Announcing My Dapper Self On Instagram TV (IGTV)

Ed Ruiz

29 June 2018

Quick, practical, actionable style advice in just under 3 minutes? Yes, please!


I am very excited to announce the official My Dapper Self channel on Instagram TV (or IGTV for short, although it doesn’t really have a nice ring to it, in my opinion).

What is IGTV? Well, Instagram pretty much decided, according to some experts’ opinions, to compete against YouTube with longer video format, allowing content creators and bloggers like me, to create longer videos and share them permanently on the platform.

Why did they need a new platform to do this? I have no idea, they could’ve just turned on the functionality, but who cares, really?

I just see it as a new way for me to deliver more dapper style tips to my Instagram community, since that’s where most of my followers are.

As I explain in the video below, I know we use Instagram differently from the way we use YouTube (by the way, you should really subscribe to my YouTube channel too), so the concept for my IGTV channel will differ in the fact that all of my videos for this new platform will be just under 3 minutes.

Quick, practical and actionable dapper style tips you can quickly watch in a video and then instantly apply it to your style.

Here’s a simple video introduction for all of you:

See you all on IGTV soon!

Stay dapper.


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