to continue down that road.

Frankly, Brock never direclty accused me of anything, though. I guess he was just being the gentleman he always is. 🙂

But a seed definitely was planted in my mind that day.

The seed grew and it has now given way to a very clear idea: My Dapper Self should not be just another faceless blog. How could I expect to connect with all my readers by being in the shadows?

It should be clear who the person behind My Dapper Self is and what he (yeah, that’s me) is all about.

Okay, Ed. That’s Cool, But What Does This Mean For My Dapper Self?

As the late David Bowie would say: Ch Ch Ch Changes.

Many of them.

You must have noticed now how my accounts on social media are now more focused on me. This doesn’t mean I will stop sharing other people’s looks I love and feel they deserve to be featured, but yes, most of the content will be all mine from now on.

Also, I might share some more pictures of everyday kind of stuff, behind-the-scenes kind of pictures. And logically, blog about it.

Another possible change is that some of my social profiles might have to be put on hold for a while, although I haven’t made up my mind on this yet, so don’t mark my words.

About the blog, it will also experience some similar changes. There is just much more to be said about so many things – and now I feel comfortable being out there and voicing my opinions on whatever topics I personally find interesting and on which I feel I have something to add to the discussion.

I love languages, I love music, I love geography, I love politics, I love demograhpics, I love so many various topics and I would love to have the opportunity to talk about them on my own platform without feeling any limitations as to what topics I am allowed to write about.

But don’t fear. Before you start unsubscribing, let me make it clear to you that the a big part of My Dapper Self will always be formal menswear. It remains and will always be one of my biggest passions and after all, that was the initial reason why I even decided to embark on this adventure.

Of course, everything is still developing and I am still fine-tuning my next steps, so for now, I ask you to please bear with me. Lots of changes are coming, but I’m absolutely committed to this.

Will this be the right the decision?

I absolutely don’t know, but I feel confident about it and it’ll surely be one hell of a ride.

As always, thanks for all your support – it never goes unnoticed!


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