Wondering What Does The Number Of Folds In A Tie Actually Mean? Look Here!

Ed Ruiz

22 September 2016

3-fold tie, 6-fold tie, 7-fold tie… I have to say it sounds a bit arbitrary, doesn’t it? But it really is much simpler than you would imagine. Let’s clear this topic once and for all!

Here’s something many of you might not now.

Ties can be 3-fold, 6-fold, or 7-fold. (Please enlighten me if I am missing any other variation?).

To all sartorial experts, please, before you raise your brow in disapproval and go Oh, but dear Ed, I already know this… this post is probably not meant for you, but I strongly suggest you keep on reading because a) I’m fun and b) I’d love your input as well.

So back to the folds. What does the number of folds in a tie actually mean and does it even matter?

Put on your learning hats, my friends.

The Easy To Understand Explanation To Tie Folds

First the basics.

I don’t even think it is necessary to point this out, but okay, just in case anyone wondered, here it is:

The number of folds means the actual number of times the fabric (usually silk) has been folded when giving the tie its shape.

That means the fabric can have either 3, 6 or 7 folds.

Pretty damn straightforward and not much thinking is needed there.

With this information now out of the way, we can move onto more interesting things. Well, as interesting as the topic of tie folds can get. 😕

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Keep reading…

The 7-fold tie specimen

Why Are There Different Fold Variations Anyway?

Isn’t it clear by now? Those damn tie makers just want to mess with us!

But besides that, different fold variations give ties a different feel and can even influence how well a tie will tie and how nice of a knot it will give.

As you can guess, more folds mean more fabric is used, and therefore, the tie feels thicker and will definitely have an extra richness to it. It just feels nice!

Normally, a 3-fold tie will usually feel thinner and lacking in richness. It’s only logical.

In reality, that’s all there is to it. Different approaches or methodologies to the art of creating a tie.

The critical question here is: Can you safely assume that more folds equals more quality when talking about ties? And what’s even more important… should you even care?!

Great questions. And let me tell you, I am happy you asked because that’s coming on my next blog post on this topic! You really don’t want to miss it! (FYI, this is where you subscribe to my newsletter).

For now, my fellow tie enthusiasts, let me leave you with a simple question: Has the number of folds ever been an influencing factor when buying a tie for yourself? Leave your answer below – Your answers can spark the discussion for the next post!

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